Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1194 - Killing Intent in the Waterhole (1)

Chapter 1194 - Killing Intent in the Waterhole (1)

Chapter 1194: Killing Intent in the Waterhole (1)

“En.” Bai Qingqing nodded, then turned to smile at Muir, saying, “Did you see the tray of figurines on the bedside cabinet?”

Muir looked over, and a hint of envy flashed past in his eyes. He didn’t dare to expose it and just gave a calm “en” in reply.

Bai Qingqing said, “We should add you and the children in.”

Muir’s heart started to palpitate. Looking at the complete set of characters, he understood the meaning behind the figurines. How could he not feel envious and feel a sense of yearning?

However, he had become Qingqing’s mate in an inferior way. He had thought that he was doomed to die, but not only did he manage to narrowly escape death, he even miraculously stayed by Qingqing’s side. He was very grateful toward Qingqing, and his love for her grew even more fervent. However, at the thought of how he had become mates with her, he didn’t dare to raise any requests. He was too ashamed to do that, and he didn’t have the right to do so either.

Bai Qingqing had long gotten over this. When the spousal relations.h.i.+p with Muir had saved her life, she felt thankful that Muir had done what he did.

“I’ve long thought out that after the eggs hatch, I’ll make yours and the children’s figurines together. although the eggs turned out to be snake eggs, we should still do them together.”

As Bai Qingqing said that, she smiled apologetically at Muir and continued, “Since I laid snake eggs, I’ll not have my period for a few months… Ah, I mean, go into heat. Therefore, your children will have to wait for very long. Let’s make yours and the little snakes’ porcelain figurines first.”

It was no wonder this childbirth had made her physique so weak. She had thought that it was because she had fallen sick. Turned out the reason was that she laid snake snakes.

Muir shook his head. “I’m in no hurry.”

As he said this, he realized that his words sounded like “I must have Qingqing give birth to my children.” Muir immediately added, “It doesn’t matter whether we have or not.”

This was even though he had a strong desire for a shared bloodline between Bai Qingqing and himself. They’d definitely be the most amazing and wonderful existence in the world.

Bai Qingqing smiled and didn’t say anything. She pushed him and said, “Alright, hurry and go to the waterhole to check. But I reckon there’s a high chance Bluepool has gone into hibernation. Sigh, we should have asked him for the soil before the cold season.”

“I’ll go right away.” After saying that, Muir turned and left the bedroom.

Soil from the bottom of the waterhole? Regardless of if Bluepool was in hibernation, he was bent on getting them.

The ground was the color of ice and the waterhole was covered up as well. If it wasn’t because there was a waterwheel that kept on spinning, Muir would have thought that there was no waterhole here.

With the waterhole being sealed up by ice, Bluepool must have not been out for very long. Muir lifted a huge rock from the side and smashed the layer of ice, then dove into the water with a plop.

When eagle beastmen turned into their human forms, their feathers still existed. Therefore, it was hard for them to sink. However, Muir was still hugging onto the big rock and sank down gradually.

The water temperature at the bottom was unexpectedly warm. As the ice on the very top was cold, after sinking to the bottom, the temperature difference made Muir feel that the water at the bottom was so hot that one could bathe with it.

Would it be fine as long as it was soil from the bottom?

Muir grabbed onto the rock with one arm and then bent over with difficulty, planning to dig the soil.

Suddenly, Muir focused his attention. He sensed a killing intent.

Before he managed to think through things, his body reacted first and he immediately dodged to the side. If Muir was on the sh.o.r.e, he’d definitely be able to avoid this. However, he was in the water and there was water resistance. Moreover, he never entered the water before and thus the water resistance felt especially strong.

However, Muir was a stripeless beast, after all. What seemed to be slow to him was considered very fast to others.

He avoided a lethal blow but felt pain in his arm. Blood started to spread out in the pitch-black bottom of the waterhole.