Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1197 - Final Training (2)

Chapter 1197 - Final Training (2)

Chapter 1197: Final Training (2)

“Howl!” The leopard cubs agreed with lofty ambitions. They then dashed into the rain eagerly.

The little snakes were immersed in the joy of hunting and hadn’t expected three unexpected intruders to join in.

They had just gained some experience. A little snake had secretly slithered behind a gray mouse and was about to launch a final attack when he heard the sound of wind behind him.


Amidst that excited leopard cry, the little snake felt a pain in his tail and his body left the ground.

The little snake was stunned for a moment as his head hovered in the air. He then immediately arched his body, wanting to get himself in an upright position to bite the leopard. The leopard cub was no fool and was very scared of being bitten by snakes. He immediately swung his head after seeing this. The impact caused the little snake’s body to straighten, losing any strength to even turn his body.

Not long later, the little snake entered a daze with a groggy head.

The leopard cub kept on swinging his head while he picked the little snake back into the room, walking up to Bai Qingqing as if wanting for praise.

Bai Qingqing smiled bitterly when she saw the little snake’s decadent state. She then picked up the little snake from the leopard cub’s mouth.

The first little snake fell.

However, its sacrifice wasn’t for naught. The brutal scene was seen by many little snakes, and a dark glow flashed past their red glaze-like eyes, and they kept their movements more hidden.

The leopard cubs had a strong dislike for snake beastmen. Before the little snakes hunted, they intentionally chose not to make a move, and then interrupted them at the instant the little snakes were about to reach their prey. They then caught the prey themselves, playing with them like toys. It caused the little snakes to feel so angry that their red eyes turned even redder after seeing their prey being s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

The little snakes felt hungry and bore with it for the sake of food. However, after failing to get any food repeatedly, they finally erupted with fury. They decided to stop hunting and focused on dealing with the leopard cubs.

Therefore, the courtyard instantly became noisy, filled with leopard howls and snake hisses.

The ten little snakes surrounded the three leopard cubs. The cubs had their b.u.t.ts facing each other, their heads facing out in three directions with their eyes on the hostile little snakes.

One little snake attacked, abruptly biting out toward the leopard cub in front of him.

“Howl!” The leopard cub instantly arched his body and jumped high, avoiding the little snake’s vicious bite.

After the first snake attacked, the few snakes next to him also erupted suddenly, pouncing straight for that unlucky cub.

The pitiful leopard cub hadn’t landed when more snakes came biting toward him. He landed and he bounced up again, looking like he was tap-dancing.

As he dodged, he b.u.mped into the other two leopard cubs, making them nervous. Their bodies also moved a step forward from the collision.

The little snakes in front of them thought that the cubs were going to attack. They immediately reacted and bit toward the cubs.

The battle instantly became chaotic. The surrounded leopard cubs kept on jumping, performing an enthusiastic dance amidst the blurry drizzle. Endless sharp cries kept ringing out.

Bai Qingqing was speechless.

Thankfully, they were outside and there were plants everywhere. As the cubs jumped about, they moved next to the trees and quickly climbed, avoiding the little snakes’ attacks.

A little snake climbed a tree but was caught by a leopard cub who was better at maneuvering on the trees.

A second snake fell.

After a long fight, the little snakes didn’t get to eat anything but were caught by the cubs in succession and then sent back to their mommy’s side while feeling aggrieved.

One could only say that the older, the wiser. Elder brothers were still elder brothers, after all.

The leopard cubs made the little snakes exhausted, laying out on the ground, not moving at all. The cubs then panted heavily as they headed back indoors.