Against the Gods - Chapter 852 - Repeating the Same Old Trick

Chapter 852 - Repeating the Same Old Trick

Chapter 852 - Repeating the Same Old Trick

“Ah…” Feng Xue’er was stunned by that question and she did not even know how to begin to respond to it.

“Answer this n.o.ble one’s question, are you still a virgin?” The Golden Crow Spirit repeated in a grave voice, “The answer to this question is directly related to whether or not Yun Che can be saved.”

To the two girls who had already given up their last bit of hope, these last words uttered by the Golden Crow Spirit were without a doubt completely earth-shattering. The Little Demon Empress instantly turned around and the confused Feng Xue’er was also shocked back into sensibility. She opened her tender lips while frantically nodding her head in embarra.s.sment, “I… I… am…”

Even though Feng Xue’er was practically like a sheet of unspotted white paper when it came to relations between men and women, she still clearly understood the meaning of the word “virgin”.

“Hahahahaha…” Feng Xue’er’s reply caused the Golden Crow Spirit to abruptly start laughing loudly. Moreover, this loud laughter began to surge fiercely, sweeping away the previous heavy and stifling atmosphere, “Yun Che has the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline. Combined with the Golden Crow’s flame, this means that the yang energy in his body is incomparably rich and vigorous. Furthermore, you possess surpa.s.sing beauty and it seems like your feelings for him are deeply rooted as well. To think that he hasn’t even touched you yet, this is truly an extremely rare occurrence!”

The Little Demon Empress, “...”

“I…” A red blush stained Feng Xue’er’s cheek as she began to hem and haw, “The power within my bloodline still hasn’t… still hasn’t fully awakened… So I can’t… Big Brother Yun has always cherished and treasured me…So… So…”

“Hmph, this is simply absurd!” The Golden Crow Spirit said in a huffy voice, “If you had lost your phoenix vital yin to any other male, it would indeed have seriously stifled the awakening of the power within your bloodline. But how can Yun Che’s const.i.tution be compared with that of a normal male’s!? Just by the virtue of his Dragon G.o.d bloodline, not only can he cause your physique to fundamentally change, he can even greatly aid the awakening of the power of your Phoenix bloodline.”

“Right now, you have awoken roughly forty percent of the power of your Phoenix bloodline. If you maintain your present state, you will need at least fifteen more years to fully awaken your power. But if you practice Dragon Phoenix Dual Cultivation with him, you will be able to awaken ninety percent of your power in no more than three months! Within half a year, you will be able to fully awaken your power. At that time, your strength will far surpa.s.s Huan Caiyi and the Phoenix Spirit who bestowed this bloodline upon you. Three years later, you will be able to step into the way of the divine and reach a new horizon!”

“You desire for the power of your bloodline to be fully awakened, yet you are not even aware that such a top-cla.s.s male incubator is right by your side. Instead, you reject what is near at hand and seek something that is far away. It is simply far too laughable.”

“Ah…?” The strange and unreasonable outburst from the Golden Crow Spirit stunned Feng Xue’er in place, leaving her at a complete loss.

“Golden Crow Divine G.o.d, you just mentioned that there was a method to save Yun Che. Is that true?” the Little Demon Empress asked in an anxious voice.

“Hmph, I guess this kiddo is pretty fortunate after all.” The Golden Crow Spirit said indifferently, “If he had touched that Phoenix girl in the past, then he would undoubtedly be destined for death right now. Not only was this Phoenix girl deeply in love with him, she also possessed enough beauty to overthrow a country. As someone who carried such heavy yang energy, with someone like her by his side, being able to control himself was indeed not an easy feat. But since this is the case, he has also gained a new life for himself.”

The scarlet-golden eyes hovering in midair opened wide as thick and dense firelight spilled out, “Right now, there is indeed a method that can save him. Furthermore, it is a method that will not only allow him to fully recover but it will also cause his cultivation to explosively increase within a short period of time.”

“What method!?” Both Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress yelled at the same time. The elation of rising to heaven from the depths of h.e.l.l caused all of the blood in their bodies to roil about agitatedly.

“This n.o.ble one has already said so much but the both of you still do not understand? Of course it’s your phoenix vital yin!” The Golden Crow Spirit thundered as it stared at Feng Xue’er, “When it comes to destructive power, the Phoenix flames are far inferior to the Golden Crow flames. But the Phoenix flames have a special cleansing ability. Yun Che is unable to recover from his heavy injuries because the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d’s power is still running rampant inside his body. Given your Phoenix flames, it would undoubtedly be a fool’s errand to attempt to cleanse a power that far exceeds the level of your own. However, your phoenix vital yin is able to ignite the Phoenix’s ‘primal flame” one time in his body.”

“It’s other name is—the Flame of Nirvana!”

“The Flames of Nirvana… I have heard Lord Phoenix G.o.d mention this before,” Feng Xue’er said dazedly.

“The Flame of Nirvana is a divine flame unique to the Phoenix and it possesses the ultimate cleansing power in this entire universe. Furthermore, even the Phoenix itself can only ignite these flames twice in its life. The first time is when it is born, the second time is when it experiences rebirth. Furthermore, if it forcibly ignites those flames before its rebirth, then when it loses its life, it will not be able to undergo a nirvanic rebirth.”

“The Flames of Nirvana is impossible for a normal person to ignite but you are different.” Even though the Golden Crow Spirit was repulsed by the Phoenix flames, it possessed a deep interest and astonishment towards Feng Xue’er, “Because you did not merely inherit the bloodline of the Phoenix, you also inherited the entirety of a Phoenix Spirit! So your phoenix vital yin is completely sufficient to ignite a faint and weak Flame of Nirvana one time.”

