Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1308 - The Beautiful Male Snake in the Sewers

Chapter 1308 - The Beautiful Male Snake in the Sewers

Chapter 1308: The Beautiful Male Snake in the Sewers



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Of course, it was because Muir had absolute strength that Liu Yi could do things to this level.

The gold medal was an honor for the entire country. In comparison, Muir’s trifle matters weren’t considered much.

Curtis, who had arrived in the human world with Muir at the same time, didn’t have the same back luck.

Curtis had built up his strength steadily and was a lot stronger than Muir. Therefore, when he was summoned, his connection was closer, and he appeared in a location very near Bai Qingqing.

As soon as he was exposed to the sunlight, Curtis turned into his human form and concealed himself into a corner.

As a beastman, hiding was the first survival skill. In an unfamiliar environment, this was especially important.

Curtis stood in a cramped and dark corner, looking coldly at the crowd outside.

Those people were dense like ants, and also insignificant like ants.

“Ssss~” Curtis flicked out his tongue and frowned his red brows, feeling horrible.

The air was filled with all sorts of scents. He smelled the stink of sweat, agitating fragrances, and strange fermented smells that were a mix of fragrances and sweat. There were even more petroleum smells everywhere.

Curtis’s first thought was: This is really a congested world. And the strange thing is that there seems to be only one species.

His second thought was: There’s no need to travel far to hunt anymore in the future. I can catch food just by going out. This is despite the fact their scents smell a little disgusting.

Why did those humans not have their guards up against each other? Since there were only one species, then the only food they could eat would be one of their own. Yet, they were squeezing around each other without any danger awareness.

Could it be that humans were herbivores? But there were no plants on the ground, either. Moreover, Qingqing was an omnivore too.

Curtis couldn’t be bothered to think too much into it. He wanted to return to his mate’s side as soon as possible. He couldn’t put up a disguise for now and thus didn’t walk out recklessly. Curtis then happened to hear the sound of flowing water underground and punched a hole through the cement floor.

A damp and pungent smell rushed toward him. Even Curtis, who had lived in humidity for very long, found it hard to take it in.

He held his breathing, turned into his snake form, and darted in.

The sky was already dark. Bai Qingqing lay on her bed, her limbs spread out, then sighed for the 1,001st time.


She had to go to school tomorrow, so how was she going to search for Curtis and the others? And, having not studied for five years, she felt that her brain had been completely emptied. Could she still keep up?


A strange water sound suddenly came from the toilet. It was abrupt and strange. Bai Qingqing’s room door was facing the toilet. Shocked, she immediately sat up.

What sound was that?

Bai Qingqing opened the door and walked into the toilet carefully. She had just opened the door when a few wet rats came charging by her feet.


Bai Qingqing backed off quickly while screaming. She was given such a bad scare that her soul almost left her.

“What’s the matter?” Mommy Bai entered.

“Rats. They came out from the toilet,” Bai Qingqing said with a pale face.

Mummy Bai said, “That’s very normal. I’ll buy a plug tomorrow.”


Mommy Bai closed the door, but Bai Qingqing still felt that it wasn’t normal. She put her hand into the toilet while trembling, felt around for the switch, and then turned on the lights.

The bathroom turned bright. There were no strange things nor strange sounds anymore.

She exhaled, thinking to herself that she had really made a fuss about nothing. She then switched off the lights and returned to her bedroom.

“Hu hu~”

Casting their shadows on the windows, branches swayed from the wind, looking like malicious ghosts hiding in the dark, ready to jump out to scare people at any time.

Bai Qingqing’s fear of ghosts kicked up again. She sat at the top of her bed and stared at the windows.