Against the Gods - Chapter 971 - Brutality

Chapter 971 - Brutality

Chapter 971 - Brutality

“Who’s there!”

Di Kui quickly retreated a few steps and raised his head, looking in the direction the voice came from. After all, what they were doing was something that shouldn’t be seen by public eyes, as they definitely didn’t want any outsiders to see this. However, this voice was so close it was beside his ears, yet he didn’t notice anyone coming close at all. Naturally, he felt alert in his heart.

Yun Che, wearing simple white-colored training attire, slowly descended from the skies and landed by Feng Mo’s side.

Amongst the newly promoted disciples of Freezing Snow Hall, many had seen Yun Che before. However, Yun Che nested within the cultivation room of the Thirty Sixth Ice Phoenix Palace for three months, not taking even half a step out. Thus, other than the people who were at the Freezing Snow Main Hall that day, not a single person in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect had ever seen Yun Che.

To Di Kui, this was an entirely unfamiliar face. In addition to that, the presence of Sovereign Profound Realm turned all of Di Kui’s vigilance into disdain, “So it was someone came to court deat...”

His voice suddenly came to a halt, because he saw the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade on Yun Che’s shoulder that represented the status of an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple. He instantly stared blankly, then involuntarily shouted, “You… You are Yun Che!!”

It could only have been Yun Che, whose fame exploded for a short period of time three months ago, who became a disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace with the profound strength of the Sovereign Profound Realm. There could be no other person in the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

“Senior Brother… Yun Che…” Seeing Yun Che who landed beside him, Feng Mo’s lips slightly trembled. He, who did not give in under cruel oppression and humiliation, actually had tears welling up in his eyes at this moment. In this G.o.d Realm whose law of the jungle was even more cruel than the lower realms, he didn’t expect that Yun Che, who had already entered Ice Phoenix Palace, would really come because of his sound transmission for help.

“Yun Che? This name, sounds very familiar.” Liu Hang, who was behind him, narrowed his eyes.

“Senior Brother Liu, he’s that Yun Che who gravely wounded the Main Hall Master’s nephew three month ago!” said Di Kui in a hurry.

“Hmph, no need for you to remind me.” Liu Hang strode toward Yun Che who suddenly descended from the skies with a smile on his face, “So it’s the renowned Senior Brother Yun Che. Senior Brother showed extraordinary talent three months ago, consecutively defeating two divine way pract.i.tioners and was made as an exception to be taken in as an Ice Phoenix Palace’s disciple. How admirable and wonderful. I didn’t expect to have the fortune to meet you in person. I really am lucky, huh.”

Di Kui’s face was full of caution. Even though Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the Sovereign Profound Realm, he was still a disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace, and was even taken in personally by Mu Bingyun without needing an examination. As a Freezing Snow Hall disciple, he always had a kind of feeling of lowliness in front of Ice Phoenix Palace disciples.

Liu Hang was also acting modest, referring to Yun Che rather respectfully as “senior brother”. However, even though there was respect in his expression, there was definitely no dread… So much so that in the depth of his eyes, he evidently carried a hint of contempt.

Yun Che crouched down and examined Feng Mo’s injuries. Then, he raised his head, his gaze sweeping through Liu Hang and Di Kui, as he asked in a dull tone, “You are the ones who beat him?”

“That’s right.” Liu Hang nodded with a smile.


“Teaching junior brothers who don’t understand the rules a lesson is the duty of us senior brothers. What does Senior Brother Yun Che think?” Liu Hang was still smiling.

“They… they wanted to rob me of my Snowsilk Seed, cough.. Cough, cough…” Feng Mo shouted with a trembling voice. However, just as he spoke, his expression changed again as he spoke in a panicked tone, “Senior Brother Yun Che… I, Feng Mo… am already extremely grateful… that you were able to come… But these two people… are very powerful… Even more so than Ji Hanfeng. Their profound strengths are both at the seventh level of the Divine Origin Realm… Especially that Liu Hang, he has an older cousin named Mu Yizhou, who is the head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace… We can’t... afford to offend at all… Quickly go… This place is Freezing Snow Hall, they don’t dare… to do anything to me…”

Feng Mo asked Yun Che for help through sound transmission because he wanted to use Yun Che’s Ice Phoenix Palace disciple’s status to scare Liu Hang and Di Kui off but...

Head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace… If he knew Liu Hang’s older cousin had such a dreadful ident.i.ty, he definitely wouldn’t have asked Yun Che for help through sound transmission.

“Alright, concentrate on gathering your energy, don’t speak.” Yun Che’s brows moved, as he placed his palm onto Feng Mo’s back, quickly gathering up spiritual energy of the world and sending it into Feng Mo’s body.

