Against the Gods - Chapter 981 - Flawless Feixue

Chapter 981 - Flawless Feixue

Chapter 981 - Flawless Feixue

On the day that Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was being opened, the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect seemed to have frozen. The atmosphere was unprecedently somber and serious.

It was because today was the day when the Great Realm King would select her direct disciple. Once one became the Realm King’s direct disciple, not only would their position rise sharply, their cultivation would also soar. Moreover, they would even receive a drop of pure Ice Phoenix origin blood. It was the greatest honor within the Snow Song Realm.

In the high skies of the Ice Phoenix Realm’s northernmost area, an ice boat pierced through the cold wind and traveled at an extremely fast speed. Yun Che and Mu Xiaolan stood upright at the two sides of the boat while Mu Bingyun, whose clothes fluttered in the wind, stood in front. This place was already not too far from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

“I really didn’t think that even I would get to enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. These few days felt like a dream to me, I was scared that I’d suddenly wake up from it when I was in the cultivation room.”

Even though many days had pa.s.sed, Mu Xiaolan was still drowned within intense excitement and emotions… The other Ice Phoenix disciples probably felt the same. After all, the ones who were able to enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake had all been divine hall disciples, moreover, the most excellent ones amongst them.

“Also, not only can we meet the senior brothers and sisters as well as the various palace masters and elders, also.. Also…” Mu Xiaolan faintly gulped with thirty percent expectation and seventy percent nervousness, “I’ll be able to see the Great Realm King again, ouu! I’m so nervous.”

“What’s there to be nervous of, it’s not like she’ll choose you as her direct disciple… Ah, she probably wouldn’t even spare you a glance.” Yun Che mercilessly struck her down with his mouth.

“Hmph!” My Xiaolan spoke angrily, “I haven’t sorted it out with you for lying to me before, yet you actually still dare make fun of me.”

“How did I lie to you?” Yun Che rolled his eyes.

“You’re still not admitting it.” Mu Xiaolan looked at him with disdain. “Master, he actually lied to me the other day, saying that it was Senior Sister Feixue who came to deliver the Amorous Gra.s.s Dew for us. Hmph, you don’t even know how to lie properly. Every year only new disciples of the divine hall ever deliver the Amorous Frost Dew. How could such an amazing person like Senior Sister Feixue, taking account of her personality, do such a thing? All you know is to make trouble and trick me every day.”

“It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not.” Yun Che put his hand behind the back of his head, disinclined to refute.

“Feixue?” Mu Bingyun looked to the side. “Yun Che, you shouldn’t have met Feixue before, how did you know it’s her?”

“She told me herself.” Facing Mu Bingyun, Yun Che’s expression was sincere. “I was also very surprised that the rumored greatest disciple of the entire sect would personally come to deliver the Amorous Frost Dew.”

“She… told you that she’s Mu Feixue with her own words?” Mu Bingyun’s eyes were like a serene cloud, a hint of bafflement coming through the depth of her gaze.

“Well, that’s not it either. She might have been trying to tease me at first and told me another name. However, she actually knew of the matter of me and Mu Yizhou. And because of… cough, some other reasons, I was able to guess that it was very likely that she is the Mu Feixue that Mu Hanyi adores. When I spoke it out, she also admitted it,” the honest Yun Che narrated in detail.

Mu Bingyun, “...”

“Senior Sister Feixue… Teasing you?” Mu Xiaolan let out a “pffb” sound of laughter, then her expression became angry again. “It’s fine if you lie to me but you even dare deceive Master. That’s too much!!”

Yun Che shrugged, not inclined to bother with her as he continued, “Oh right, Palace Master. The reason why she came to deliver the Amorous Gra.s.s Dew was probably out of convenience, as her main goal was to meet you. After I told her that you weren’t in the palace for those few days, I wonder if she ever found you later.”

“Meet me?” Mu Bingyun once again looked over at him. “She also said that herself?”

Yun Che pondered, “She said she was also coming to see someone as she was delivering the Amorous Gra.s.s Dew. It can’t be Senior Sister Xiaolan, let alone me. So it could only be Palace Master…”

Seeing the rather strange expression on Mu Bingyun, he hesitated a little, as he spoke meekly, “It can’t be that… she was really there to see Senior Sister Xiaolan, was she? But I remembered that Senior Sister Xiaolan isn’t well acquainted with her?”

