Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1445 - Fighting for Territory

Chapter 1445 - Fighting for Territory

Chapter 1445: Fighting for Territory

Winston didn’t stop after lugging up the motorbike. Upon seeing that it wasn’t showing signs of stopping, he clamped it under one of his arms, freeing the other hand to stop it.

The young men had just rushed over when they saw this scene. They really had to hand it to Winston.

After this accident, Winston had some understanding of motorbikes. Things were a lot smoother after he got on it again.

Lanky got onto Fatsea’s motorbike and the group drove to Brother Leopard’s territory, meeting up with one of their people who was keeping watch.

This factory was in a remote place and there weren’t many people in the ma.s.sive building. Agonizing howls rang out one after another.

Lanky said, “We’ve contacted this person before. He borrowed 5,000 yuan from Brother Leopard half a year ago and the interest rolled up to 200,000 yuan. Now, Brother Leopard wants to chop off one of his hands and sell off his daughter. Both of them are inside now.”

The fatty let out a ‘tsk’ and said, “When we found him, he didn’t believe us. I really don’t want to be bothered with him.”

Winston’s countenance didn’t change as he said, “Let’s go in.”

Although the few of them didn’t have any specialties, they were able to get their hands on hearsays and also understood the underground dirty dealings.

They hadn’t gone too far before they were stopped by the two people on watch.

“Stop right there. Who are you guys?”

Winston didn’t stop. “We’re here to pick people up.”

They immediately understood that these people weren’t here with good intentions and took out their weapons. However, Winston had already walked up to them, so how could they possibly have a chance to do anything? Holding back, Winston’s fist made the two heads collide, causing them to faint.

The people inside heard a commotion and the beating stopped.

This was a big and s.p.a.cious factory with over ten people inside. A middle-aged man covered in wounds lay on the floor, with several thug-like young men around him. There was also a young lady tied up with ropes, her eyes red and swollen and her face tear-stricken.

The leader was a man covered in tattoos. He was one of Brother Leopard’s trusted aides. He raised his menacing face and looked toward the door.

Winston led five young men with him. They didn’t have many people on their side, but he alone gave off a strong disposition.

The tattooed man stood up, took out a gun, and pointed it at Winston’s face. “Who are you guys? How dare you come to my territory to make trouble?”

The few ruffians behind Winston instantly panicked. Lanky said nervously, “Brother Tiger, be careful. They have guns.”

Winston nodded but didn’t stop. He tugged his lips coldly and said, “We aren’t considered to have created trouble yet. I’ll need to ask him a few questions first.”

The tattooed man felt fear for some reason, but armed with a gun, the bit of terror he felt was suppressed.

Winston stared at the black gun muzzle and walked over to the middle-aged man lying on the floor. He looked down at the man and said, “They should have told you about this. You owe them a usury of 200,000 yuan. If you give me 10% of the amount, I’ll help you resolve it. The money you paid them previously will be considered interest, and you’ll just need to pay them the”

The ten or more people in the factory immediately laughed out loud. The tattooed man pointed the gun at Winston, and his face also scrunched up as he laughed. He smirked. “Who do you think you are? Do you think the payment will be made however you want it to be? Do you know whose territory this is? This is Brother Leopard’s territory!”

The tattooed guy emphasized his tone strongly on the last line, with a great disposition.

Winston paid him no need. He just stared at the middle-aged man. “This is your last chance. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to accept it or not.”

The middle-aged man was on his last breath from all the beating. He was in a daze and only reacted to what the other party said after a while.