Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119: Unt.i.tled

Now that the eagle beastman had turned into his human form, his burned feathers withdrew back into his skin. The charred scent had become fainter and thus the leopard cubs overlooked it.

Eldest and Second had a taste and then started licking crazily as if they were on drugs.

Muir lowered his head to look at the furb.a.l.l.s who had blocked his path both forward and backward. He had already entered the kitchen anyway, so he just stood on the spot and let the leopard cubs do whatever they wanted.

All beastmen had a desire to monopolize, and they more or less had such tendencies in their adolescence. All three leopard cubs wanted to hog an entire leg to themselves and couldn’t split equally. Therefore, they ended up fighting each other.

Eldest and Second stood on the same side, thinking that Third had kept the “food” for himself over the past few days. They teamed up and bullied Third, biting him until he went howling away, darting around crazily in the room.

The more Bai Qingqing watched, the greater disbelief she felt. To think that the leopard cubs liked Muir so much that they would fight each other over wanting to hog one of his legs.

As Bai Qingqing watched, she started to pity Parker. The leopard cubs wouldn’t be having some kind of imprinting tendency and had taken Muir as their daddy, would they?

Thankfully, Parker wasn’t around. Otherwise, he’d die from heartbreak. She would have to take this time to have a good talk with the leopard cubs.

Muir looked at the lively leopard cubs, feeling a hint of guilt amidst his delight.

The reason he treated the leopard cubs well was because of Qingqing. After he left Qingqing, he rarely thought of them. He didn’t expect that they would still remember him.

He secretly decided that he would treat the leopard cubs better in the future to make up for his love toward them. He had no idea about the truth of why the leopard cubs were so attached to his legs.

When Curtis brought out the food, he swept out a cold glance and the leopard cubs instantly fell silent. They then wagged their tails at him with a hint of flattery.

It was still food, after all, and it was better to eat than to go without.

In comparison to his att.i.tude toward the young snakes, Curtis was considered to be doting toward the leopard cubs. After placing the food on the table, he picked a few lumps of meat to feed them.

“Have you washed up?” Only then did Curtis look toward Bai Qingqing, his cold voice emitting a hint of gentleness.

Bai Qingqing nodded, bending over to smell the dishes. She praised, “They smell very good.”

Curtis’s expression turned even gentler. “The weather will be clear these few days. Do you want to go out and play?”

Bai Qingqing said in surprise, “Really? That’s great. It’s been raining heavily every day, and I feel like I’m starting to turn moldy.”

The magnificent scene of the Chinese wisteria flowers immediately appeared in Bai Qingqing’s mind. She smiled and wished that she could fly over there immediately.

After they were done with their meal, Bai Qingqing immediately pulled Curtis and headed out.

Muir was one step behind them, but he quickly gave chase with a long tail (leopards) behind him.

As An’an had a weak const.i.tution, she was left at the waterhole.

The weather had completely cleared up, and it had been a while since the sunlight was so scorching. Even though Bai Qingqing’s skin hurt from the sun, she couldn’t bear to go into the shade. She wore her coa.r.s.ely made gra.s.s shoes and ran happily on the gra.s.s that still had water left on them.

She took off her thick animal skin coat and put on a white dress. Under the bright sunlight, she looked small but natural, looking like a fragmented diamond that had been embedded with countless stars.

Spreading out her arms, Bai Qingqing turned a few rounds in the wind, sending the hems of her dress flying up. She looked like a fluttering b.u.t.terfly.

“Quickly. If the sun is too strong, the flowers will wither.”

Bai Qingqing ran all the way, throwing her two mates a little distance behind her. She turned her head while panting heavily, beaming brightly while shouting out toward them.

Muir’s heartbeat instantly went into chaos when he saw his mate’s appealing side. He was like a soldier who had heard the command from the general, immediately running toward Bai Qingqing. The few leopard cubs behind him also dashed at fast speed.

Curtis’s speed had never been fast when he walked with his legs. After all, they were formed from one single tail splitting into two. So, he continued to walk slowly.