Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1289 - Right Learning to Fly (1)

Chapter 1289 - Right Learning to Fly (1)

Chapter 1289: Right Learning to Fly (1)

The next day, Right still found it a little unreal when he woke up in an unfamiliar environment.

This was home? There wasn’t a need to constantly travel anymore?

Before the sun came out, wisps of white fog drifted in from the open window, adding humidity to the room.

Right looked at the familiar Left next to him and then at the other people.

Curtis and Bai Qingqing were the only two adults still sleeping. Right walked up to his mommy and stared at her for a while.

“Screech~” Left stretched and also woke up from his dreams.

“Be quieter.” Muir suddenly entered the bedroom and instructed in a soft voice.

Left quickly shut his beak and stood up energetically.

“The grains in the field are ripe. You guys can eat them. Do you want to go?” As Muir said this, he took a look at Right and thought to himself that after harvesting the grains, he should teach Right how to fly.

Of course, the two little eagles wanted to go. They immediately followed behind their daddy.

Winston also took a metal sickle and went to the field after them, with the three leopard cubs following behind him. After preparing breakfast, Parker also picked up a blade and rushed over.

The three males took less than half a day to harvest all the wheat and removed them from their hulls. They then carried the bags and laid them out on the s.p.a.ce in front of the stone castle to take in the sun.

These few years, the birds in the vicinity all knew there’d be a tremendous amount of grains here in this season, and would often come to steal them. With Left and Right around, it spared them the effort of having to watch over them.

Screech screech screech!

Left and Right happily pecked on the grains. When they saw wild birds flying down, they immediately pounced on them.

The leopard cubs also played happily, competing with the little eagles on catching birds.

Howl howl howl!

Another daring bird landed. The three leopards immediately dashed toward it.

Right stomped his two claws on the ground, then suddenly dashed over rapidly. His body was inclined forward and his speed was very fast, making Left, who was next to him, stunned.

With everyone running, Left found it boring to fly. He folded his wings and ran too.

In the end, that bird became Third’s food.

As Right liked to run, he had more fun playing with the leopards, living like a fake leopard.

They’d race at sprinting and compete in high jumps as if they were born from the same litter. It made Left look like he didn’t fit in.

Left was envious Right could run so fast, so he intentionally folded his wings and ran along with them. What he didn’t know was that Right was also secretly envious of his wings. The only reason he didn’t spread his wings was that he didn’t want to be embarra.s.sed.

Muir stood under a tree and watched them for very long. He suddenly spoke up, “Right! Come over here!”

“Screech?” Right was having fun when he heard this, then ran toward his daddy. He raised his head, looking perplexed. “Screech screech screech?”

Muir said, “It’s time for you to learn to fly.”

Right’s playfulness dissipated, and he started to feel both antic.i.p.ation and nervousness.

He had tried learning for so many days but failed. Would his daddy be able to teach him? Arthur said that it could be because his body wasn’t good and he was born unable to fly. If he failed to learn how to fly, would his daddy be angry? His mommy would also be disappointed in him, right?

“Screech?” Right asked his daddy where they were going to learn.

Muir pointed upward. “On this tree.”

Right looked up. This tree looked so towering that it seemed as if it reached into the clouds. It was like the stone cliff they had stayed at in the past.

He gulped in fear. The uncomfortable feeling of falling off the cliff one month ago rose in his heart, making his breathing chaotic.

Muir frowned again. With no one around, he quickly removed his animal skin skirt, turned into his eagle form, then grabbed the chubby Right and flew up the tree. He then placed him on the simple and rundown gra.s.s hut which Left had stayed in for many days.


The leopard cubs raised their heads and watched as Right left them, crying out at being unwilling to part with him.