Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 139 - The Duel Between the Wolf and the Leopard

Chapter 139 - The Duel Between the Wolf and the Leopard

Chapter 139: The Duel Between the Wolf and the Leopard


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It wasn’t easy for him to finally get away from that leopard. Not caring about his animal skin skirt, Hugh transformed into a wolf and sped by in the rain, leaving behind a torn piece of animal skin.

Bai Qingqing held a hand to her forehead helplessly as she watched the two beasts.

Why is this wolf so stubborn? Even the simple and honest bear beastman didn’t dare come again after Cortis taught him a lesson. How troubling.

In terms of endurance, wolf beastmen were superior to leopard beastmen. Although Parker had the upper hand initially, gradually, it got harder and harder for him.

They ran out of the village. Hugh, running ahead, suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around, seemingly ready to launch an attack on Parker.

“Roar!” Parker revealed his teeth.

Is he finally willing to duel with me? This fellow seemed to be scared of something earlier. Is it that snake?

The wolf had a strong and tough body, and even when drenched by the rain, his fur didn’t stick to his body, and instead stood straight up. On the other hand, Parker had soft fur all over his body, and when he got drenched by the rain, he seemed to have shrunk and his skin appeared so smooth it looked like it was covered by a layer of oil.

But their gazes were equally ferocious.

The two beasts let out low growls and stood facing each other for a while, before pouncing at the other party at the same time.


As their bodies crossed by each other, the black wolf’s head knocked ferociously against the leopard’s waist.

The leopard’s body was soft, and its weakness was its tummy. Like a large cat, Parker arched his tummy and jumped backward repeatedly. The wolf came over to bite him, and Parker’s front limb didn’t even get the chance to land on the ground. He kicked his hind leg and jumped back more than ten steps, and there were several times he was very nearly bitten by the wolf.

One could begin to see who was going to win this fight.

By the end of the duel, Parker was stomped beneath the black wolf’s feet.

The interesting thing was, the defeated leopard looked perfectly fine, whereas the black wolf trampling on him right now had scratch wounds all over his body and reeked of blood; even the rainwater falling from him was light red in color.

“Roar!” Parker let out a roar.

Hugh released Parker and sneezed, before running towards the City of Beastmen with the manner of a victor.

Parker dug his claws against the ground, feeling dejected. The most powerful son of the wolf king was indeed formidable. Like him, he became a two-striped beastman right after coming of age. Parker felt a sense of pressure.

At the age of eighteen, Parker had just come of age this year. On the other hand, the 23-year-old Hugh came of age five years ago. He had to train harder in order to defeat Hugh, to protect Qingqing.

At the thought of Qingqing, Parker felt his feelings ease a little. He started running back, and after running a few steps, felt his tummy ache. He silently scolded that wolf beastman for being despicable.


The roar of a leopard was heard from far away. Bai Qingqing thought that sounded like Parker, so she set down what she was doing and walked to the door.

Very quickly, Parker got to the door. Seeing that it was him, Bai Qingqing said with a smile, “You’re back. I’ll go and get you your skirt.”

Parker transformed into a human and followed behind Bai Qingqing, rubbing his tummy. “Qingqing, my tummy hurts so bad.”

“Who asked you to fight with someone? You only have three skirts left. If you continue ripping them, you won’t have anything to wear,” Bai Qingqing said without even turning around. She retrieved a skirt from the wooden case, and her eyes widened right when she turned around. “My goodness!”

Parker said, “Who told him to seduce my female? This wolf is too dishonorable. He specifically punched my tummy knowing it’s soft. Look.”

Parker puffed up his bruised tummy.

Bai Qingqing felt painful even by just watching. She quickly pulled him to the gra.s.s nest and sat him down. “Lie down, I’ll help you ma.s.sage it.”

“Mm.” Parker followed her smugly, snickering in his heart.

Hugh must think that I wouldn’t transform into a human in order to conceal my injuries. But Qingqing is unlike other females who feel that it’s a disgrace to lose in a duel or even grow to detest me because I lost.

She will only hate the opponent who harmed me.