Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1286 - Play (1)

Chapter 1286 - Play (1)

Chapter 1286: Play (1)

Right was angered. He reached out his neck to peck Third. Left had been bullied by the three leopard cubs for the long term and was naturally very happy now that he finally had a helper. He immediately joined the battle.

The battle between two eagles and three leopards started. Dust and sand were sent flying.

Bai Qingqing stood smiling under the roof. The family was finally reunited.

As a cold hand rested on her shoulder, she lowered her gaze to take a look. “You’ve come out, too.”

“I miss you a lot.” It was hard to tell Curtis’s emotions from his gentle and cold voice. After saying that, he hugged her, lowering his head to take in a deep breath of his mate’s scent. In that instant, his empty heart felt like it was filled with something and he finally felt at ease.

If it wasn’t because there were children at home to take care of, he wouldn’t have been able to hold it in and would have gone to search for her.

“I missed you, too,” Bai Qingqing immediately replied, her face filled with a smile. She wasn’t a male, so no matter how much she liked them, she wouldn’t be able to understand the anxiety they felt when they were far apart from their mates. Even if she missed them a lot, her feelings wouldn’t be as strong as Curtis’.

Surrounded by the scent of his mate, Curtis squinted his eyes in enjoyment. He flicked out his tongue and sharply captured the tiniest bit of scent information—Snow was in heat.

Curtis wasn’t one to aggrieve himself. His rationality had been worn out over the past one month and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He suddenly grabbed her by the waist.

“What are you doing?” Bai Qingqing let out a surprised cry and wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling as she asked.

Curtis’s pupils contracted into a fine vertical slit, his gaze bottomless. Bai Qingqing seemed to have felt something, and her smile gradually became restrained.


The reply she received was a tighter embrace. Curtis entered the stone castle with large strides, leaving all the children behind.

Right was constantly on his guard. When he saw that his mommy was carried away, he immediately wanted to follow them.

Leopards were born with the character of getting hyped up in front of others and were also very good at pursuing and hunting. When they saw Right running off, they gave chase out of reflex.

Howl howl!

The three leopards surrounded Right, with one each on the left and right, and another at the back.

Right looked straight ahead but could see from the corners of his eyes the two leopards beside him. He held in his breath, then at the fastest speed possible, moved his two short claws, running like a pair of Wind Fire Wheels[1].

“Screech~” Left was stunned. Right was so fast at running.

But why did he run so fast? He could just fly away.

At this thought, he flapped his wings and flew up, calmly overtaking Right, who had started off running very early.

Standing at the courtyard’s entrance, Left raised his head and puffed out his chest, a.s.suming the pose of a victor—he was the winner of this race!

However, at the next second, Right collided straight into him, unable to avoid him in time. The two eagles fell down into a pile.

The three leopards were thrown off their original intention and stood at the door, howling to express their victory. The three of them then fought amongst themselves, unable to come to an agreement.

Right swung his giddy head, looking at the three leopards fighting intensely amongst themselves while blocking the front door. He had a strong urge to dash in, but he remembered what Arthur had taught him about protecting himself. He remained wary and didn’t dare to move forward recklessly.

Left shook his body, smoothing out his feathers, then flapped his wings a few times in front of Right.

“Screech screech screech screech screech screech~” [I know how to fly.]

Left chattered away excitedly.

Right’s body stiffened, and his wings tightened up without a trace.

Left immediately asked, “Screech screech screech~” [Have you learned?]

“Screech~” Right turned his head away aloofly, walked to one side, and a.s.sessed the wall next to him, wanting to find another entryway.

[1] A pair of wheels that Nezha, a legendary character, was given. He’s often depicted to be flying in the sky on the wheels.