Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093: Unt.i.tled


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Bai Qingqing was hesitant over whether she should come out to play host to Bluepool, but she couldn’t bear to get out from under the blankets when it had just started to warm up.

But, thinking that after the leopard cubs returned, they’d definitely stick to her crazily for quite a while, to prevent the bedding from being dirtied by them, Bai Qingqing finally crawled out from the nest.

Muir was standing at the back door of the main hall cleaning his feathers. When he saw the merman coming in, a hint of killing intent and wariness quickly flashed past in his eyes. Bluepool himself had just noticed it when he suppressed the feeling.

This merman’s appearance was too perfect. Even though he was a male, he had to admit that Bluepool was good-looking. He was nothing when he first met this merman, so he wouldn’t think much about it. But now that he had become Qingqing’s mate, he couldn’t help but start to be wary against other males again.

This mustn’t do. He mustn’t act like this. It was a great fortune that he could stay by Qingqing’s side. He shouldn’t be too greedy and cause Qingqing’s tolerance toward him to dissipate.

After taking a look at Bluepool, Muir turned his back to him and continued pecking at his feathers, cleaning out the destroyed parts.

Bluepool also looked at the eagle beastman on the other side of the main hall. He sharply sensed that this eagle beastman’s relations.h.i.+p with Qingqing seemed to have changed. This doubt caused him to miss the killing intent that the eagle beastman had shown in a flash. He then threw a glance at Bai Qingqing.

It was a pity that her entire body was covered in clothing and he couldn’t tell if there was any additional spousal mark.

The leopard cubs broke the air bubble by themselves and hopped around Bai Qingqing agitatedly, howling non-stop.

Bai Qingqing squatted down and rubbed their heads in turn. “Good children, do you miss Mommy?”

Howl! Howl!

The leopard cubs let out affirmative howls in unison. Even though Bai Qingqing wasn’t of the same species, she could understand what they meant, and her smile beamed even brighter.

Parker also took back An’an from Bluepool’s hands, broke the bubble, and cradled her skillfully in his arms. He then threw an unfriendly glance toward Bluepool, his meaning very clear: Aren’t you going to scram?

Bluepool was thick-skinned and pretended he didn’t understand. He squatted opposite Bai Qingqing and said, “I’ve helped you to take care of your children for a few days. Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

He openly asked to be repaid, but the way he did it wasn’t repulsive. Bai Qingqing smiled at him and went straight to the point. “What do you want?”

To be your mate.

Bluepool quickly thought this in his heart. The reason he came to the land was to look for a mate. This was something that he’d never forget.

However, at the same time, he could sense the pressure coming from two higher-level beastmen. Bluepool opened his mouth, and the words that came out were: “Treat me to a big feast.”

“No problem!” Bai Qingqing agreed readily and asked, “What do you want to eat? Mermen should like to eat fish the most, right? Should we have a fish feast?”

Bluepool thought of the varying delicacies that Bai Qingqing’s family always came up with and started to antic.i.p.ate it. He nodded and said, “That’s fine.”

Bai Qingqing immediately grabbed Parker’s hand and said, “Let’s go and prepare the food. Bluepool, you can go to the river behind the kitchen to soak. It might take a long time.”

Bluepool agreed happily. “Leave An’an to my care, then.”

Parker threw him a harsh glare but still handed An’an to him.

What made him angrier was that he had always seen himself as the person An’an liked the most other than herself, yet she didn’t show any repulsion when she was handed over. She even stretched her short arms and waited for Bluepool to pick her up.

Bai Qingqing also threw Bluepool a surprised glance, raising her brows and saying, “An’an quite likes you.”