It was as though a cool refres.h.i.+ng stream of water slowly flowed through his entire body, instantly easing his pain, causing his mind to even become clear all of a sudden. Feng Mo’s face revealed a shocked expression, almost not daring to believe the sensation that he felt from his body and mind.

Hearing Feng Mo shouting out the distinguished name of “Mu Yizhou” at Yun Che, the corner of Liu Hang’s mouth widened instantly as his expression became even more arrogant. With an enormous backing like Mu Yizhou, he simply didn’t fear a great majority of the Ice Phoenix Palace disciples, so how could he dread Yun Che, who came from the lower realms, with profound strength that didn’t even match up to the lowest of the bunch and only entered Ice Phoenix Palace relying on outstanding apt.i.tude.

“You are here to rob him of his Snowsilk Seed?” After making Feng Mo’s condition stable, Yun Che moved his hand away from his body. Slowly standing up, he looked expressionlessly looked at them.

“Hahaha,” Liu Hang laughed, quite amused. Feng Mo had already voluntarily helped him take out the name of “Mu Yizhou”, which saved him from even wasting energy on the words. “So what will you do, if I say yes? It can’t be, that Senior Brother Yun Che wishes to make things difficult for us for such a piece of trash?”

“Very simple.” A dangerously cold glint emerged within Yun Che’s indifferent eyes, “Hand over all the Snowsilk Seeds on you and break your own left arm, then you may scram!”

As these words were spoken, Liu Hang’s expression instantly froze, while Di Kui’s expression also abruptly changed. Even Feng Mo who was about to urge Yun Che to leave again also was completely dumbstruck there, not daring to believe his ears at all.

“Ha, haha… HAHAHAHA!” Liu Hang begun to heartily laugh, “Senior Brother Yun Che is really an interesting person, to make such a big joke on our first meeting.”

Di Kui’s gaze also became somewhat malevolent, not making any sound while sneering… Yun Che’s words had better be a joke, if they were they would actually be a very funny one.

“It’s fine if you want me to personally do it. But if that’s the case, what will break won’t just be a single arm.” Yun Che also begun to sneer.

“Yun Che!” Liu Hang’s expression became somber, as his tone also turned cold, “I called you senior brother earlier to give you face, you’d best not be ungrateful! Do you really think that after you became an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple, you can act unbridled in front of us? Heh, in our Freezing Snow Hall, there also exist many people your Ice Phoenix Palace cannot afford to offend… Furthermore, you are merely a lowly sc.u.m from the lower realms! Your cultivation is even more so a gargantuan joke in the Ice Phoenix Palace!“

“I heard that you didn’t dare to come out for three months after offending the Main Hall Master and now to actually come before us to make a show of authority,” sneered Di Kui. “If it was another Freezing Snow Hall disciple, they might really have gotten taken in by your bluff. Too bad, but you found the wrong target. I am no such trash like Ji Hanfeng. As for Senior Brother Liu Hang, he is even more so someone you cannot afford to offend in ten lifetimes! Scram right now and Senior Brother Liu Hang and I will let you go like a fart or else… This is the territory of our Freezing Snow Hall, you know. The consequences would be pretty ugly. When that time comes, not only will you be a joke of Ice Phoenix Palace, you’ll also become a joke even in Freezing Snow Hall.”

Yun Che no longer spoke. Reaching out his arm, the Heaven Smiting Sword was already in his hands. His footsteps were neither fast nor slow, as he forced his way straight toward Di Kui and Liu Hang.

“Senior Brother Yun Che!” Feng Mo hurriedly reached out his hand, wanting to stop Yun Che.

As the Heaven Smiting Sword revealed itself, pressure as enormous as a mountain tilted over, far exceeding Liu Hang’s and Di Ku’s expectations, bearing down on them, causing their bodies to s.h.i.+ver. Seeing that Yun Che really was about to strike, Liu Hang’s gaze entirely became overcast, “Yun Che, you are asking for it!”

“Di Kui, break a hand!!”

Yun Che was an Ice Phoenix disciple after all, moreover personally taken in by Mu Bingyun herself. Even though Liu Hang did not fear him and even somewhat looked down on him, he definitely didn’t dare to be too brutal with him.

“Heh, to break an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple’s hand, just thinking about it feels nice and refres.h.i.+ng!” Di Kui let out a sinister laugh. With Liu Hang backing him, he didn’t need to have any qualms at all. However, he didn’t forget that Yun Che had crippled Ji Hanfeng before. He wasn’t that much stronger than Ji Hanfeng, so he didn’t underestimate his foe and directly summoned his weapon. With a step, a chilling mirage pierced toward Yun Che. “Kneel!”

