Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 2727 - Spacetime Shadow

Chapter 2727 - Spacetime Shadow

Chapter 2727 - s.p.a.cetime Shadow

Xiaoxiao's blood arrows came whoos.h.i.+ng nonstop, while Lin Ke's cosmic chart seemed almost transparent. As he transformed within his cosmic chart, the arrows didn't even touch him at all. "How fast!"

Xiaoxiao and Feiling's expressions turned stiff. It wasn't too hard to get a rough idea of Lin Ke's trajectory, but actually hitting him was far from easy. He was like a formless puddle that could endlessly change forms.

"Beauty, you truly are a tempting one. Wait for me. I'll make you feel different," Lin Ke said with a villainous laugh as he charged toward Feiling like a tidal wave. Within the spatial and temporal gap, a silhouette appeared and stretched out his arms towards Feiling. His hands had a vague, clawlike appearance that seemed to morph nonstop. Then Lin Ke's face suddenly appeared.

"Hehehe!" Even if it was only the wondersky realm, if he could get his hands on Feiling, that would be more than enough of a payback for Tianming. "Get the goods over here!"

Feiling's gaze turned cold and her flas.h.i.+ng white wings flapped, causing her to disappear before his eyes.

"Huh?" Lin Ke was starting to feel the weirdness of Perpetia City. The pressure of s.p.a.cetime seemed to span his entire body, making Feiling almost impossible to grasp. "Interesting!"

He stretched his hand out, causing formless water to consolidate into a crescent blade that he wielded with both hands. Like a wave, he disappeared once more and only his traces were visible through Perpetia. Then the power of a first-level cosmic cartographer began countering the influence of Perpetia and Feiling.

"Little girl, where are you now?" His laughter sounded like it came from all directions. From time to time, his blade would turn visible for the slightest moment. His fighting style was no doubt nightmarish to many people, yet, it wasn't much to Feiling; her s.p.a.cetime abilities were inherently superior to Lin Ke's G.o.dshade abilities!

He was fast and undetectable, while Feiling was even faster as she weaved through s.p.a.cetime, remaining completely untouchable. Conversely, there was little she could do to actually harm him. She had used a few primalwings in tandem with Unitary Chaosrealm and s.p.a.cetime Sandflow to attack, but Lin Ke's cosmic chart seemed to take them without any damage.

Needless to say, Lin Ke was growing frustrated too. He thought that his speed and stealth would allow him to completely disappear within Perpetia.

"Interesting! That's not bad! How beautiful!" Even though the confrontation hadn't been that long, Lin Ke's heart burned with pa.s.sion. He loved the chase, and it made Feiling his most desirable trophy. However, he wasn't able to touch her in the slightest! It was quite awkward for a G.o.dshade to fail so miserably at, having to fight out in the open instead.

"He's more trouble for Xiaoxiao to deal with. I can't let him out of my control!" Feiling was getting rather annoyed at the greedy looks. Gradually, Perpetia City grew stronger and a transparent city formed above the battlefield. Within it, there were a few ent.i.ties that looked like the Soulfiend. Feiling hovered above the center of the walled city, her Kunlan Worldwings spread wide, reaching a span of thousands of meters.

All of a sudden, an invisible shadow wielding a long blade flew around in her vicinity, rapidly attacking.

"s.p.a.cetime Shadow, activate." Feiling's hair fluttered dreamily as her slender fingers danced around in the air, generating s.p.a.cetime energy. Ten blue threads appeared and blended with Perpetia as she readied a powerful move, which was the main reason Tianming was confident in her ability to deal with Lin Ke.

The threads that extended from her fingers scattered right as Lin Ke appeared above her, slas.h.i.+ng down. Then all ten threads suddenly wrapped their way around his limbs, neck, and head! Feiling could pull those strings to move Lin Ke around like a marionette!

"Pretty, me to come!" He didn't seem to have noticed anything amiss, not even his weird word order. Right as his blade was about to strike Feiling's head, he began pulling it back. Everything seemed to be going the opposite of what he wanted!

"On going is what?!" The more he wanted to advance, the more his body seemed to retreat. Even his speech was completely flipped!" This is f.u.c.k the what?!"

He looked around like a madman and noticed the blue threads. Feiling required a lot of energy to control him with s.p.a.cetime Shadow, but it was definitely effective. Even though Lin Ke wanted to slice the threads, he wasn't able to do so, as his body did the opposite of what he wanted! "f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k!"

Xiaoxiao watched the whole thing unfold, almost stupefied. "Way to go, Ling'er!" The thought that even Tianming would fall prey to those blue threads was a shocking one. Lin Ke seemed completely confused, so it was her chance. The Archaionfiend was supporting Tianming, but she could fire a few arrows at Lin Ke! The blood arrows flew and one of them hit Lin Ke's thigh, causing him to shriek in pain.

"f.u.c.k!" Even though it wasn't fatal, he was being driven mad by how much he was dancing to their tune. He forced himself to lower his head, which got him to look up as he wished. How could anyone get used to consciously doing everything in reverse?! He saw Feiling, who looked like an ancient divinity, gazing at him with a cold, unfeeling gaze that sent a chill down his spine. "Woman this conquer to have I!"

Oh, how badly did he want to switch opponents with Fengqing You. Apart from Feiling, he wouldn't have any trouble against anyone else. But alas, he wasn't able to use his potential to the fullest, especially not while he was Feiling's puppet. Had he given his all to fight Xiaoxiao, he would definitely be able to obliterate her with his skills.

He could only continue swearing nonstop to vent.

Tianming honestly hadnt expected things to go so well, even after hed experienced the new technique firsthand after Feiling had awakened to it. "As expected of my wife and her infinity-years-old heavenly pattern barrier!"

Her ability to fight Lin Ke despite not being a cosmic cartographer gave him confidence and relief. More and more, the scales were tipping in their favor.