Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1293 - Arthur Returns Home (2)

Chapter 1293 - Arthur Returns Home (2)

Chapter 1293: Arthur Returns Home (2)


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Arthur quickly went after him. He felt a little awkward after running a few steps, only to realize he had forgotten to transform.

To think he still had one child alive. That was great! His mate would probably accept him again.

While running, tears welled out from the fox’s eyes, and a few drops of glistening droplets glided down and landed on a leaf…





The fox and eagle cried out at each other. The fox had been brought up with a wild nature by Harvey, becoming more daring. He kept on finding chances to pounce at the little eagle.

The scent on the little eagle made him feel at ease and also made him jealous.

It was a strong scent of his daddy. He felt really angry that his father had treated him so well.

Right compared the difference in physique between himself and the little fox, feeling that he was stronger. Therefore, he wasn’t too wary. Seeing the little fox charging over again, he reached out with his neck and pecked at him.


The little fox jumped two meters high from the pain, like a cat who had its tail stepped on.

Before entering the house, Arthur heard the cries of a fox and suddenly paused in his footsteps. Taking in a deep breath, he took each step carefully as he headed inside. His heartbeat was even more frantic than when he was running.

“Qingqing.” Muir turned into his human form and called out.

Bai Qingqing turned and looked at him. “You’re back? Where’s Arthur?”

Muir turned his head to take a look. Bai Qingqing also looked out, following his gaze.

As if sensing something, the little fox suddenly turned quiet. He opened his eyes wide and looked quietly toward the door.

A brown-fur fox that had become slim, long, and slender from fatigue and hunger walked to the door. After looking around, his gaze locked onto a chubby little fox, unable to turn away. He then uncontrollably moved forward.

“Wuu wuu~” The little fox let out aggrieved cries. He suddenly ran toward the big fox, placing himself between the big fox’s front legs, nudging against him non-stop.

Howl~ Howl~

The child’s cries were soft, with hints of sobbing, making one’s heart ache upon hearing them.

“Wuu~” The fox replied, his voice sounding even more heart-wrenching than the little fox’s. He lowered his head and kept on licking the little fox’s back, smoothing out his messy fur.

Right was stunned. He had thought Arthur would come over to hug him but didn’t expect that he had completely forgotten about him after seeing this little fox.

This made him a little sad.

Bai Qingqing noticed Right’s gaze and was caught between laughter and tears. She patted the little eagle’s back.

“That’s Arthur’s child,” Bai Qingqing explained in a soft voice.

“Screech~” Right nodded after understanding the situation.

Arthur also returned to his senses under her voice. He raised his head and looked at them gratefully, turning into his human form.

Bai Qingqing no longer found it strange to see a beastman suddenly turning into a naked man. She remained composed and lowered her head, observing the situation from the sidelines.

Muir moved to stand between them.

Arthur picked the little fox up, checked through his fur for a while to check his condition. He then looked toward Harvey with certainty. “His body is scarred. He must have sustained a lot of external injuries. Were you the one who saved him?”

He then looked around, noticing the medicinal herbs everywhere in the room. He had been too agitated from seeing his child earlier that he didn’t notice the environment.

Harvey let out a sigh and said, “He was badly bitten by fishes and was unconscious, almost unable to make it. He only completely recovered a few days ago.”

Arthur’s gaze was filled with pity, and he stroked the little fox’s body hard.

Harvey smiled and said, “He must have a strong will to have been able to make it through such serious injuries. He’ll definitely become strong in the future.”

Arthur’s eyes were filled with tears as he said, feeling consoled, “He was the strongest one in the litter since young. I knew he wouldn’t die!”