Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1160 - Drawing

Chapter 1160 - Drawing

Chapter 1160: Drawing


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Parker couldn’t bear to cut it up, even though such a big piece was inconvenient. Seeing that Qingqing was bent on doing this, he could only bear with the heartache and helped to cut up the door-sized paper into several tens A4-sized paper. There was quite a considerable amount when they were stacked together. It was just that there was a slight difference in the paper size. There was no way that it’d be as neat as when they were cut up by machines in modern days.

Bai Qingqing then brought over the jar of charcoal they made last night, picking out three nicer pieces, and then giving two out. She then started to write and draw excitedly.

Parker also drew on the paper with great interest. Muir was the only one at a loss. Seeing that both of them were engrossed in their drawing, he furrowed his brows and started scribbling too. However, he was careful with each stroke as his heart ached to be using the paper.

Hard paper had its benefits too. One would be able to write steadily even if they held onto just one piece of paper.

Bai Qingqing wrote her own name first. There were layers of stacking wooden blocks in front of her, and she started drawing smoothly.

The middle school she attended forcibly required students to take an elective cla.s.s, so she signed up for sketching, which only had one cla.s.s per week. As there wasn’t any time to practice, she wasn’t much different from a layman. However, after three years, she had gained quite a lot of theoretical knowledge which she hadn’t forgotten till now.

Drawing such geometrical objects was the most elementary level. It was an easy feat for her.

The charcoal strips were quite easy to use, and after a few strokes, Bai Qingqing managed to draw out a decent contour.

After Parker satisfied his hands-on desire, he turned to check out Bai Qingqing’s paper and was instantly stunned by it. He looked up at the object in front of them, then lowered his head to look at the paper. His expression seemed a little foolish.

Muir had long put down the charcoal and paper and had been staring at Bai Qingqing’s paper for a while.

No one interrupted her. Only after she put down the charcoal did she discover her two mates looking at her. She had no idea how long they had been doing that.

“Cough! How is it?” Feeling a little embarra.s.sed, Bai Qingqing raised the paper and asked, “How is it?”

The characteristic of sketches was realistic drawing. When Parker saw the drawing at the beginning, he felt that there was only a 70-80% resemblance, but now, it looked exactly like the actual object.

Even though he had witnessed it, Parker still found it unbelievable. He nodded in a daze and said, “It looks good.”

From this piece of paper, Parker truly appreciated the intelligence of humans from Bai Qingqing’s world. He wondered how their brains grew.

After saying that, Parker looked at his own drawing. He was initially very satisfied with it, but now, he only found it unbearably ugly.

Bai Qingqing smiled and said, “There’s a method to it. After learning it, all of you will be able to do it.”

However, Parker felt that he’d never be able to draw a piece like this.

After saying that, Bai Qingqing turned to look at his drawing. Her eyes immediately opened wide.

Parker’s drawing style could be said to be unique, eerie, and unfathomable, unaffected by any other pieces.

What he was drawing was probably his armor. It generally looked like a Transformer, but the details such as joints and mechanics would be intentionally magnified so that they could be seen clearly.

This was easy to understand, but as a piece of drawing, it looked a little horrifying. Because it didn’t look like the actual object. The magnified details looked like mouths that would pick people to bite. The mechanics looked like sharp teeth in the mouth.

If this was shown to people who made science-fiction movies, it’d definitely be used in their movies.

After taking a look at Parker’s drawing, Bai Qingqing then checked out Muir’s drawing curiously.

A non-obvious blood color appeared on Muir’s face, and he subconsciously moved his hand holding onto the paper, clearly wanting to hide it. However, he still paused and let Bai Qingqing see his drawing.