“Even though it is faint and weak and should only last for an instant, it is enough to disperse the power of the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d that is running through his body!” The Golden Crow Spirit’s tone changed abruptly after that, “However, if this is the case, then if you perish in the future, you will be unable to undergo a nirvanic rebirth as well. You, who should have had the body of the Phoenix which possesses two lives, will only be left with one life just like everyone else.”

“Then… then what should I do? What can I do to save Big Brother Yun?” Feng Xue’er completely disregarded whatever she was going to lose. If she was able to save Yun Che, she would not hesitate no matter the cost. Even though she had vaguely been able to guess at something but her understanding of relations between a man and a woman was completely limited to the intimate actions that Yun Che normally displayed with her. She did not even have the foggiest idea regarding the rest of it and she did not know what she had to do.

“Right now, it is fine if you don’t know what to do. Don’t you have a person beside you that can teach you whatever you need to know!?” The Golden Crow Spirit declared, relis.h.i.+ng every word that it spoke.

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er gave a low cry while the Little Demon Empress was in a mild shock.

“You are inexperienced in the ways of the world, so it is natural that you don’t know what to do. But Huan Caiyi, at that time you were without a teacher, yet you took the initiative and learned by yourself. And after you married Yun Che, you did it day and night, so you have long ago become well-versed in such matters. It will be up to you to guide Feng Xue’er in what she needs to do… What’s more, the person that she wants to save is your man as well!”

“ “~!@#¥%...” The Little Demon Empress’ mouth faintly opened. A panicked and fl.u.s.tered expression that even Yun Che had never seen before was now clearly pasted on that normally cold and practically emotionless face.

The gloomy and stifling atmosphere shared by both girls suddenly became extremely subtle. The Golden Crow Spirit’s eyes flashed before it gave a heavy snort, “Hmph, how troublesome!”


A ring-shaped cl.u.s.ter of flames suddenly sprang up around the three of them, placing them squarely in the center. After that the flames suddenly surged, forming a gigantic flame barrier which contained all three of them within it.

Moreover, it was not the first time that the Little Demon Empress had seen this flame barrier… The Golden Crow Spirit had used this method to seal Yun Che and her the last time… While telling her that she had a time limit of two months to obtain his vital yang at least five hundred times before they would be allowed out.

“Huan Caiyi, you better listen up and listen good.” The Golden Crow Spirit’s grave and serious voice resounded in her ears, “If you merely want to save Yun Che, then you can simply rely on the ‘Flame of Nirvana’ that will be ignited by Feng Xue’er’s phoenix vital yin to disperse the power of the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d that is coursing through his body. After that, Yun Che’s extremely strong self-healing ability will allow him to make a full recovery within days. But Feng Xue’er is definitely not any normal inheritor of the Phoenix bloodline and her body can nearly be called the actual ‘body of the Phoenix G.o.d’. Because of this, her phoenix vital yin is incomparably precious, so even if the slightest bit of it is lost, it will still be a huge, incalculable loss which can never be recovered.

“If Yun Che can perfectly obtain her phoenix vital yin, then it will definitely cause his profound strength to soar within a short period of time. At that time, it might be possible that he could even surpa.s.s you.”

“The enemy that you encountered was able to force you to ignite your origin blood. Given Yun Che’s current strength, even if he does make a full recovery, the moment he clashes with that enemy, he will undoubtedly die. If you don’t want him to suffer a miserable death after he barely manages to s.n.a.t.c.h it back in the first place, then you should a.s.sist him in perfectly obtaining Feng Xue’er’s phoenix vital yin. At the same time, it will also help Feng Xue’er by speeding up the awakening of the power of her bloodline.”

“This barrier will last for three months. Given Feng Xue’er’s body of the Phoenix G.o.d, she will completely use up her phoenix vital yin after these three months. As for how to allow Yun Che to perfectly obtain her phoenix vital yin… Heh, you should be far more experienced regarding that than this n.o.ble one. The results that all of you obtain after three months will be entirely dependent on you. So you definitely must not disappoint this n.o.ble one.”

“Hahahahaha…” The Golden Crow Spirit let out a loud laugh, as if it had done something delightful. After that, those eyes flashed with a golden light and the barrier below was instantly sealed away completely, securely trapping those three people within its confines.

It had initially forcefully trapped the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che within that barrier and it would not let them out before they achieved the target it had set for them.

Not more than two years later, it was once again doing the same thing. The only thing that was different this time around was that it had forcefully confined three people and the limit was not the “amount of times”, it was time itself.

What was even more different was its state of mind.

After bestowing the last of its Golden Crow origin blood and its own soul origin to Yun Che, the Golden Crow Spirit had gradually started to recede from existence. Before this, it would often release its own spiritual perception to observe the Illusory Demon Realm but during this period, it had spent most of the time sleeping so as to reduce the rate at which it was disappearing.

Even though this was the case, it will still vanish forever before ten years pa.s.s… Along with the Sea of Death and the entire Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.


After sealing those three people into the barrier, the Golden Crow Spirit did not immediately return to its slumber. It lingered on silently for a very long period of time before letting out a heavy sigh.

“As a spirit fragment left behind by the Phoenix itself, even if it was on its last legs, it actually disregarded the dignity of the divine beasts and gave all of itself to a lowly human being. How utterly absurd. As a fellow spirit, even though my spirit is about to be scattered to the four winds, I would definitely not be able to do such a thing…”

“But it looks like it had also definitely sensed that dreadful aura, so it ultimately chose to do this. Devoting all of its strength to give this world the ability to resist what is to come, giving this world a faint and weak hope that isn’t even equivalent to a grain of sand…”

“The cracked Wall of Primal Chaos… What exactly is stirring behind it…”