Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1220 - Keep Up the Good Work

Chapter 1220 - Keep Up the Good Work

Chapter 1220: Keep Up the Good Work

“En.” Muir had long tossed that thought out of his mind. He looked at Bai Qingqing’s lips with a gaze filled with worry.

Bai Qingqing gave up completely, saying dejectedly, “Forget it. Up to you, then.”

The atmosphere was completely ruined. Maybe she should wait for another two days before discussing it with him.

Muir also heaved a sigh of relief. G.o.d knew how much endurance it took for him to refuse such intimacy.

The two of them held hands and walked down the stairs, encountering Parker, who was crouching on the floor secretively, sniffing something.

“What are you doing?” Bai Qingqing asked, feeling baffled and a little guilty-stricken.

Parker stood up and a.s.sessed them. This made Bai Qingqing feel even more guilty.

He had definitely guessed it. Thankfully, they hadn’t done anything. Otherwise, it’d be awkward.

“What are you looking at!” Bai Qingqing lashed out first, feigning anger.

Parker’s nose twitched again, then instantly felt a.s.sured after ascertaining that they hadn’t done anything. He then grinned. “My matter can be taken care of any time. Muir, are you planning to make paper? Let’s do it together.”

“Alright.” Muir nodded, patted Bai Qingqing’s shoulder, then followed him out.

Bai Qingqing relaxed as if a heavy burden had been taken off her shoulders.

With nothing to do, she went back to the bedroom to draw. Drawing the same thing repeatedly would easily bore someone. However, she didn’t have other things to do to spend the time with and thus was filled with interest.

Bai Qingqing didn’t give up on the plan to give birth to Muir’s children. She calmed her heart and drew while thinking how she should quietly get together with him.

As her body had recovered, Winston, Parker, and even Curtis were often aroused by her. However, to not give birth to more children, all of them held it in and didn’t do anything. If she were to do the deed with Muir in front of them, they’d inevitably feel that it was unfair. They’d better be secretive about it.

As one of the few flying beastmen, Muir also had to take part in the patrolling. He also had to take charge of food once every four days. His work wasn’t considered easy.

Every time the day was clear, Bai Qingqing would bring An’an to meet with Molly together with Muir. However, that didn’t give them a chance to do anything disharmonious.

Therefore, only half a month later, right before her period, did Bai Qingqing find a chance.

It was like this: The day before was a full moon night. No one knew if An’an was feeling unwell that she kept on rolling, not sleeping for the entire night. (Bai Qingqing had a strong suspicion that An’an purposely didn’t sleep to avoid playing with Anna. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she saw An’an rubbing her eyes, feeling extremely tired, but refusing to shut her eyes.) Therefore, she slept like a dead log in the day, freeing out the time that Muir had cleared up the day before.

Bai Qingqing took this chance and got him to bring her out alone.

“Screech—” [Where should we go?]

Muir turned his head, wanting to see his mate on his back.

Bai Qingqing turned his head back, pointing to the rock forest and saying, “Over there!”

The rock forest was considered to be the place where they had exchanged their love vows. When Muir looked over, his heart skipped a beat. He immediately felt elated and flapped his wings to fly over.

Landing on top of the boulder he had landed on the previous time, Muir turned into his human form and then started to put on his animal skin skirt.

Bai Qingqing turned her head to look at the rock she had laid down on the other time. En, good, it was still clean.

She walked over to the rock, removed her big animal skin coat, then carefully laid it on top of the rock before climbing up and sitting on it.

Muir looked toward her after putting on his animal skin skirt. This scene was so familiar, making it hard for him to not recall the wonderful memories from last time. His throat tightened, and he found it even more unbearable than the previous time.