Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014: Unt.i.tled

Winston stopped the eagle beastman and said in a deep voice, “No need, don’t alarm them first. Find a chance to wipe them all out at one go.”

The eagle beastmen were very convinced by him. Although they found it hard to hold back, they submitted to his arrangements without any hesitation.

Winston asked for the eagle beastman’s name before riding on him and returning to the City of Beastmen once again.

The City of Beastmen was in a prosperous state. The new population had already washed away the deathly aura there. Although there were fewer animals this year, the plants were abnormally lush. The place was filled with vitality.

In a shabby wooden house, the sounds of various bird cries and flapping wings could be heard. Their legs were tied down by ropes made from bark and thus were unable to fly away.

Harvey checked the birds’ wings meticulously, then broke into a satisfied expression.

These birds had been in the wooden house before the insect tide came. During the period where food was the most scarce, he didn’t use them as food. Now, he had finally gotten a satisfactory result.

“Have you thought it through? Although these birds have all healed, they have been given treatment from the point of a new injury. For your wings, I’ll have to break them again before returning the dislocated bones to their original positions. The risk is countless times more than what these birds faced.”

Harvey turned and looked toward the eagle beastman silently glancing at the flock of birds. He then said, “You didn’t care about it in the past, and you’re probably only getting treatment because of Bai Qingqing. However, she doesn’t seem to be willing to see you undertaking such great risks either.”

Muir’s expression flickered slightly as if showing a hint of joy. However, it was quickly covered up by strong despair. “I’ve decided.”

Qingqing must still care for him given how she wasn’t willing for him to take the risk. However, at the thought of their past, he immediately overthrew this wonderful imagination. Qingqing was just kind. Anyone else would give an apropos opinion.

At the thought of Winston’s movement today, Muir paused again before saying, “It’s better to start treatment after the heavy rainy season comes.”

It was a critical moment now. He still had to help Curtis deal with Saint Zachary.

Harvey nodded. “That’s good too.”

He then pointed toward another side, where the birds were drooping. He said, “Those there have broken wings that haven’t been treated yet. Their situation is similar to yours. Although I’ve figured out the wings’ bones and nerves, and am a little more confident, the success rate should be better after I practice on them.”

“En.” Muir nodded, then raised his legs and walked out of the wooden house. He happened to come across Winston and the flock of eagle beastmen returning. It wasn’t hard to guess that they had made progress in their search for the scorpion beastmen from their invigorated expressions.

Muir paused in his footsteps again, his pitch-black eyes looking straight toward the stone castle. His gaze had yearning and craving, but it was also mixed with suppression and a hint of pain.

He took in a deep breath, as if summoning great courage, then walked toward the stone castle.

Bai Qingqing carried her child and was taking shade under a big tree in the courtyard. She saw a flock of black eagles flying over from the far distance. Their huge wings contained indescribable power as they flapped their wings and flew in the air.


Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but praise in her heart, not averting her gaze as she stared at them.

When the flock of eagles descended, a white tiger with a muscular figure appeared from amongst them. His fur was blown messily by the wind, making him appear even more outstanding, like a heavenly general coming down to the secular world, instantly stealing the flock of eagle beastmen’s majesty.

Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but stand up, meeting the gaze of the white tiger in the air. When she met his gaze, which suddenly turned gentle, she came back to her senses, beaming brightly as she waved.

“An’an, that’s Daddy. Is he handsome?” Bai Qingqing turned An’an’s head toward Winston’s direction, her face looking very gentle.

An’an had no choice but to look over. When Bai Qingqing loosened her grip, she immediately turned her head into her mommy’s embrace again.