Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1250 - The Clever Baby Eagles

Chapter 1250 - The Clever Baby Eagles

Chapter 1250: The Clever Baby Eagles

Bai Qingqing’s heart was put to ease after both baby eagles successfully broke out of their She asked in a troubled tone, “Now, who’s the older brother and who’s the younger one? How should we address them?”

Muir hesitated. He had never considered such an issue.

Eagle beastmen raising their little eagles at Sea Cliff were all anxious to return home as soon as possible. So, even if there were only one or two eggs, the issue of sequence and names wouldn’t occur to the eagle daddies. The day the little eagles learned to fly was the day their eagle daddy got to return to their spouse’s side. Muir, who was used to thinking like that, was stumped by the question.

After a momentary silence, he glanced at Bai Qingqin silently.

She said, “Since the leopard cubs have taken up the names of ‘Eldest’ and ‘Second’, we probably shouldn’t call them by their sequence. How about ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ instead? This way, we don’t have to distinguish who is older.”

Muir’s eyes lit up, and he said gratefully, “Let’s call them that.”

The gra.s.s nest that Muir used to incubate the eggs was a temporary one. It was stiff and often p.r.i.c.ked at the baby eagles’ pinkish and tender skin. Especially since their heads would droop left and right, it was easy for their eyes, which were bulging like dragonflies’, to get poked.

“Muir, we’d better s.h.i.+ft them there,” Bai Qingqing proposed.

Since it was already like this, it was the same wherever the baby eagles slept. Muir instantly agreed.

Bai Qingqing instantly scooped up the stronger Right. She didn’t dare to touch Left, afraid she would hurt him.

Unexpectedly, Right was heavier than his feeble appearance might suggest. Her palm could feel the frequency of Right’s breathing, making her breathing tremble accordingly.

This was perhaps what was meant by the “mother-and-son bond”.

Behind Bai Qingqing, Muir reached out and picked up Left.

“Curtis, move aside. Ah! Be careful when you flip over in your sleep. Don’t crush them,” Bai Qingqing said as she kicked Curtis aside before placing the baby eagle in the center of the nest.

Curtis tilted his head sideways and glanced at the baby eagles disdainfully as he s.h.i.+fted aside.

Right and Left had clearly distinguishable physiques, making it easy to tell them apart even when put together.

Their furs had basically dried, becoming more fluffy and soft now, and taking on a white color. Their pinkish skin was covered by fur, making them look like fluffy little chicks. They clearly looked much healthier than earlier.

Screech~ Screech~

They laid on the dry gra.s.s, their pink beaks opening and closing, making sounds that resembled that of little chicks’, looking super adorable.

Bai Qingqing let out a sigh as she sprawled next to the baby eagles and propped her chin with her hand to gaze at them.

“They keep making all those noises. Can you understand what they’re saying?” Bai Qingqing was a tad worried. “Are they hungry or thirsty?”

After careful observation, Muir guessed, “They’re too young and can’t express themselves accurately yet. But it seems like they wish to drink water.”

Bai Qingqing immediately said, “There’s cool water in the vat. With the glaring sun, it should still be warm. We can feed them with it.”

To be so particular about the temperature even when it came to drinking water. Muir felt that this was too meticulous a way to rear the baby eagles. But it was indeed safer. Even if the baby eagle died, raising him in such a manner might have made it possible for him to live.

Muir came over with a bowl of warm water. Bai Qingqing also brought over a pair of chopsticks and stained them with water before touching the baby eagles’ beaks with it.


The baby eagles didn’t have the concept of drinking water at the start. When the water from the chopsticks flowed into their beaks and moistened their tongues before entering their throats, they started to consciously ask for water to drink.

The baby eagles would turn their heads and feel around. And when their beaks touched something hard, they would open their mouths. How clever.