Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1462 - Parker's Plan

Chapter 1462 - Parker's Plan

Chapter 1462: Parker’s Plan

“Humans smell weird. They don’t taste good. If you want to eat humans, I recommend you to go overseas. The people there smell more normal and have a bigger build, too.” Parker gave a sincere suggestion, not mentioning the speed of planes at all. “You’ll arrive in just 12 hours on a plane. It’s very fast.”

Winston’s lips twitched, and he said, “I wasn’t hunting. I was teaching someone a lesson.”

“Oh.” Parker felt a little disappointed but didn’t give up. “Are you really not going to go overseas to take a look? The humans there speak a different language.”

“Not interested,” Winston said.

Parker pouted, and his expression turned disinterested. “Where is Muir? I’ll go ask him.”

Winston then said, “I made some enemies recently. Although humans are weak, they aren’t to be underestimated. Protect Qingqing well.”

“Is there a need for you to say that?” Parker said casually but took note of Winston’s words as he headed for Muir’s room.

The soundproofing effect of a high-end villa was good. Parker only heard the sound of Muir studying in the room when he reached the door.

Parker let out a puzzled “hmmm?”, then knocked on the door.

The door was quickly opened. Muir held onto a textbook meant for early childhood education, saying, “You’re back. Is anything the matter?”

“Oh, I just came back from overseas and realized that the environment there isn’t bad. Do you want to go over and have some fun? My treat,” Parker said sincerely.

Muir waved the book in his hand, saying, “I’ll pa.s.s. I want to study and take the driving test. I don’t have the time.”

Although Curtis had already learned to drive, he was the only one who could take a driving test. One would still need to write when taking the test. He was very tight on time.

Parker’s expression immediately changed, and he turned to leave.

That was so boring. None of them fell for it. It was a bad bargain that he was the only one who had gone overseas!

That wouldn’t do. He should go and ask Curtis, too.

After Parker took a shower, he made a similar invitation to Curtis downstairs.

Curtis glanced meaningfully at him but stabbed him right where it hurt with his words. “I look forward to your show going on air. We’ll watch it together.”

Parker was stumped. Snake beastmen were really the most detestable.

Bai Qingqing laughed out loud and kicked Parker in the waist, saying, “Stop trying to trick them. Hurry up and go to sleep! If you’re hungry, there’s fish in the kitchen. Curtis caught them from the sea, and they’re very fresh. They can be eaten after being steamed.”

“Then, I’ll go eat some.” After Parker said that, he dashed into the kitchen and started wolfing down the raw fish.

Parker’s show was carefully edited for one week, then the first episode went on air on Sunday night.

Bai Qingqing didn’t make it to watch together with her mates, but she watched “Princess-Knight” at school with a few fans.

As lessons hadn’t officially started, they had a lot of free time during the self-study time at night. As long as they weren’t too noisy, the teacher wouldn’t say anything if they used their phones. Sometimes, they might even allow the students to crowd around a table to study or do other stuff.

Bai Qingqing squeezed over to another girl’s desk, joining them to watch Parker and see everyone’s reactions to him.

The show started with a scene at the airport. The one who appeared first was the team leader, Zhang Yu, followed by Parker. They were given a few close-up shots, too.

When the girls saw Parker’s face, they exclaimed at how handsome he was. The show then introduced Parker’s ident.i.ty. After he was ascertained as the dog food prince charming who was a big hit on the Internet, they immediately became even more excited.

“So my dog food has gone to partic.i.p.ate in ‘Princess-Knight’. I was wondering why there were no traces of him after he signed with an agency. But this is really fast! He’s really amazing to be able to be on ‘Princess-Knight’ the moment he debuts!” a girl said excitedly.