Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020: Unt.i.tled


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Bai Qingqing had considered this point and thus had long prepared a few special stone buckets. The bottom of the stone buckets had holes made in them to allow the water pipes to pa.s.s through. The water pipes were secured at the bottom of the stone buckets, then the beastmen would pour water into the buckets.

The water pressure caused the flow of water in the pipes to quicken, increasing the efficiency greatly.

As they continued to pour water into the stone buckets, the water level in the buckets kept on dropping. The beastmen would then continue to fill them up. However, they couldn’t see the effects.

“Will this work?” A male asked with uncertainty.

The temperature at night was very low. Bai Qingqing’s feet were cold. She couldn’t help but step on Parker’s feet. Only then did she feel more comfortable.

“As long as the pipes don’t break, it’ll definitely work.” However, the pipes looked firm, they wouldn’t break so easily.

Bai Qingqing’s certain tone gave the males a lot of hope. All of them had a strong urge to fly to the other side of the pipes to take a look.

Parker was given a shock by how cold his feet felt and quickly carried Bai Qingqing up. He sat down on the floor and grabbed onto the pair of feet with both hands, rubbing them non-stop.

“We told you not to come, but you wouldn’t listen. Look at how cold you are now,” Parker said, sounding displeased, but the heat from his palms kept on transferring to Bai Qingqing’s icy feet.

She tickled Parker’s palms with her toes and stuck out her tongue, smiling.

The gaze of the eagle beastman a.s.signed by Winston to stay by her side turned dark. His arms turned into huge wings, and he squatted down by Bai Qingqing’s side.

“My wings are very warm. I a.s.sure you that not a bit of cold wind will get in,” the eagle beastman suddenly said.

Beautiful females would always attract males, let alone one who was so gentle and adorable. The eagle beastman knew that he wasn’t good enough for this perfect female and had planned on suppressing his feelings from the beginning. After seeing the female’s playful expression, the tensed-up string known as rationality instantly snapped, and he spoke up without thinking.

The eagle beastman instantly regretted it. Was his affection too obvious? Trying to curry up to someone’s mate in front of them was something that no males could stand, let alone this brash and temperamental leopard.

However, he couldn’t stop his heart from palpitating. If he could warm her up, it wouldn’t matter even if he was given a bas.h.i.+ng.

Before Bai Qingqing could say anything, Parker let out an angry growl from his throat. The powerful disposition of a four-striped beastman was instantly released.

The eagle beastman’s quickened blood flow instantly froze. Every strand of hair and every cell in his body felt crazy with fear.

This wasn’t a mental influence, but a physical pressure.

High-level beastmen would always exert a certain amount of pressure on lower-level ones. However, it’d usually just bring about mental suppression. Only those who had reached the level of a four-striped beastman would be able to instill terror from one’s very bones, making other beastmen submit unconditionally.

Otherwise, four-striped beastmen wouldn’t be publicly recognized as kings.

This was the effect for those from a different species. If they were from the same species, the other party would probably drop to their knees instantly under Parker’s unrestrained hostility.

In that short instant, all the muscles on the eagle beastman’s body started s.h.i.+vering from being overly tensed up. His countenance turned extremely pale, looking like that of a dead man.

Parker was stunned for a moment after seeing the other party’s reaction, then he tried to restrain his disposition. The eagle beastman’s body suddenly turned weak, and he heaved out a breath of air, almost falling on the ground.

Bai Qingqing looked strangely at the eagle beastman. Although she knew that Parker was glaring at him, she didn’t think he would be scared to the extent he had difficulty breathing. She only thought that the eagle beastman wasn’t feeling well.

“You can take a seat and rest for a while,” Bai Qingqing said with concern, selectively forgetting the other party’s eagerness.

The eagle beastman didn’t dare to act impetuously anymore and turned away in a sorry state.