Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1256 - The Baby Eagles' First War (2)

Chapter 1256 - The Baby Eagles' First War (2)

Chapter 1256: The Baby Eagles’ First War (2)

When the necrophagous eagle was flying in mid-air, it loosened its claws and let go of Right.


Right cried out in alarm and hurriedly flapped his wings, producing “pff pff pff” sounds.

Although the feathers on his wings were fully grown, they were too short, and his wings were too weak. Even a chicken could fly better than him as his chubby body continued falling downwards.

If all went to plan, he would fall heavily on the stones, and the necrophagous eagle could then take the opportunity to peck him to death.

Luckily for the baby eagle, there was some wind today. Although he couldn’t fly, he still had wings. As he spread out his wings in the wind’s direction, he suddenly flew away like a kite.

“Screech screech screech~” Right flapped his wings haphazardly. He’d already flown away from the top of the cliff and fell downwards as he struggled.

The necrophagous eagle flapped its wings and chased after him, not expecting this to happen.

Although Right had an alarmed expression, he’d gotten used to falling in mid-air. When he noticed the necrophagous eagle coming towards him, he turned around and prepared to fight back.

Wary of Right’s beak and claws, the necrophagous eagle didn’t dare to get close. It turned back to glance at the other eagle beastman still on the cliff and hesitated.

The necrophagous eagle remembered that the other eagle was weaker and catching it wouldn’t be an issue. However, the necrophagous eagle couldn’t bear to give up on this one, either. He wanted to eat both of them.

The fog in the air was too thick. Before long, Right’s silhouette had become blurry.

In the end, the necrophagous eagle decided to go after them one by one. It flapped its wings and dashed downwards.

“Screech~” Left stood on the edge of the cliff and called out weakly. As he looked down and blinked, the gradually fading silhouette of a bird was reflected in his jet-black eyes, which looked like they had been lined with golden eyeliner. “Screech~”

As the black and spotted eagle continued falling downwards, the fog around him grew thicker, so much so that it was impossible to see anything.

Although the eaglet’s silhouette had become blurry, the necrophagous eagle wasn’t worried as it could still make out its babyish cries. Then, the cries suddenly stopped. The necrophagous eagle shuddered and cried out before diving even faster.

Right flapped his wings for dear life. His nostrils on the top of his beak flared and his mouth opened slightly for him to breathe, but he didn’t utter a single cry.

It was clear from the glint in his eyes that he was purposely hiding his tracks.

The vitality of plants was extremely strong. Growing in the rock forest were pockets of thin trees that had thin yet strong trunks and an abnormally large number of branches and leaves. The vitality they gave off was even stronger than that of towering trees.


Right landed on a tree crown as thick as a cloud. His plump body crashed against the branches and leaves as he continued falling downwards.

But he kept his beak tightly shut and did not utter a single sound.

Upon hearing the sound of something falling, the necrophagous eagle immediately thought of the eaglet. But, since it didn’t hear any cries, it dismissed its suspicions, not believing that the eaglet wouldn’t cry out when it fell.

Anxious to find the eaglet and not having time to think about other things, it flapped its wings and flew elsewhere to look for him.

After falling from the tree crown, Right spun around in the air like a shuttlec.o.c.k for a long while before he found his balance with much difficulty. He continued to flap his wings that were still smaller than normal.

When he managed to temporarily steady himself while falling, he could briefly experience the joy of flying, and a tinge of excitement would flash in his panicked eyes.

But, before long, he would lose his balance because of the wind currents or from b.u.mping into something. That brief sense of joy disappeared with the wind before he got a chance to truly savor it.