Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: Unt.i.tled


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“Growl growl!” Parker walked out from the forest, making low and ferocious sounds from his throat.

A low tiger roar also rang out from the other side as a white tiger walked out.

It had been a while since they had come back. At that time, Curtis was already showing signs of defeat, and they had no chances even if they wished to sneak attack. They’d only be courting death if they stepped out.

Both of them then thought of secretly bringing Bai Qingqing with them and escaping. They didn’t expect Bai Qingqing to send herself right before the scorpion beastman. Seeing this made it hard for them to stand back. They had to fight it out even if death was what awaited them.

The two beastmen exchanged a glance and kicked out their hind legs, preparing to charge forth.

Bai Qingqing took a step toward Saint Zachary, saying anxiously, “Take me away. You aren’t allowed to hurt any of my mates! Otherwise…”

She symbolically pressed the snake scale deeper into her flesh.

Saint Zachary immediately said, “I’ll do everything you say!”

Parker and Winston also stopped in their tracks under her threat. They glared at Bai Qingqing furiously.

If Qingqing sacrificed herself for them, they’d be able to live on? They might as well die together with her. Both beastmen thought this.

“Let’s go.” Bai Qingqing started to head out of the village. When she pa.s.sed by Saint Zachary and had her back to him, she immediately winked at Parker and Winston.

Qingqing, your eyes are cramping again?

If Parker wasn’t in his beast form, he’d have asked this question outright.

Saint Zachary smiled and followed behind her. When he pa.s.sed by the unconscious snake beastman, he picked him up with one arm and Bai Qingqing with the other, laughing out loud with the att.i.tude of a victor, and headed out.

Many beastmen were crowding around, all of them glaring with hateful gazes. However, they had no choice but to make way for him.

This was how terrifying strength was. Just Saint Zachary alone was able to wipe out the entire city. Even if they wished to save them, they weren’t able to do so.

Parker was overwhelmed by hatred and wanted to give chase. However, Muir quickly ran up to and stopped him.

“Coo coo coo~” He spoke up, but it was in a bird language that none of them could understand.

Muir frowned, feeling vexed.

“You aren’t Qingqing’s mate, of course, it wouldn’t matter to you. Get away. Even if I die, I want to die together with Qingqing!” Parker was enraged and wanted to knock him away after saying that.

Although Muir had serious injuries, he still had the strength of a stripeless beast, after all. He raised one claw and grabbed onto the leopard’s shoulder, holding him down.

“Roar!” Parker had a strong urge to bite the eagle beastman to death to end things.

Winston forced himself to remain calm. He recalled his beloved mate’s strange expression before she left and went deep into thought.

He turned into his human form and said to Parker, “Don’t act impulsively.”

Parker felt that he was on his side and could still take in his words. He turned into his human form and said, “What are you planning to do?”

“Let’s follow them back to Saint Zachary’s residing spot before finding a chance to save them.” Winston smiled coldly and clenched his fists tightly. “Just like how we wiped out the scorpion tribe last month, we’ll set up a killing formation. Even if we die, we must bring the scorpion beastman down together with us!”

Parker suddenly felt that he had someone to rely on. His spirits turned lofty from Winston’s encouragement, and he turned into his beast form and let out an excited long howl.

Winston also bellowed. The two beastmen exchanged a glance and then chased after the scorpion beastman.

However, Muir didn’t follow after them. Instead, he ran toward Harvey’s place anxiously.

He wanted to get better faster and quickly return to his peak strength.

Parker and Winston secretly followed behind Saint Zachary. They moved agilely without a sound.

They were born and grew up in the forests. In addition to the cover provided by the heavy rain and strong gales, even Saint Zachary wasn’t able to detect any abnormality with his sharp senses. He just instinctively felt something, and, when he arrived at the earth fissure, he turned to take a look before climbing down.