Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1150 - To Be Favored Too MuChapter Is Troublesome

Chapter 1150 - To Be Favored Too MuChapter Is Troublesome

Chapter 1150: To Be Favored Too Much Is Troublesome


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Bai Qingqing mouthed “wow”. It was really amazing. He really looked like a human now.

She then looked toward Winston. While the two of them were talking, Winston had already changed back into his animal skin skirt. Upon being stared at by his mate, he showed a hint of embarra.s.sment.


Bai Qingqing asked excitedly, “Are you also able to do this?”

“En,” Winston replied. Before she made the request, he changed his beast ears completely and put his tail away.

Just like Parker, he also felt extremely uneasy, feeling an imbalance, as if his body was inclining forward. His hearing also got a lot worse.

Beastmen didn’t like to take on this form, so none of them did this. It was too dangerous.

Bai Qingqing was stunned. They were simply monsters. She suddenly thought of a cla.s.sic line: the fox’s tail is exposed



She then smiled foolishly to herself.

Seeing that his mate wasn’t feeling scared anymore, Parker felt at ease and also changed back into his animal skin skirt.

Curtis didn’t try it on. He only made this piece because he felt that if it was something that Snow’s other mates had, so he must have one too. After he was done with it, he placed it on the washstand.

Muir was the only one who liked the tree bark skirt. Stroking the tree bark’s prints with his big and rough hands, he said delightedly, “It’s so nice. Wearing it when it’s raining will be very convenient.”

Bai Qingqing smiled and said, “When there’s animal skin, you’ll still have to make a few animal skin skirts. This one stands out too much.”

“En,” Muir replied.

However, this area had been wrecked by the behemoths this year, so the number of animals had plunged greatly. As a result, there was also less animal skin. He would have to fly somewhere further away to catch prey with good fur to make clothes for Qingqing.

“What else do we need to do with the bark?” Winston asked. He had a great curiosity toward new things, similar to Parker. This might be the nature of cat-type animals.

Bai Qingqing said honestly, “I have no idea, either. Let’s crush them first.”

She pinched the dried part. She didn’t have to try it out to be able to imagine that even after they had been crushed, they’d just be a pile of wood fragments. They’d have to mix in something that had cohesiveness.

Tree resin? Or wood pulp?

She didn’t seem to have heard of tree resin paper before, but she had often heard of wood pulp paper on advertis.e.m.e.nts. Wood pulp it was, then.

“Winston, go and chop down a tree. Muir, help me to crush the tree bark.” Bai Qingqing gave out the instructions.

Parker immediately put up his hand. “What about me?”

Bai Qingqing threw him a glance and her pink lips parted. “Sleep!”

Parker’s face instantly fell. He volunteered, “I can help out with miscellaneous”

“I still have Curtis to help me.” Bai Qingqing poked Curtis’s chest, saying, “Come on, get up. It’s so boring to lay down alone.”

“Alright, then,” Curtis replied helplessly. What he didn’t know was that his att.i.tude attracted a lot of hate from someone.

Bai Qingqing put up a “yay” sign with her hands, pulling Curtis and wanting to get up.

Parker felt very upset. He wanted to help but couldn’t do it, while Curtis didn’t want to help yet was forced to. This was the great difference between one beastman from another.

He watched with an aggrieved expression as everyone left. Parker wanted to follow them secretly, but Bai Qingqing caught him unaware as she suddenly turned her head.

“Sleep!” Bai Qingqing glared at him and then walked out of the bedroom.

Parker paused, seemingly very troubled. However, his curled lips betrayed him, exposing the joy in his heart.

Laying on his mate’s soft bedding, Parker’s thoughts really made him deserve a beating.

Sigh. If I knew, I wouldn’t have made my experience outside sound so tough. I regret it so much. It’s so troublesome to be liked by my mate so much.