Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1029 - Muir Joining Bones (1)

Chapter 1029 - Muir Joining Bones (1)

Chapter 1029: Muir Joining Bones (1)

If he hadn’t recalled wrongly, there were over ten birds with broken wings back then, but now, only nine were left. Out of which, seven of them had their wings hanging by their side, the tips of their wings dragging on the ground, having lost the color of their original feathers.

This showed that the success rate wasn’t high.

Muir was staring at this batch of experimental subjects in a daze when he heard a series of footsteps coming from behind him. Alarmed, he immediately turned around.

Harvey glanced at the birds and then said, “There were ten at the beginning, but one died during the recovery phase. Seven of them struggled crazily due to the intense pain, causing their wings to be completely crippled. The remaining two were in so much pain that they didn’t have the strength to struggle, that was why I could help them join their bones back. Although it looks normal now, their flying abilities were greatly affected. It should be extremely painful when they flap their wings.”

“En,” Muir replied nonchalantly. “Let’s start.”

“Have you really thought it through? I can’t guarantee your health.” Harvey had to tell Muir of the worst possible scenario.

Muir lowered his gaze and said, “To me, this arm is no different than non-existential since a long time ago. The worst-case scenario will just be chopping it off.”

Harvey’s breathing halted, and he said solemnly, “Alright! I’ll help treat you. As long as you can hold on, there’s still a chance of success!”

Muir nodded and immediately turned into his eagle form, spreading out his broad eagle wings, taking up half of the s.p.a.ce in the room. His majestic feathers gave off surging power. However, his right wing hung down weakly toward the back abnormally, destroying the scene. It gave one the strong urge to return the wing to its original spot at one glance.

The black eagle squatted on the floor and withdrew his left wing, only stretching out his right.

Harvey took in a deep breath, then walked over to squat down. He felt around with his hands a little and then suddenly exerted strength.

“Uhh!” The eagle beastman let out a small but contained growl from his throat that disappeared in an instant.

Other than that, the black eagle didn’t show any other abnormalities. His breathing didn’t change at all, either. Harvey, who was holding down onto his wing, didn’t even feel any tremors to Muir’s wings.

Harvey was astonished. Only now did he sense the spirit of a strong beastman. With such strong endurance, it was no wonder he could become a powerful beastman of the generation.

Harvey broke a few pieces of bone consecutively, but the black eagle didn’t show any reaction. His eyes were fixed on the falling rain outside as he gave himself a target that he could look at.

Harvey wasn’t very strong, but his hands were nimble. He broke the misaligned bones with perfection to the stage of when it was first injured. After he was done with his, a layer of sweat had appeared on his face. He panted heavily before joining the bones back one by one, fixing them with specially-made wooden rods.

The preparation had taken two whole months, but the actual treatment only took the time for one meal.

Muir threw him a glance, nodding with grat.i.tude. With his wing treated, he’d be able to better protect Qingqing.

Muir stood up and planned on leaving. Harvey was taken by great surprise and quickly pressed him down, his usual gentle voice suddenly turning harsh. “I just helped you fix your bones! If you want to go back to becoming a crippled eagle, go ahead and leave!”

Although Harvey said this, he didn’t relax his strength in the slightest.

Hearing that, Muir instantly stopped moving. He refused to move even when Harvey wanted to help him move to a specialized ward.

Harvey sighed, once again succ.u.mbing to the eagle beastman’s resolve. He knew that the eagle beastman had treated his wings for Bai Qingqing’s sake. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left his wings be all this time.

Therefore, Harvey went out, braving the rain, and told Bai Qingqing about how Muir had already received treatment for his broken wing.

“What?” Bai Qingqing was very surprised and instantly shot up to her feet.

That taciturn Muir! To think that he went ahead with the surgery without saying anything!