Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1333 - Be the Third Party Till the Very End

Chapter 1333 - Be the Third Party Till the Very End

Chapter 1333: Be the Third Party Till the Very End


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Zhang Xin originally felt defeated, but when he saw Bai Qingqing still eating the bun he gave her, he found himself charmed by her again.

She’s so thoughtful even when rejecting people. Now I like her even more.

Zhang Xin was suddenly in a good mood as he walked to the cla.s.sroom with light footsteps.

So what if she has a boyfriend? Who hasn’t dated before? They’ll eventually break up one day. I don’t believe she won’t be attracted to someone as eligible as me.

High school relations.h.i.+ps were simple—they were born purely out of love. There was no talk of marriage or responsibility, and no one would care about third parties or being looked down upon. One could even say that such relations.h.i.+ps were romantic.

After feeling defeated for a brief moment, Zhang Xin was now even more fired up, determined to be the third party till the very end.

Who knew how he would feel if he found out that he wasn’t even the third party, and was instead the fifth party?


After Curtis left the school, he ran to his workplace.

He controlled his running speed so that it was comparable to the bus. That way, others would a.s.sume that he was just running quickly. He had a pair of long legs, after all.

Only the people driving cars beside him were astonished at how scary he was.

Never mind the fact that he can run fast—this guy has incredible stamina! He’s run for several blocks without stopping to take a breather! Is this guy even human? Is he a marathon runner?

Some people even changed their routes and chased after the guy, curious to see how far he could run.

However, much to their disappointment, Curtis immediately stopped in his tracks once he arrived at his destination.

There was still some time before the building would open. Curtis sat by the entrance and breathed in car exhaust fumes as he rested.

Qin Feiyan hurriedly walked through the building’s entrance in thin, seven-centimeter high heels. Suddenly, she stopped and backtracked.

Did she see a bright red blob?

As it turned out, Curtis was right to be stubborn. His long, fire-red hair indeed attracted the attention of females.

Upon looking closely at the person sitting down, Qin Feiyan was shocked. It was him.

And he was still wearing the same set of clothes from yesterday that looked cheaper than rags. Did he not change?

Curtis looked up at her and stood up. “You’re finally here.”

Qin Feiyan was surprised. This man was waiting for her?

Without waiting for her, Curtis walked into the building first, immediately bringing her out of her fantasy.

Qin Feiyan was speechless. She seemed to have gotten the wrong idea. With an att.i.tude like that, how could he be pursuing her? She wasn’t that arrogant towards her staff!

I must be a fake boss,

Qin Feiyan thought.

Curtis only recognized Qin Feiyan and knew that she could give him work. Not hearing the footsteps following him, he turned to look back at her in confusion.

Qin Feiyan walked up to him. Since he wasn’t waiting for her, he must have been waiting to start work. “Didn’t I tell you what time to report for work yesterday?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s all the same regardless,” Curtis replied calmly.

Qin Feiyan found this guy even more unreadable. Who wouldn’t want to report for work as late in the day as possible? It would be more comfortable to wait at home, but this guy chose to sit and wait at the company building’s entrance.

Qin Feiyan brought Curtis to the company and personally introduced him. She then a.s.signed one of her biggest fas.h.i.+on magazine modeling jobs to him.

These clothes were from an overseas brand. A Chinese person’s body type wouldn’t be able to fully bring out the merits of these clothes, which so happened to fit Curtis’ needs.

Curtis wore a khaki knitted sweater with casual suit pants. The clothes fit him perfectly and instantly made him appear more refined. He looked like a n.o.ble European mid-century prince.