Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1278 - Leopards and Eagle Fighting for Food

Chapter 1278 - Leopards and Eagle Fighting for Food

Chapter 1278: Leopards and Eagle Fighting for Food


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“Bang bang bang.” The leopard cubs fell heavily and sent soil flying up.

“Howl~” Eldest, who had the strongest body, hurt the most from the fall. He bared his teeth and climbed to his feet, not having experienced the fun of flying at all. It felt exactly the same as when their daddy had forced them to practice falling off the trees.

If they could learn to fly, they would have done so back then.

The three leopard cubs realized that, and all of them dismissed the thought of learning to fly in unison.

Left was stunned for quite a while. After seeing that they were fine, he ran over to his food.

The cubs noticed Left’s movements and recalled the food. They loudly howled and pounced over immediately.

This was what Muir had given them. It was agreed that he was just going to show it to Left, just like the other time. It was their food!

“Screech!” Left had just pecked on it when the food that had reached his mouth was forcibly s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

The leopard cubs ran off crazily after seizing the food. Enraged, Left flapped his wings, running after them quickly. He also let out relatively ferocious cries, “Gah gah gah gah gah!”

In the end, the prey that had broken into pieces from the fall was torn up into pieces while the three cubs ran off. The four children surrounded it and then split up this not-so-big prey.

The cubs were quite satisfied by the meal. After all, it was an additional meal. They would still have a big meal waiting for them at home.

Left felt extremely aggrieved. He was going to go hungry again.


Looking at the leopard cubs whose mouths were filled with blood, an evil thought came to Left and he pecked up toward the cub closest to him.

“Howl!” The unlucky Eldest let out a scream, all the fur on his body exploding as he jumped. The sudden piercing pain almost caused his soul to break out from his body.

Left entered a berserk state. Was it easy for him to find this food? His chest was still hurting from the fall.

The more Left thought about it, the sadder he felt. The sadder he felt, the angrier he got. The angrier he got, the more ferocious he became. In an instant, the scene under the tree became a film about a counter-attacking battle.

It was like they said: the poor aren’t intimidated by the rich. The leopard cubs had reservations and didn’t dare to hurt the little eagle, so they could only dodge. However, the little eagle didn’t have the same reservation. It wasn’t as if he could kill the cubs by pecking them.

Therefore, the leopard cubs could only run away from Left, who had entered a berserk state. The little eagle who had his food s.n.a.t.c.hed from him by the cubs due to their advantage in numbers now chased after the leopards, leaving behind his soft grayish-white feathers everywhere.

After Muir was done cooking, he walked to the door and called for the children to come and eat. He couldn’t help but feel stunned when he saw this scene.

“The meat is cooked. Come back!” Muir stood at the courtyard’s door and called out loudly.

Left was stunned. There was still food?

The leopard cubs were all running excitedly back home, leaving Left behind.

Even though Left hadn’t made sense of things, his compet.i.tive instincts drove him to rush back home. With a mixture of flying and running, he wasn’t much slower than the leopard cubs.

It had been two days since they had arrived by the seaside, but they hadn’t found Right yet. This was something that Bai Qingqing had never expected.

It was just a beastman, his traces were everywhere. However, they were unable to catch him. This was too strange.

After having her breakfast, Bai Qingqing tied her hair up into a ponytail as she walked out.

“You guys have made such a big commotion that Arthur will definitely notice if he’s staying in this area. It could be that he has a reclusive character and that he has been trying to hide from us. Winston, tell the eagle beastmen to stop flying everywhere and just try calling for his name nearby. Let him know our goal. I’ll join in today as well,” Bai Qingqing said decisively.

Parker snorted angrily and complained. “What a troublesome beastman!”

Winston didn’t say anything. He was also starting to understand why the fox tribal head’s att.i.tude toward Arthur wasn’t that friendly now.