Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1216 - Couldn't Afford to Have Different Diets

Chapter 1216 - Couldn't Afford to Have Different Diets

Chapter 1216: Couldn’t Afford to Have Different Diets


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“Okay, let’s eat,” Bai Qingqing said and clapped her hands in satisfaction. “I’ll go get An’an,” she said as she ran out of the kitchen.

She was so excited that the rising and falling discomfort in her abdomen seemed less obvious now.

An’an was originally in the bedroom. But she had crawled to the main hall, possibly because she had caught a whiff of the food. When Bai Qingqing entered the main hall, she saw the baby sprawled in the center of the room.

“You crawled out yourself, An’an?” Bai Qingqing asked in surprise. The bedroom was quite a distance away from here.

Bai Qingqing picked her up and looked at her palms, confirming her suspicions. There were several red indents made by various objects on the floor.

Bai Qingqing worriedly blew on the child’s hand before carrying her into the kitchen.

The plate of braised intestines—the dish she had been antic.i.p.ating the most—was placed on the most inconspicuous part of the table.

Bai Qingqing chuckled to herself. Under her three mates’ gazes, she walked over to the seat closest to the pig’s intestines and sat down.


Not knowing who sighed, Bai Qingqing was confused yet amused. She picked up her chopsticks and reached for the food, which was glistening with oil.

“Qingqing!” Parker called out nervously to her as he watched her skillfully pick up a piece.

The stuffed meat was fine. There wasn’t much of a stench anymore since all that remained was a layer of skin. But the intestines still had a peculiar taste. It smelled good, but after recalling what it was, Parker found it hard to look straight at it.

Bai Qingqing looked at him and smiled as she brought the chopsticks to her lips.

Parker and Muir held their breath. Even Curtis sat upright with his red brows furrowed. The leopard cubs, on the other hand, were curious. They could sniff raw intestines because of what their mother said. Now that it had been prepared deliciously, they wanted to have a taste.

“Mmm, tasty,” Bai Qingqing said and nodded while eating. Seeing the three shocked faces, she pursed her lips and smiled.

At first, she couldn’t get used to the taste either. But now, she was very picky about pig’s large intestines. If it wasn’t prepared well, she wouldn’t eat it.

But Muir had cleaned the intestines very well. There was no extra fat and the texture was excellent. The taste was just right, neither too strong nor too bland. With Parker’s culinary skills, this was definitely one of the best she had ever tried.

After watching their mate swallow the food, the three males gulped and looked towards the plate with suspicion.

Could it really be eaten?

It was already amazing that animal’s hooves could taste delicious after stewing them long enough for the flesh to become soft. Could intestines be delicious as well?

Roar! Roar!

The leopard cubs gathered around their mother and leaned against her legs as they raised their heads and called out to her.

Bai Qingqing patted their heads lovingly and picked up a large piece of pig’s large intestine to feed them. “Have a taste.”

The leopard cubs licked their lips, not seeming like leopards for a moment.

Bai Qingqing was about to eat the piece herself when Third, the most curious one, suddenly bit on the chopsticks.

When Bai Qingqing pulled out the chopsticks from Third’s mouth, unnervingly seeing obvious bite marks on them.

I was too careless. I fed them too imperfectly this time.

Howl howl~

Third’s face twisted and his deep golden eyes darted around, his movements extremely animated.

After chewing four or five times, Third climbed off his mother’s lap and spat out the food in his mouth. His tongue swirled about in his mouth constantly.

The situation caused the three adult males to hold onto their wavering beliefs tightly. They heaved a sigh of relief, then worried about their mate’s taste in food.

Were they of the same species? Their diets couldn’t afford to be too different.