Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1460 - Winston's Revenge

Chapter 1460 - Winston's Revenge

Chapter 1460: Winston’s Revenge

However, Parker still held onto Bai Qingqing’s hand tightly, not letting go. He bent over to her ear and said in a soft but indisputable tone, “Today, I’ll play the role of your mate. No, I mean, hus… hus… oh, it’s husband.”

Bai Qingqing let out a stifled laugh and said softly, “It’s boyfriend. Husband is for when one’s married.”

To Parker, a boyfriend was the same as a suitor. They only had the right to woo someone. He immediately felt displeased. “I should be considered your husband.”

“Alright, alright, alright. It’s not as if one can’t address themselves as such before marriage. It’s fine as long as you’re happy.” Bai Qingqing’s heart ached that Parker had been through hards.h.i.+p outside and was exceptionally indulging toward him.

The gloominess in Parker’s heart instantly dissipated. He looked at his mate’s smiling face and broke out into a smile, too.

In this one week, Winston’s work had gradually entered the right track as well. After having openly suppressed Brother Leopard a few times, his reputation in the underworld grew tremendously, leading to many people joining him.

In a mere one week, their number had reached a point in which Brother Leopard couldn’t deal with them easily.

The people at the edges of the circle had also heard about Brother Tiger, the dark horse. Almost everyone who was in debt to loan sharks came to look for him, each of them carrying a six-figure debt or higher.

With so many people, it was impossible for Winston to take care of all of them. Some of them still had their hands chopped off or were tortured very badly.

In a rundown empty warehouse, the lights were dim, giving off a suppressive atmosphere.

Winston was seated on the seat of honor with a dark expression as he looked at the dying person laying on the ground, covered in blood.

He stood up and walked over to the person, asking, “How much is his debt?”

“Brother Tiger, it’s only over 600,000 yuan. His deadline was supposed to be tomorrow, but that d.a.m.n leopard is clearly trying to beat us down and thus made a move earlier,” Lanky said angrily.

The corners of Winston’s lips tugged coldly, and he gave off a cold aura that made everyone present shudder. They silently mourned for Brother Leopard.

Someone was going to get it bad.

“Reduce his fees and send him to the hospital,” Winston instructed, then headed out in large strides. “I’ll go meet that Brother Leopard.”

In an expensive villa, the man whom everyone addresses as “Brother Leopard” was taking a bath in a luxurious bathtub, humming an old song.

“Brother Leopard seems to be in a good mood. Is there some good news?” The woman ma.s.saging Brother Leopard’s shoulders asked in a sweet voice.

Brother Leopard smiled and glanced at her, stroking her body and saying in a pleased voice, “I chopped off someone’s hand yesterday and thus am in a very good mood!”

The woman smiled coyly.

“Having chopped his customer’s hand, I managed to destroy his reputation. I shall see who still dares to go get help from that Brother Tiger.” As Brother Leopard said this, he closed his eyes, wearing a leisurely expression.

The woman laughed for a while in reply and then suddenly stopped. Brother Leopard then felt her hands on his body were also removed.

Not sensing the lady’s return even after waiting for a while, Brother Leopard bellowed out impatiently, “Where did you go?”

When he opened his eyes, he unexpectedly saw a scary man’s face.

Silver hair and eyes, and a big scar running horizontally across his face. Wasn’t this Brother Tiger?

Shocked, Brother Leopard struggled to get up, making a few splashes in the bathtub. His hand reached for the gun by side.

Winston stepped one foot on his body, pressing him down into the water. Brother Leopard also reached his gun and raised it, wanting to pull the trigger.

Winston quickly grabbed the gun, and at the instant Brother Leopard’s index finger pulled the trigger, he flattened the barrel.

“Bang!” A loud sound rang out. When the bullet pa.s.sed through the bore of the gun, it exploded due to the pressure being too high.

Brother Leopard immediately let out an agonizing cry like a slaughtered pig. He drew his hand back, his palm covered in blood.

On the other hand, even though Winston had suffered from the explosion directly, his palm was unscathed. Only a few wisps of smoke could be seen above his calloused hand.