Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1165 - The Entire Family Goes on a Trip

Chapter 1165 - The Entire Family Goes on a Trip

Chapter 1165: The Entire Family Goes on a Trip


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“Go and sleep even if you’re tired. Hurry up. Be good.”

Her tone sounded as if she was coaxing a child.

Muir was amused.

At the same time, he also felt his mate’s concern for him and felt sweet inside.

Unable to refuse her kind intentions, Muir was still chased off by her.

Bai Qingqing pushed the door and entered. Then, she came into contact with a humid heatwave. The air was filled with white fog and everything inside was shrouded by fog.

She pushed the windows open and released the hot waves. Only then did the things in the room appear clearly.

This room was very s.p.a.cious, about 40 to 50 square meters. There were quite a number of wooden racks in the room with layers of stacking long wooden boards. The snow-white papers were laid out on the wooden boards.

Bai Qingqing walked up to the closest wooden board and touched it. To her pleasant surprise, she realized that the paper had dried up completely.

The yellow papers were still hard, but the white papers were just nice. Their quality was even a lot better than the ordinary paper used in modern days. They were snow-white and smooth to the touch, delighting her.

As more tree bark fiber had been added, this piece of paper had a great tenacity, a little like fabric. It wasn’t even possible to tear through it as the fiber was tightly bound.

“I was wondering where you were. So you were hiding here to play.” Bai Qingqing was immersed in delight when Parker’s voice suddenly rang out.

She turned to look at him, smiling, and said, “Look, the papers have dried.”

“I’ve seen it long ago.”

Parker also rubbed Bai Qingqing’s head, liking the feeling of her warm head. He suddenly carried her up horizontally.

“Alright, hurry up and go wash up. Have your breakfast first before coming here to play.”

“Sigh!” Bai Qingqing was given a fright. She feigned anger and hammered on his chest, but didn’t say anything.

After rus.h.i.+ng through her meal, Bai Qingqing immediately returned to the paper-drying room.

As the window was opened, the humidity was released. The toasting in this period of time made the paper really dry thoroughly, and even when they were toasted over the fire, not a hint of steam came out.

Bai Qingqing and Parker removed the fire basin and started to cut up the white papers. As there were too many pieces of paper, the efficiency was too low to fold and cut each one individually. Therefore, Bai Qingqing and Parker stacked up the papers and then cut them with a blade.

They cut up a stack of A4-sized papers as well as a stack of big drawing papers of one-meter widths, each to the height of a stool respectively.

After looking at the final products, Bai Qingqing felt an indescribable sense of achievement. She laid down on the paper and broke into a foolish smile.

Parker sat by the side and also smiled after looking at her. He then said slowly, “The weather has cleared up.”

Bai Qingqing’s eyes lit up, and she immediately looked out. The weather had really cleared up.

Bai Qingqing said, “We…”

Parker raised his brows. “Mmhmm~”

The two of them exchanged a glance of unspoken mutual understanding, then both broke into a sly smile.

Winston came back from outside, and the moment he came in, he saw Bai Qingqing and Parker smiling strangely. He asked, “Planning to go out?”

When Parker saw him, he knew that Winston had nothing to do today and immediately pouted.

Bai Qingqing said, “The weather has cleared up. I want to go out and draw. Oh right, this is the paper we’ve made. Look.”

She handed the paper she planned on bringing out to Winston as if offering a treasure.

Winston had also been paying attention to the progress of the paper-making. Seeing this, he smiled. “It’s very good.”

At this moment, Parker’s ears twitched and his expression turned even more gloomy.

Not long later, Curtis entered the main hall while carrying An’an. Muir then also came out, energized. Even the leopard cubs came running out.

Their romantic time instantly became a trip for the entire family. Parker was clearly upset.