Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1211 - The Period That Hasn't Come for Very Long Is Very Enthusiastic (1)

Chapter 1211 - The Period That Hasn't Come for Very Long Is Very Enthusiastic (1)

Chapter 1211: The Period That Hasn’t Come for Very Long Is Very Enthusiastic (1)


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This meant that An’an’s intellect was normal. That she could understand such complicated words meant that she was no worse off than Anna.

Bai Qingqing almost wept tears of joy. She held onto An’an’s head and kissed her twice on the forehead.

It was the right decision to let her play with Anna. When the hot season came, she’d let An’an play with Anna every day. This might be able to cure An’an completely.

Even if the world in her eyes remained different from normal people, it would be good if she could communicate normally.

An’an, who didn’t realize that she had just fallen into a pit she had dug herself, was still feeling thankful that she could be liberated soon and was happy about it.

The three males at home had no idea that Muir had found out about Qingqing being in heat. Out of their desire to monopolize her, all of them didn’t put the cards on the table.

Another few days pa.s.sed and Bai Qingqing finally welcomed the period that she hadn’t seen for over two years.

At that time, Bai Qingqing was drawing while seated on a chair cus.h.i.+oned with animal skin, and she had only noticed it when her stomach ached. Only after standing up did she notice that her lower body was bleeding profusely and a large stain was left on the gray cus.h.i.+on.

“Ss~ It hurts!” Bai Qingqing threw the piece of charcoal away and put one hand on the wall and the other on her stomach. She gasped as she headed downstairs.

Her period that she hadn’t seen for very long was exceptionally “enthusiastic”. As Bai Qingqing walked, she kept on dripping blood from between her legs, and it looked horrendous. Those who had no idea what was happening would think she was suffering from a miscarriage.

Bai Qingqing found the pain unbearable and couldn’t help but feel regret. She shouldn’t have listened to Muir and agreed to wait for the next time. If they had done the deed a few days ago, she might have gotten pregnant and wouldn’t be in pain now.

Where was the cotton placed? Bai Qingqing recalled telling Parker to harvest a lot of them last year, and she hadn’t used them at all yet. They could be put to use now.

“Parker~” Bai Qingqing’s voice was soft and weak. With great difficulty, she reached downstairs, held onto the door frame, then didn’t feel like moving anymore.

Curtis felt that her voice didn’t sound right and immediately dashed out of the bedroom. Before he found his mate, he smelled the strong scent of blood in the air.

He had forgotten about her going into heat as well and was given a great shock. He then charged toward the direction of her voice at the speed of lightning.


Bai Qingqing had just heard Curtis’s voice when she landed in an icy embrace. Her body turned limp and she leaned into his embrace.

This made Curtis felt even more worried. He immediately carried her horizontally and then headed quickly for the bedroom.

“Aiyah!” Bai Qingqing suddenly let out a surprised cry and sat up.

Curtis looked worriedly at his mate in his arms and saw that she only had a pale countenance, not looking weak as he had imagined. But where did that strong scent of blood came from?

His gaze moved to the place between Bai Qingqing’s legs and finally understood. The huge burden in his heart was relieved.

“What’s the matter?” Curtis asked, feeling perplexed.

Bai Qingqing felt the icy arm under her b.u.t.t and covered her face, feeling crushed. “Why… Why are you carrying me?”

She didn’t want to come down from his arms anymore.

Curtis could naturally feel the warm traces of liquid, and his bright red lips curled up into a faint smile. There was also a hint of a smile in his voice. “I’ll go wash my hands later.”

Knowing that he noticed it made Bai Qingqing feel even more awkward. She buried her face into his chest, refusing to show her face.

Curtis placed her into his gra.s.s nest and wanted to draw his hands out when Bai Qingqing pressed down tightly on him.

“I won’t let go, then.” Curtis abided and lay down by her side, his voice immediately sounding sluggish. He had no plans to get up anymore.

“Let’s deal with it after they’ve come back.”

Bai Qingqing stiffened, and she immediately rolled away from his arms.

“Hurry up and go wash your hands!” Bai Qingqing almost hollered. After saying that, her gaze focused and she realized that the red color on Curtis’s arm was a lot more exaggerated than she had imagined.