Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078: Unt.i.tled


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He clenched tightly onto a piece of firewood with his claw, snapping it into two and turning into fragments.

It wasn’t until Bai Qingqing became dejected that Muir finally got his body back under control. He stood up with his back against the others and looked out at the lush green mountain outside. The depth of his pitch-black eyes was deep and bottomless, making it hard for one to see the emotions inside them.

Three years. He had known Bai Qingqing for three whole years. Back then, they had also known each other in the lush mountain. Three years pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye, and they continued to be in such a lush mountain, just like how their relations.h.i.+p hadn’t changed for this period.

His life was probably going to be like this. No matter how long he lived for, the mountains would still be like this, and he’d remain like this. There’d never be any changes.

He wasn’t Curtis, Parker, nor Winston. No matter how much effort he put in, it was futile. Everything was on the track and destiny that life should have.

This time around, it might be the only chance he could once again leave a trace in Bai Qingqing’s heart, changing his status in her heart, allowing him to break free from fate.

Winston and Parker threw him a glance, neither of them saying anything.

Bai Qingqing was tired from all the crying and fell asleep with her body curled up. She unconsciously curled up and didn’t cuddle up toward her warm mates like usual. Instead, she consciously avoided their contact, clearly being extremely disappointed at them.

Winston looked at her and gently moved the few strands of hair stuck on her face away. He sighed and said to Parker, “Go and inform all the beastmen and get them to take action as soon as possible. The longer this drags out, the worse it’ll be for Qingqing.”

Parker nodded and got up, planning to leave. But he was stopped by the eagle beastman who suddenly opened his wing.

Parker threw Muir an inquiring look.

Muir turned his head and looked toward his right shoulder. He placed his left wing on his right shoulder, and with a flash, turned into a man with a muscular figure.

His dark black hair was all standing upright as if it had been styled by hairspray. His face looked tough, just like a stone statue that had been carved boldly. His features were deep and distinct. They didn’t stand out when looked at individually, but they were perfect and not lacking in any way when put together. His body was an exaggerating upside-down triangle, looking fiendish at the beginning, but with time, one could feel secure from his strong chest.

Parker a.s.sessed this love rival straight in the face for the very first time. He had to say that Muir was the most outstanding amongst the eagle beastmen. If such conditions were placed on some other beastman, he’d have his guards up long ago.

However, it had to be on Muir. Parker recalled the many matters of the past and shook his head helplessly in his heart.

“There’s no need for now. I have a way to save Curtis.”

Parker and Winston immediately looked up toward him with a hint of pleasant surprise in their eyes. After all, they didn’t feel good being hated by their mate like this. After this matter was over, they’d probably not get along amicably for a period of time. It’d be best to be able to save Curtis.

“What method do you have?” Winston suppressed the surprise in his heart and asked.

Muir didn’t reply as he looked at them for a long time. He then said, “I have a condition!”

Winston immediately frowned. He almost forgot that although Muir was also completely devoted to Qingqing, he was still different from them. He hadn’t received Qingqing’s recognition yet, and his greatest goal right now was still to become Qingqing’s mate.

What if he used this in exchange… Winston hesitated.

Parker was young and impatient. He asked furiously and anxiously, “Quickly say whatever condition you have. Don’t go too overboard. If it involves Qingqing, we can’t agree easily.”

Muir smiled coldly, instantly giving Parker and Winston a bad feeling. “Do you guys think that you can stop me with your capabilities?”