“...” Mu Bingyun turned her gaze back, as some irregular fluctuations emerged from her eyes. She then spoke softly, “In a hundred breaths, we’ll arrive at the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. Take care to channel profound energy to defend against the cold.”

Just as Mu Bingyun’s voice subsided, the temperature of the already chilly world suddenly dropped sharply. The further they forged ahead, the more bone-chillingly cold it became. The entire world also became even more still and silent, as though even sound was frozen.

The area where Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was located was the coldest place in the entire Snow Song Realm.

“It is the first time ever in the history of the Snow Song Realm that the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake has been publicly opened to such a degree.

“Not only will the Great Realm King come personally, so will the seventy-two divine hall elders, thirty-six palace masters, the Freezing Snow Main Hall Master as well as the chief deacon. All of the higher ups in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect will come.”

“Of the young generation, there are at most two thousand divine hall disciples. The one hundred outstanding disciples chosen by each Ice Phoenix Palace total three thousand five hundred disciples. This is five thousand five hundred disciples added up altogether. Such an amount is unprecedented and these five thousand five hundred disciples that are entering the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake will dictate our Snow Song Realm’s future.”

Mu Bingyun’s words were not exaggerated at all. This was because Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was the ruler of the Snow Song Realm and Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s most outstanding members of young generation would undoubtedly become rulers of the future Snow Song Realm.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace only had an awkward two disciples, the amount would’ve reached five thousand six hundred.

In other words, Yun Che, who had just come to the Snow Song Realm was now about to see the highest echelons of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, as well as all the highest level disciples!

Just based on this, Yun Che could be said to have no predecessor.

“Today’s event is no small matter. The severity of its significance is incalculable. Thus, once you enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, you must not step out of line.”

Mu Bingyun’s words were evidently said to Yun Che. She had never reproached him for his previous repeated troubles but there could not be any errors within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake gathering. She had to give Yun Che a serious warning.

“Xiaolan, Yun Che, when you enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, you two must follow me closely. You must agree to everything I say and may not say anything or do anything different. You must comply with every one of my orders.”

Mu Bingyun rarely revealed an extremely solemn expression. As though she still wasn’t a.s.sured due to Yun Che’s trouble making abilities, she turned to Yun Che and repeatedly warned again, “Yun Che, your temperament is much too casual. Even though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, today is far from ordinary and you must not overstep any bounds. Especially… because the sect master’s temperament is extreme. For such a grand occasion, if you anger her, the consequences would be unthinkable. Forget about me, even if all seventy two divine hall elders and thirty six palace masters gathered all their power, they would not be able to stop her. You must be careful.”

“Yes, I will firmly follow behind Palace Master. I will do anything Palace Master tells me to and not do whatever Palace Master doesn’t want me to do,” Yun Che obediently promised. At the same time, he said inwardly: How could I possibly stir up any trouble this time? Everyone who is able to enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake today is a big boss. Out of everyone here, my strength is number two from the bottom. Aside from one person, I simply can’t afford to offend anyone else. Relying on you being beside me in private to call out Mu Yizhou is one thing but there are all sorts of big bosses within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. Even the Great Realm King herself has personally come… It’s not like I’m tired of living or anything.

The number one from the bottom was Mu Xiaolan.

This meant that the sister relations.h.i.+p between the Great Realm King and Mu Bingyun was deep. In reality, the Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace was long gone and only existed in name. However, during these thousand years, not only had the thirty-sixth palace continued all this while, it had never been treated differently by the other Ice Phoenix Palaces. This had astonis.h.i.+ngly even allowed Yun Che and Mu Xiaolan to enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

The atmosphere became more and more cold. Mu Xiaolan had already begun spreading her profound energy to protect herself. Her body had also somewhat shrunk a bit. The first time she heard Mu Bingyun say such serious words to Yun Che finally caused her to feel that it was a bit more balanced. When she peeked at Yun Che, she discovered that his face was as normal as ever beneath the frigid wind and he totally had not released profound energy to protect himself. She blurted out, “Hey! Little Junior Brother, are you not cold?”

“Cold?” Yun Che looked at Mu Xiaolan and then immediately nodded straightly. “It is a bit cold.”

