Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1471 - Retaliation

Chapter 1471 - Retaliation

Chapter 1471: Retaliation

After climbing up the tree, Bai Qingqing felt completely devoid of strength again. She hung on the tree with scarcely any breath left, like a dying dog.

Brother Leopard and his men surrounded the tree and punched and kicked at the tree trunk, but couldn’t get Bai Qingqing to come down regardless. They had no choice but to try climbing up the tree.

“See how I’ll deal with you later!” The men cursed and even started hurling vulgarities.

All of a sudden, a string of unnatural abrasion sounds rang in the forest.


They heard an indistinct sound, as though a hard object was against the ground, making one’s scalp turn numb.

The few men under the tree froze in unison and looked left and right, searching for the source of the sound.

Delighted, Bai Qingqing shouted, “Curtis?”

Brother Leopard recalled her mentioning this name in the car. So it was that guy.

Since it was a person, there was nothing to be afraid of. Boldened by this revelation, Brother Leopard raised his gun and pointed in all directions. “Come out! I’ve already seen you!”

In the vast mountain forest, Brother Leopard’s words were only met with the rustling of tree leaves. The atmosphere was eerily quiet.

Someone nervously swallowed his saliva and subconsciously edged towards his companion.

Standing at a high spot, Bai Qingqing caught sight of the giant snake behind the downslope right away.

As the human and snake looked at each other, Bai Qingqing’s body relaxed in relief. On the other hand, the momentary relaxation in the snake’s eyes was immediately replaced by flames of fury.


A head the thickness of a water barrel slowly raised from level ground. Brother Leopard and his men finally got to see the creator of those sounds, and what they saw made them freeze right away. Though in their hearts they knew very well that they had to flee, it was as if their feet were rooted to the ground and couldn’t raise even a crack.

As the snake’s head elevated, the men’s pressure increased accordingly. When the snake’s head rose to a height of two stories high and stared at them as though they were nothing but mere ants, they finally broke down.

When under extreme terror, one’s throat tended to be stuck and couldn’t produce any sound. Only Brother Leopard was still considered sober. He raised his gun and fired a shot at the giant snake’s head.

“Curtis!” Bai Qingqing screamed at the top of her lungs.

The bullet struck Curtis’s forehead right in the center. Hit by the bullet, Curtis felt his head vibrate a little, as though he had been struck by a rock. Then, the bullet ricocheted away, like the way a rock did when it hit a human’s head, leaving only a white trace on his scales and wisps of white smoke rising from it.


The snake’s pupils constricted, clearly enraged as he turned his gaze towards Brother Leopard.

Brother Leopard’s body trembled violently, and he fired a few consecutive shots, each aiming at the giant snake’s eyes.

However, at this time Curtis had already experienced the gun’s might, so how would he give him another chance?

His gigantic body didn’t at all hinder the snake beastman’s speed. As the bullet traveled in the air, he s.h.i.+fted his body and avoided it easily.

A pair of snow-white sharp fangs charged straight at Brother Leopard. The latter’s pupils enlarged. Perhaps because he was on the brink of death, at this moment, his senses were slowed down by several magnitudes.

Staring at the snake’s mouth that was getting increasingly close, for some bizarre reason he thought of Brother Tiger, who had bitten off his right hand a few days prior.

That guy had also avoided his bullet when he had thought he hadn’t missed. Just like this terrifying giant snake before his eyes.

He could vaguely remember that the giant snake’s speed seemed to be very slow. Didn’t only small snakes move at such a fast speed?

Before he could figure things out, he felt a sharp pain in his neck as expected. However, the pain’s intensity was terrifying, because he was being injected with snake venom.

After that, Brother Leopard lost consciousness forever. Only his body continued convulsing involuntarily. He was never even aware that he had been lifted into the air by the snake’s mouth.