Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1402 - Sightseeing in the Zoo (1)

Chapter 1402 - Sightseeing in the Zoo (1)

Chapter 1402: Sightseeing in the Zoo (1)


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Although the suckling pig wasn’t a very big portion, the good thing was that it was plump enough. Five suckling pigs were shared among the three males, and by the time they were done eating, they felt really tired of it. At that moment, they decided to no longer use the plumpness of the meat as an important standard to evaluate food.

After eating their fill, they brought the shopping bags back to their villa. The three males squatted down and split up their loots in Muir’s room, and after that started to mark their respective territories.

Bai Qingqing stood by the side and watched for a while. Something suddenly occurred to her, making her say, “Aiyah! We can’t sleep in the same room now. You guys have got to stay in individual rooms.”

“Doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to sleep with you often?” Parker’s face fell instantly, and his excited wagging tail also drooped.

“That can’t be helped. Besides, this room is too narrow, it’d be too cramped for five people.” Bai Qingqing said, “It just so happens there are four bedrooms on the second story. How about the five of you occupy one room each? I’ll sleep in the living room. This way, I’ll be close to all of you.”

“Nonsense.” Curtis cast a displeased glance at her and said, “I remember there’s a huge room on the third story. You can stay there. I’ll sleep on the floor of your bedroom.”

Parker hurriedly said, “I’ll sleep on the floor, too. The rooms on the second floor can just be there for show.”

Winston looked at her. Although he said nothing, it was obvious he had decided so too. Same for Muir.

Bai Qingqing shrugged. “Alright. So long as we don’t get discovered. When I’m not around, you guys should sleep in your own rooms.”

After they finished discussing the matter, Parker swiftly picked the room with the best lighting and piled up his stuff on the bed. Curtis chose the room facing north, a slightly more chilly room. Muir slept in the bedroom he had been occupying all along. After the other three decided, the easygoing Winston moved into the remaining room.

After the rooms were allocated, the family of five headed out once again. Since there were so many of them, they simply hailed a cab to take them to the largest wildlife zoo in the city.

Once they entered the zoo, the four beastmen’s gazes changed. They surveyed their surroundings curiously.


Curtis closed his eyes and swiftly flicked out his tongue, then said slowly, “Monkeys, sheep, fish, many animals.”

Parker nodded and added, “And most of all, the smell of their feces.”

“Pff!” Bai Qingqing burst out laughing. Indeed, even ordinary humans could smell the stench.

She lowered her head, looked at the itinerary, and said with a smile, “Also, there are leopards, tigers, and snakes.”

Muir looked at her with antic.i.p.ation but didn’t hear the word he had been waiting for. He asked, “What about eagles?”

“It’s not written here. We can ask later.” Bai Qingqing picked up the map and studied it for a while, then pointed in a direction and said, “There’s a sea lion performance over there. And the monkey zone over there. Next to it are sheep and pandas. Where shall we go first?”

Parker looked around and said, “I want to look at leopards.”

Bai Qingqing cast a meaningful glance at them and said in a hushed tone, “You guys are dangerous animals, you’re in the innermost section. We’ll get there eventually as we walk. Let’s first take a look at the monkeys and pandas.”

“Alright,” Curtis replied.

Soon, they arrived in the monkeys’ rockery zone. Curtis and the rest instantly realized why there was such an intense and awful feces stench—because here, animals were caged in an area, and they ate, drank, and p.o.o.ped all in the same place. How could the place not stink?

They had a terrible first impression of the zoo.

Tens of monkeys were locked up in a few large metal cages. On the steel bars, there was even an interesting message—Be careful of the third hand



At first, Bai Qingqing didn’t understand what that meant. With an ice cream cone in her hands, she ate it while looking at the monkeys.

A monkey ran over and stared at her.