“Hmph, you sure enjoy acting tough. Let’s see how long you can last.” Mu Xiaolan grumbled as she added another layer of profound energy on her body. “When you see the Great Realm King later, it’s best if you keep your head low. You cannot stare randomly. The Great Realm King enjoys being alone. Aside from Master, she would never be willing to see anyone, even if it is an elder or palace master unless it is an especially important matter. Otherwise, it’s normal to never see her more than once every hundred years. You being able to follow Master means that you seriously got some good luck. You mustn’t… achoo!”

Due to the sudden arrival of a cold wind, Mu Xiaolan was caught by surprise by the cold and sneezed. She instantly flushed red all the way to her neck and turned her face around, no longer willing to look at Yun Che.

“Oh! Even an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple would sneeze,” Yun Che said insensibly, coupled with a surprised enough expression.

“W-who said that we can’t sneeze!” Mu Xiaolan resentfully retorted as her face became even redder.

Mu Xiaolan was born in an ice world and had cultivated ice profound arts since birth. Adding her high innate talent into the mix obviously meant that she was not affected by any ordinary coldness… but the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake region was just too cold.

It was not limited to the Snow Song Realm. Saying that it was the coldest place in the entire G.o.d Realm was hardly going overboard.

“We’re here.” The speed of the ice boat now slowed but the severity of the cold air had already reached an extremely cruel degree. For profound pract.i.tioners below the divine way, even if it was a Monarch, it would feel like they had fallen into h.e.l.l. Even if they did their best, they wouldn’t be able to move a single step.

Although Mu Bingyun did not glance back, she still sensed that Yun Che’s aura was as steady as usual, with not the slightest bit of profound energy on his body. Deep astonishment flashed past her eyes but she did not say a single word as she controlled the ice boat so that it could descend.

Yun Che’s gaze was firmly fixed to his front. There was surprisingly a humongous azure barrier up ahead. Ice beams circulated atop the barrier like countless numbers of flickering stars.

“The Heavenly Netherfrost Lake is just within that barrier,” Mu Bingyun said softly. “It seems that we have come a bit early.”

The ice boat sped up again. What was originally an azure barrier that was in the distance suddenly appeared close at hand in a few breaths. There was a field of emptiness before the barrier. Whether it was members of the divine hall or ice phoenix palace, neither had arrived yet.

“Oh! We’re actually the first to arrive!” Yun Che hollered. It was no wonder either. Their thirty-sixth palace only had him and Mu Xiaolan so they simply didn’t need to make any preparations.

“We can’t say that we’re the first,” Mu Bingyun suddenly said.

At the same time Mu Bingyun said that, Yun Che had already shockingly seen a lone snow white figure standing amidst the world of ice and snow before the barrier. It was the silhouette of a woman. She wore clothes that were a pure white and was utterly silent. Whether it was her aura or figure, both had completely blended in with the world of ice and snow. Yun Che was dazzled the instant he saw her. It was as though he was looking at a proud, lone and pure ice lotus that within a world of ice and snow.

This person… such a pure icy snow aura! She’s human? Or was she an ice fairy birthed within this place of extreme cold!?

As Yun Che exclaimed inwardly, the ice boat soundlessly landed. It was also at this time that the woman quietly standing within the snow turned around… She had a beautiful complexion that was as pure and l.u.s.trous as icy snow. Beautiful enough to make one hold their breath and cold enough to make one’s soul s.h.i.+ver. In fact, her eyes were extremely clear, yet resembled a bone piercingly cold pond. Just being looked upon by them was enough to make one’s soul freeze.

“Disciple Mu Feixue greets Palace Master Bingyun.”

She executed a full salute. It was just that there was no emotion whatsoever on her flawless face that had not a single speck of dust. Her voice was as icy as a cold lake. Each and every one of her words were cold and detached, without the slightest bit of warmth or feeling.

Atop her left shoulder was a beautiful twinkling blue light from an Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade, proof of her exalted divine hall disciple status.

“Ah… Se… Senior Sister Feixue,” Mu Xiaolan quitely uttered in alarm as she stood in place. She was so nervous she didn’t even dare to say anything else. She didn’t expect that the first person they would see after arriving would actually be Mu Feixue, the disciple with the highest innate talent within the sect, the one with the most respected status, whose accomplishments were extremely likely to be on par with her Master.

Yun Che however, was instantly stunned.

Mu Feixue...

Mu Feixue?

She’s Mu Feixue!?!?


If she’s Mu Feixue… t-t-the one who came to deliver the Amorous Frost Dew four days ago, the Big Breast… ah no! Who was the senior sister that was as alluring as a demoness!?