Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1303 - Curtis and Muir Disappeared

Chapter 1303 - Curtis and Muir Disappeared

Chapter 1303

: Curtis and Muir Disappeared


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Even someone slow as Parker felt this, the other three would definitely think of that too.

Curtis’s final hope was shattered by Parker. His crimson eyes seemed redder than usual as if filled with blood.

“Since you’ve lost her, then you can join her!” Curtis grabbed his neck and gradually exerted force.

Winston and Muir stood at the side. Their relations.h.i.+p with Parker wasn’t bad, but they had no intention of defending him. They had lost the courage to continue living, too.

When their mates died, male beastmen didn’t only have to withstand spiritual pain, but their bodies would also be put through torment. In the beastmen world, those who had lost their mates would either go crazy or die. There were no exceptions.

Surrounded by despair, they had no time to take care of the children. No one even thought of An’an. They also had no idea that all the single males in the City of Beastmen had created great havoc to fight for the rights to raise An’an because their family had fallen apart.

Bai Qingqing’s reproduction abilities were clear to all. Given how An’an was her descendant in addition to being so beautiful, not a single male didn’t harbor any thoughts on her.

Parker was choked to the extent that he was unable to breathe, and blood vessels popped up on his eyeb.a.l.l.s.

Am I going to die? That’s good, too. Qingqing, don’t be scared, I’ll come to look for you right away. Heh… If that’s the case, I hope they won’t find Qingqing’s soul crystal.

Soul crystals were their final life-saving buoy. Without Bai Qingqing, all of them were like Saint Zachary, or possibly even crazier than him.

Suddenly, the grip on his neck loosened.

Parker coughed vigorously, and he saw Curtis’s relaxed expression through his blurry vision.

What was the matter?

His heartbeat felt a little abnormal. Had he been hung up and choked for too long?

Very soon, Parker fell to the ground. When his vision recovered, Curtis’s figure was nowhere to be seen. Even Muir, who was at the side, was missing.

“Cough cough… Where are they?” Parker turned into his human form and held onto his neck in agony as he asked.

Winston looked at the spots where Curtis and Muir had been standing, only returning to his senses after hearing Parker’s voice. His expression and gaze emitted great joy.

“It’s Qingqing!”

Parker’s head shot up. “You’re saying Qingqing isn’t dead?”

The two of them stopped speaking, their brains moving quickly. Both of them immediately made sense of the situation—Qingqing hadn’t died. She had only returned to her original world.

“Qingqing must have summoned them from over there. I’m so jealous that they could go over directly!” Parker’s deathly vibe instantly dissipated, and he punched the ground angrily.

Winston didn’t say anything, but he was also unsatisfied.

“Where are you going?” Parker jumped up and asked.

Winston paused, then said without turning his head, “Make arrangements for An’an, then become a stripeless beast.”

After saying that, he turned into his beast form and charged off.

Parker smiled, his swollen and bruised face flickering between his human and beast form. “I must find Qingqing, too!”

He would then take revenge on Curtis. He was almost killed, almost separated from life and death with Qingqing for real. He must get his revenge!

The moment Winston returned to the City of Beastmen, he found An’an at the fastest speed, then handed her to Bluepool. He then sent both of them to a river that led to the sea.

“I’ll leave An’an to you.” Winston patted An’an’s soft hair, then solemnly and preciously handed her to Bluepool. “Qingqing said that you’re her responsibility. If you can afford to wait, then An’an can be considered as our compensation to you.”

Bluepool’s eyes widened as he received An’an, who didn’t understand anything.

Before waiting for his reply, or rather, not giving him the right to reject, Winston turned around and ran off.

Bluepool was considered strong, too. Moreover, they were in the sea. An’an would be the safest with him around.

Qingqing was still waiting for him. He couldn’t afford to wait. Let him be selfish for this once.

In the modern world.

Bai Qingqing sat up abruptly from the water, opening her mouth wide and gasping for air. Her heart was beating so quickly that it felt like it was going to jump out of her throat.

She blinked, and two trails of tears slid down her wet face.

Did it fail? As expected, this couldn’t work. She should try jumping into a river or off a cliff.