Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1485 - : Cozying Up to the Younger Brother-In-Law (2)

Chapter 1485 - : Cozying Up to the Younger Brother-In-Law (2)

Chapter 1485: Cozying Up to the Younger Brother-In-Law (2)

Bai Xiaofan and Parker hit it off right away and chatted merrily.

Bai Xiaofan said, “I like you very much. You were so cool in ‘Princess-Knight’. Speaking of which, why did you keep asking to go home? Before seeing you, I’d thought that you’re a Momma’s boy.”

“Cuz I wanted to see Qingqing.” Parker looked miserable at the mention of that show. He shook his head a few times and said, “Who knew we had to go so far away? I was nearly scared to death.”

Bai Xiaofan looked probingly at him, before bursting into laughter. “Hahaha… you like my older sister very much?”

“Of course,” Parker replied without hesitation. Seeing that Bai Xiaofan was eating happily, Parker also felt hungry. While he wasn’t paying attention, Parker ripped off a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth.

For human appet.i.tes, one roast duck was enough to fill their stomachs. Bai Xiaofan wasn’t petty and pretended not to see it, making Parker feel secretly delighted.

Bai Xiaofan’s attention was entirely on his words. He asked testingly, “So that means you’re my sister’s boyfriend now?”

In the midst of eating secretly, Parker nodded vigorously and swallowed the food in his mouth forcefully. He said, “That’s for sure.”

Bai Xiaofan let out a murky, relieved breath and said from the bottom of his heart, “That’s great.”

Parker licked his lips, quietly pleased about his relief. “You dislike Curtis?”

“You know about him, too?” Bai Xiaofan’s heart was put to ease completely, and he immediately complained to him. “That guy is too sinister. One look and you can tell he’s not a good person. You’re better.”

Parker nodded in agreement. “Right, right, right. You have shrewd judgment, buddy. He’s not a good snake… ah no, a good person. But don’t worry. I’ve already s.n.a.t.c.hed your sister from him.”

Parker couldn’t stop bragging while everyone wasn’t around, immersed in the awe and admiration of his younger brother-in-law, and couldn’t extricate himself from it.

Bai Xiaofan tore off a thigh and handed it to him, saying, “You’re incredible. How did you manage to woo my sister? She treated that Curtis really well back then. She even…” Even let Curtis spend the night in her room.

However, even though Bai Xiaofan was fond of Parker, from the perspective of a brother, he had to be protective of his older sister in certain aspects.

Parker recalled the scene of him meeting Bai Qingqing for the first time. At the time, Qingqing was innocent and cute. She was clearly terrified of him, yet she had pretended to be calm.

At the time, he was still unaware that Qingqing was from an alternate world and was regarding him as a freak. To think she managed to brush him off such that he didn’t detect any abnormality. Thinking back, he increasingly felt that her responses were interesting.

As these thoughts came to him, Parker couldn’t help but smile. The bliss on his face was unmistakable.

“About that… it’s a long story,” said Parker. He was engrossed in relis.h.i.+ng those memories and didn’t wish to speak too much.

Looking at his expression, Bai Xiaofan’s heart was put to ease:

Can’t go wrong with this brother-in-law!

“Oh, right. The two photos that propelled you to fame, one was of you eating dog food while the other one was secretly taken on a rooftop. Why were you eating dog food? And what were you doing on that rooftop? But the photos were so cool. They look straight out of a kungfu movie. Will you take on a role in a kungfu movie?” Now that his worries had been dispelled, Bai Xiaofan started satisfying his curiosity towards a celebrity.

Only then did Parker reluctantly snap out of his memories and said, “Yeah, I’ve already accepted a martial arts movie. I’ll treat you to the movie when it’s released. As for the dog food…”

Parker’s eyes darted around. If Bai Qingqing were here, she would definitely be able to tell that he was up to no good again.

Indeed, Parker replied, “Because your sister said she’ll dump Curtis if I eat the dog food. That’s why I ate it.”