Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1173 - Eagle Beastman Hatching Eggs

Chapter 1173 - Eagle Beastman Hatching Eggs

Chapter 1173: Eagle Beastman Hatching Eggs

“Alright! I’ll stay at home.” Muir suddenly spoke up strongly. To express his determination, his voice sounded abrupt.

If anything happened to Qingqing, then he could still save her even if it meant giving up on the chicks.

The accident this time around was also an important factor that made him give in.

Curtis watched as Muir placed the eggs into his nest, turning into his eagle form, and started hatching them. His lips curled up in satisfaction.

Winston only came back at night. His nose twitched and his countenance immediately changed.

What a strong scent of blood. Did Qingqing go into labor?

Winston’s gaze quickly swept over the eagle beastman squatting in the nest, unmoving. He then took big strides toward the bed.

Curtis was tired out after today. Muir started to hatch the eggs and all the work landed on him. Taking care of An’an, adding firewood to the bed-stove, going in and out several ten times today, switching between the warm bedroom and the harsh coldness outside that made him want to go into hibernation. This was undoubtedly a great agony to the snake beastman who was born with a sluggish nature.

If he had to go through this every day, Curtis was uncertain if he would be able to persist in his revenge against Muir. Even hatching eggs would be a lot easier than that.

“Qingqing has given birth?” Winston sat by Bai Qingqing’s side and asked Curtis softly.

Curtis replied with an “en”.

Winston’s gaze when looking at his mate turned a little softer. Her pale complexion made his heart wrench, and he tidied his mate’s hair with his big and wide hand, saying with a tone filled with pity, “It has really been hard on her.”

“I’ll be leaving the things at home to you. I’m going to hibernate,” Curtis said.

Winston nodded and put his hand under the blanket to feel around. His heart immediately ached from the light heat. He couldn’t care to eat and immediately took off his animal skin skirt, darting under the blankets and turning into a ferocious tiger.

The temperature under the blanket rose quickly, and the unconscious Bai Qingqing relaxed her brows a little. She should be dreaming as her lips had curled up into a faint smile.

Looking happy, Winston restrained his strength and licked her face a few times. He then rested his head at his mate’s fragrant shoulder, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

In the morning, the crisp sound of birds chirping rang out from the branches. Two small birds with lush feathers stood on the dried branch, pecking their feathers while pecking each other’s feathers occasionally. They gave off an envious and intimate feeling of love.

The human and tiger sleeping in the room were also just as intimate. Their breathings entangled and mixed.

Bai Qingqing woke up under a strong wind. When she opened her eyes, what she saw was a magnified tiger face.

Already used to this, even though the tiger face in front of her looked fierce and vicious, she wasn’t scared in the least. Her lips curled and she moved closer to the tiger.

“Uhh!” She had just moved when the pain from her stomach surged. Bai Qingqing let out a gasp in pain.

Winston immediately opened his eyes and stared at her with an anxious expression. Muir, who was squatting by the side, also immediately looked toward them, letting out “coo-coo” sounds.

Bai Qingqing put her hand to her soft and flabby stomach, despising what she was feeling. She then smiled again and said, “I’m fine. Where are the bird eggs?”

“Coo-coo!” Muir’s voice was a little louder.

Bai Qingqing raised her head with difficulty and looked toward his legs. Such an exerting pose made her feel a throbbing pain from her stomach, but this didn’t dismiss her thoughts of checking out the eggs.

“The eggs… are with you?” Bai Qingqing’s face was pale, but her eyes were bright and glistening as if clear water had been dripped into them.

“Coo~” Muir’s voice sounded very different from usual. In order to reduce the loss of moisture, he had been keeping his beak shut. Therefore, his voice sounded stuffy.