Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1352 - Eye Contact

Chapter 1352 - Eye Contact

Chapter 1352: Eye Contact

“Don’t!” Bai Qingqing reached out toward him.

However, it was still too late. Bai Xiaofan pushed open the door and then was stunned on the spot.

Daddy Bai and Mommy Bai threw a strange look at him. Bai Qingqing quickly rushed over and saw Curtis, who was seated on a chair and reading a book inside the room.

Curtis’s long red hair was draped down his back, almost reaching the floor, just like a piece of good silk. His fair side face had a plump forehead, tall nose bridge, red lips lightly pursed, and a sharp chin. All these came together to form a perfect facial line.

Hearing the sound of his mate’s footsteps, Curtis turned his head and looked toward the siblings at the door.

Bai Qingqing’s back broke out in cold sweat and she turned to look toward her brother, feeling guilty.

Bai Xiaofan was stunned and also looked at his sister.

Why is there someone in your room?—This sentence was clearly written on Bai Xiaofan’s gaze.

Bai Qingqing raised her brows. Without a need to say anything, the siblings were able to communicate harmoniously—So what? This is a female.

Curtis, I’m sorry. To maintain peace in the family, I have to taint your image in my heart.

Bai Qingqing thought to herself in repentance.

Bai Xiaofan’s gaze turned to the person in the room. By the time it returned to his sister’s face, he showed a sign of rolling his eyes—Do you think I’m stupid? The chest is flat.

Moreover, which female would climb up a building and enter through the windows to play with their close female friend? Wasn’t this a common scene for people who were having a love affair? But that person was too calm. He started to feel uncertain.

Bai Xiaofan thought to himself.

Bai Qingqing tried to gesture with her eyes—Is it any of your business that someone is flat-chested?

It was unknown if the siblings’ eye contact had accurately transmitted their thoughts. Before they were done communicating, Daddy Bai and Mommy Bai started to feel suspicious.

“Why are the two of you still not coming? Why are the two of you standing at the door?” Mommy Bai asked, looking like she was planning to get up.

Bai Qingqing quickly pulled Bai Xiaofan away and closed the door, then pushed him toward the living room. “We’re coming.”

Mommy Bai instantly felt lazy and didn’t pay any heed. She urged them to hurry up and then continued to watch the television program.

Bai Xiaofan threw his sister a gaze of “I’ll take care of you later”, then sat down beside their dad.

Bai Qingqing sat down by their mom and continued to shove food into her mouth.

Muir appeared. Daddy Bai started to become a commentator excitedly. Bai Xiaofan was also attracted. When Muir came out in first place, the camera turned to their other athletes who were only halfway in the lap. He said, “That’s too cool!”

Bai Qingqing asked herself if it would be possible to buy Bai Xiaofan over to her side if Curtis were to show off his swimming skills to him?

“Muir is so fast. Could he be an alien?” Bai Qingqing said jokingly, using her family to test their reaction to Muir’s external image.

When Bai Xiaofan saw his elder sister, he thought of that handsome-looking man in the room. His gaze flashed a little.

Mommy Bai said, “You’ve watched too many movies. Muir was born to be good at swimming. This is a natural talent. Just like Einstein’s intelligence, he must be born with a good body.”

“Hehe.” Bai Qingqing felt a.s.sured and let out a few foolish laughs.

The atmosphere at home was very lively and Bai Qingqing also gradually sank into the excitement of the Olympics compet.i.tion, watching it with a gaze of pertinence. She realized that Muir was really quite handsome. It was no wonder he had mesmerized all the females in the school to want to give birth to his children.

Beastmen’s features were deep, more inclined to the people from the west, looking very three-dimensional and good on the camera. He wouldn’t stand out even if he were to change his swimming trunks and be an athlete for another country. When standing at the same height to take photographs, Muir was taller than the Western athletes, not looking awkward like other Chinese athletes.

Bai Qingqing only knew after asking her family that Muir claimed to be of a minority ethnic group and thus looked like a foreigner.

Bai Qingqing suddenly realized that the country was helping Muir to lie. This really… made her feel disillusioned by her home country!