“Senior Brother Yun Che, careful!” Feng Mo screamed, startled. He really only wanted to scare the two off using Yun Che’s Ice Phoenix disciple status and didn’t think that the situation would turn into this at all… He didn’t expect that Liu Hang would have such a large backing, nor did he expect that Yun Che would actually take the initiative and attack the two.

Even though Yun Che had defeated Ji Hanfeng, he had also exhausted himself in the process. Di Kui’s profound strength reached the seventh level of the Divine Origin Realm, so he absolutely didn’t think that Yun Che would be a match for him. However, when the Heaven Smiting Sword neared, the sword might was so indescribably terrifying that it made the sinister look on his face turn into astonishment, then become completely appalled. He subconsciously wanted to dodge aside but was already too late.


With an enormous bang, snow filled the entire sky. Di Kui’s longsword instantly shattered into five pieces. Di Kui, who was letting out an arrogant howl the previous second, now flew outward like a kite with a broken string, spraying out a long arrow of blood in midair.

This scene, that Liu Hang wouldn’t even dream of happening, instantly caused him to turn pale. Even Yun Che himself stared dumbfoundedly for a bit. Di Kui and Liu Hang were both at the seventh level of the Divine Origin Realm, their strength even greater than Ji Hanfeng’s. Thus, even though Yun Che was confident he wouldn’t lose, he didn’t overestimate himself either and directly took out the Heaven Smiting Sword… He didn’t expect that Di Kui would actually be utterly thrashed with a single sword strike.

Three months ago, he was no match for Ji Hanfeng who was at the sixth level of the Divine Origin Realm even after opening Purgatory and had to forcefully open Rumbling Heaven to gravely injure him, while completely exhausting himself.

Now however, merely in Purgatory state, he actually blasted away Di Kui!

In a short three months of time, due to Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet in addition to his desperate training, his power had undergone a transformation so great that it as though the world had flipped itself over. It was entirely incomparable to three months ago!

After a short surprise, Yun Che’s gaze had instantly locked onto Liu Hang whose soul had gotten startled out of its sh.e.l.l. The Heaven Smiting Sword swept across with a hundred meters of distance between them!

With the aura of death, which was terrifying to the extreme, suddenly neared. Liu Hang’s pupils dilated as he uttered a loud scream, gathering all of his profound energy to guard his front. But under the sword might, his protective profound energy only lasted half a breath of time before shattering into pieces like thin ice.

He was also seriously injured in one strike.

The fluttering snow being sent up by the Heaven Smiting Sword filled the air, not dispersing for a long time. The mouth of Feng Mo at the back was left agape, yet he couldn’t utter anything at all. His staring eyes were wide to the extreme, as though his entire being had turned into an ice sculpture and was entirely dumbstruck there. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing by any means.

Back then at the Freezing Snow Main Hall, Ji Hanfeng who was at the sixth level of the Divine Origin Realm had already caused him to fall into a struggle. But now, a strong expert at the seventh level of the Divine Origin Realm was actually so powerless against him.

It had only been a short three months of time! It could be said that as a period of time it was short to the point of being completely neglected in terms of cultivating in the divine way.

Yun Che put away the Heaven Smiting Sword, and walked unhurriedly toward Liu Hang, coming before him.

Even though it was merely a strike across the air, it already made Liu Hang feel that all of his organs had been displaced. His blood stream and profound energy were chaotic to the point that it seemed as though they were going to break through his body. After seeing Yun Che who came before him, he could no longer hold up the arrogance on his face. Instead, shock and fear filled his expression, “You… you…”

Yun Che reached out his hand to him, “Now, give me all of the Snowsilk Seeds on you. Listen well, I’m talking about all of them. Don’t waste my time. Otherwise, forget about your hands, your feet won’t be spared either.”

Liu Hang firmly gritted his teeth, “You dare! Yun Che, my older cousin is head disciple Mu Yizhou of the First Ice Phoenix Palace, an absolute prodigy at the tenth level of the Divine Soul Realm! If he wants to kill you, it’ll be no different than squas.h.i.+ng an ant to death. If you dare to…”



With a stomp, Yun Che bluntly broke his foot amidst Liu Hang’s miserable screams like a evil spirit wailing.

“Liu Hang, looks like I still need to remind you of something.” Yun Che crouched down, as he spoke slowly, “That guy named Li Mingcheng should still be paralyzed and half-dead right now. Recovering completely is probably out of the question for his entire lifetime. I heard that his aunt is your Freezing Snow Hall’s Main Hall Master. That’s much bigger than your something older cousin. But how unfortunate for you, the person who crippled Li Mingcheng, is standing right before you right now, without even a single hair missing.”

“Tell me, would I dare?” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed and the most terrifying chilling glint that Liu Hang had ever seen in his entire life was present between the slits.