Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1108 - Talking About the Feeling of Being saved by the Person Whom He Hated the Most

Chapter 1108 - Talking About the Feeling of Being saved by the Person Whom He Hated the Most

Chapter 1108: Talking About the Feeling of Being saved by the Person Whom He Hated the Most


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Muir was afraid of messing up the room and thus was restrained in his search, unable to find the comb even after a long time. He got increasingly anxious, worried that Bai Qingqing might think that he was useless.

He even hated himself for not having a sharper sense of smell. If his sense of smell was sharper, he could be like other species, being able to locate the thing he wanted very quickly.


Feeling bored, the leopard cubs exchanged a few words and then prepared to leave.

Hearing their voices, Muir’s eyes lit up, and he stretched out his long arm and stopped all three of them.

“Do you guys know where the comb is?” Muir asked, filled with antic.i.p.ation.

The leopard cubs were all very bored. Upon hearing that there was something for them to do, they instantly became spirited and replied with a few howls.

Muir’s heart relaxed, and he said, “Help me look for it. I’ll treat you guys to meat later.”


The leopard cubs became even more energetic. All of them turned their b.u.t.ts to each other, their heads facing in three different directions. They made a few rounds and each searched for their own location, then dashed up and rummaged through everything.

Bang bang bang—

Sounds kept ringing out. The washstand fell, the bedding was turned over, and the clothes in the wardrobe were all rummaged out…

In just a short instant, the neat and tidy room became a complete mess as if a strong gale had swept by. Various animal skins were thrown all over the floor.

Muir looked astonishedly at the room that had changed so abruptly, himself being in a disheveled state.

Under such actions, the effectiveness was also great. Third found the comb that had the scent of his mommy’s hair on it in the dried gra.s.s under the blankets. He picked it up and ran over to Muir, wagging his tail furiously as if he was asking to be praised.

The leopard cubs were so fervent and docile, but Muir suddenly had the impulse to give them a bas.h.i.+ng.

As expected of Parker’s children. No matter what they did, they’d just give others the impulse to beat them up.

“Uhh uhh~” Third opened his watery eyes that bore a great resemblance to Bai Qingqing’s, letting out a cry urgingly.

Muir’s heart suddenly softened, and he rubbed Third’s head. When he drew his hand back, he looked around and saw that there was no one else around. He then imitated Bai Qingqing’s tone, stiffly saying, “Good boy.”

Third felt satisfied and licked Muir’s hand to curry up to him. After tasting a hint of charred protein, he let out a strange howl, his watery eyes filled with perplexity.

Mommy’s new mate tasted like a roasted bird. He seemed very delicious.

Thankfully, Muir couldn’t understand leopard language. Otherwise, he might really give him a bas.h.i.+ng. He was anxious to finish with his task and walked quickly toward the kitchen, leaving the room in a mess.

The leopard cubs went after him, with Third following very closely behind. He’d occasionally sniff at Muir’s legs. He had just dismissed the suspicion of “this bird tastes very good”, but after taking a whiff, he started to feel uncertain again.

This kept on repeating, and when they reached the kitchen, Third was completely baffled.

Muir handed the comb to Parker and turned to leave. Parker threw him a strange glance and didn’t think much of it. He then tidied his beloved mate’s hair skillfully while she ate her breakfast.

After leaving the kitchen, Muir slowly exhaled. Thankfully, he didn’t raise any suspicions earlier. He had to clean up the bedroom before Qingqing was done eating and mustn’t let her notice any abnormality. As long as he was fast enough, he should be able to do it.

Muir dashed into the bedroom quickly as he planned out everything in his heart. However, he didn’t expect to find two more beast figures in the room.

Hearing the sound of his footsteps, the snake beastman’s ma.s.sive body turned and looked at Muir with a gaze filled with hostility. It was also vaguely mixed with deeper contradictory feelings.

If someone asked Curtis how it felt to have his life saved by someone he hated, his reply would be “a feeling worse than death”. If it wasn’t because he was reluctant to part with his mate, he might really not be bothered to care for this life anymore.

Facing Curtis’s hostile gaze, Muir instantly went on his guard, feeling both wariness and despair. It was over. He had no time to clean up anymore.