Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1247 - Broke Out of the Shells (1)

Chapter 1247 - Broke Out of the Shells (1)

Chapter 1247: Broke Out of the (1)

“I’m used to it.” Winston easily ripped the tree bark with the thickness of a finger and replied thoughtlessly.

He glanced at her. Even while seated, he was much taller than Bai Qingqing, so he only had to look up slightly to see her. Heart br.i.m.m.i.n.g with sweetness, he added internally:

No matter how tiring the are, I don’t find it tough so long as I can be with you.

In the past, he had also given his all to the old City of Beastmen, with which he had no important relations. Now, he was doing all this for his beloved, so all the more he should work harder.

Bai Qingqing glared at him helplessly. “Even then you ought to get used to giving yourself a break. Rest two days every seven days, okay?”

“Why?” Winston sharply noticed that Qingqing had naturally said “seven” and “two”. Seems like those two numbers weren’t randomly plucked from the sky.

Bai Qingqing said, “This is the schedule used throughout the world I come from. Many work and study schedules are planned based on this.”

Winston nodded in enlightenment. Curious about the life she used to live, and since the atmosphere was just right, he asked, “Can you tell me about your past?”

“Sure!” Since she was bored, she started telling him about her past.

In the past, she didn’t feel that her bland life was much to talk about, but now that she was far away from it, those days became increasingly meaningful. Some memories had also turned into her most wonderful recollections. Even her annoying younger brother also felt more gentle and affable.

She smiled as she spoke. Winston never once interrupted her, only slightly nodding when Bai Qingqing looked towards him, eagerly waiting for her to continue speaking.

Even Muir, crouched by the side, quietly p.r.i.c.ked up his ears.

The rope attached to the rock kept lowering down the cliff. When it stopped, they would know that the rope had reached the bottom.

By noon, the duo had yet to make a rope that reached the bottom of the cliff, and they only finished it by dinnertime.

Due to her excitement, Bai Qingqing skipped her noontime nap. So, she started feeling sleepy before the skies even darkened, and only forced herself to stay awake because of dinner. She climbed into the nest right after eating.

Winston also quickly squeezed his way into the nest to warm her up. To his surprise, he found her to be asleep by the time he got in.

Opportunities to sleep alone with Bai Qingqing in bed were incredibly rare. Winston was extremely satisfied. Add to the fact that he had suffered from insomnia the previous night, he had a particularly restful sleep that night.

The two of them slept till the skies brightened. Unlike the romanticness of yesterday, there was a solid groundedness of everyday living between a couple for Winston and Bai Qingqing this morning. Nonetheless, it was very heartwarming.

Curtis was the one to bring breakfast over today. Seems like Parker had already told him about it.

There was generally no conflict between Winston and Curtis, so the change happened peacefully, with one staying and the other leaving.

The sun had already come out by now. Curtis immediately walked into the tent and asked Muir, “They haven’t broken out of their yet?”

“Yeah.” Recalling something, Bai Qingqing sighed. “It’s been a full seven days!”

Curtis’s brows furrowed tightly.

Just then, Muir also moved, slightly shaking his body.

“Surely not? Right after I said that they broke out of their” Bai Qingqing hurriedly strode to his side and squatted down.

Muir cast her an uncertain glance, then sank down and tried sensing the eggs, before testingly straightening his legs, revealing the two eggs under his abdomen.

The eggs were dark grey when first laid. Now, the color had slightly lightened.

Muir transformed into a naked human and said while crouched down by the side, “I’m not sure, either. I seem to have felt them move just now.”

Before his last note even ended, one of the eggs seemed to tremble a little. Though it only happened for a fleeting moment, it left some evidence.