Against the Gods - Chapter 832 - Unprecedented Crisis

Chapter 832 - Unprecedented Crisis

Chapter 832 - Unprecedented Crisis

Feng Ximing, who was crawling on the ground, had spit out many mouthfuls of blood consecutively. After that, he suddenly jerked his head up and spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Royal Father, compared to Xue’er, what Divine Phoenix Sect Master, what Divine Phoenix Emperor, I can throw away all of these things. As long as I can have Xue’er, I am willing to lose all of my standing and reputation, willing to lose everything I have!! You betrothed Xue’er to someone else but Sword Master Xuanyuan can help me obtain Xue’er… All of these things happened because you forced my hand! It was all because you pushed me to this point!”

“You… you!!” Feng Hengkong’s body swayed as he spat out a large mouthful of blood with a wet gurgle. After that, he sank to the ground, his knees. .h.i.tting the ground with a thump, his expression filled with endless sorrow...

He, Feng Hengkong, had definitely made mistakes in his life but if he examined himself, he could say that he had lived a life worthy of the Divine Phoenix Sect and the Phoenix bloodline that flowed in his body. He did exceedingly few things for his own sake and most of his actions had been for the sect. During these past one hundred years, he would bring Feng Ximing along for many big events so that he could stay by his side and learn from what he has seen or heard, so as to prepare him for the heavy power and responsibility that would burden him in the years ahead.

But he had never ever dreamed that he would raise such a son as this...

“Evil creature… you are truly an evil thing!” Feng Zukui said as he raised his head, his chest violently heaving. He had never before been so enraged in his entire life.

“Let me… personally… tidy up our family affairs!!” Feng Tianwei could no longer contain his anger anymore. He was so angry that the flames on his palms exploded outwards as his clawed hand rushed towards Feng Ximing.


With a loud explosion, Feng Tianwei’s Phoenix flames parted to the left and right as it smashed against an invisible wall of energy. Xuanyuan Wentian’s merrily smiling face appeared in front of him as he spoke, “Divine Phoenix Sect Grand Sect Master, what are you trying to do? This is the next Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect, your very own grandson. Even though he has done wrong, you merely need to reprimand him about it, you shouldn’t lash out with such a heavy blow.”

Feng Tianwei’s pupils faintly narrowed as he spoke in a deep voice, “This is our family matter, you don’t have the right to interfere!”

“Sword Master… Xuanyuan!” Once he saw Xuanyuan Wentian block that blow for him, Feng Ximing felt a jolt of electricity run through his body as his eyes became colored by an intense hope and desire. He spoke in an anxious voice, “Yun Che hasn’t gone anywhere yet, he is still here right now…”

“You… shut up!!” Feng Tianwei yelled in a furious voice as he stretched his claws towards Feng Ximing yet again.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes flashed as he made a small gesture with his hand. Immediately, Feng Tianwei felt as if his body had been smashed by an enormous mountain as he was instantly blasted backwards tens of meters.

“Do continue,” Xuanyuan Wentian said placidly as he lowered his arm and placed it behind his back.

“Yun Che hasn’t left yet… Right now, my royal sister Xue’er should be bringing him towards the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. However, Yun Che is already dead!” Feng Ximing spat out as he breathed heavily.

“He died?” Xuanyuan Wentian said as his body jerked around fiercely, “How did he die?”

Even though he was shocked by this news, Xuanyuan Wentian was confident that Feng Ximing, having reached this point, would view him as his only hope of getting out of this alive, so he definitely would not say anything to deceive or trick him.

“I don’t know how he died. But when I saw him just now, he was already dead. His body was covered in blood and his heart had been destroyed and there wasn’t any aura coming from his body… It’s true, I’m definitely not lying to you!” Feng Ximing struggled mightily to stand up as he shouted those words, “Didn’t Lord Sword Master always want the Mirror of Samsara that was in his possession… Right now, his body is at the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm, as long as the Lord Sword Master can find it, you… will be able to easily obtain it.”

That was right. The current Feng Ximing had nowhere else to run. Whether it was to preserve his own life or to achieve his goal of obtaining Feng Xue’er, he had to do everything in his power to curry favor with Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Heh heh heh heh, hahahahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes became slits as he started laughing wildly.

“Even though this sword master found out that you obtained an enormous purple crystal mine that would be able to produce at least fifty kilograms of Divine Crystals several months ago and I also found out that you had long ago lost the protection of the Phoenix G.o.d, at that time, this sword master was fully focused on the Devil Sword Conference, so I did not want to be distracted by any side issues. But I was waiting for the Devil Sword Conference to be over before I came to collect this great gift that you have prepared for me.”

Xuanyuan Wentian spread both his arms and closed his eyes as he reveled in that feeling of satisfaction. The fifty kilograms of Divine Crystal that the Divine Phoenix Sect had obtained after many setbacks and difficulties had actually become the “great gift” that he had just spoken about. It was as if he viewed these Divine Crystals as something that was destined to belong to him.

“But who would have expected that red-clothed demoness to appear out of nowhere. She not only completely wrecked this sword master’s plans, she also cut off both arms of my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, forcing this sword master into a situation where the only option I had left was to think about how to beg for my life!”

“But in the end, the will of heaven is still on this sword master’s side, hahaha… hahahahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he laughed uproariously. He was normally not a temperamental person but during this period between Jasmine’s arrival and departure, he had experienced a great upheaval as he experienced what it was like to fall from heaven to h.e.l.l and climb out of h.e.l.l to enter heaven once again. So right now, his spirit and mental state had completely relaxed. He was unable to control the urge to vent his feelings and laugh wildly.

As Xuanyuan Wentian continued to laugh wildly, Feng Zukui and the other two people felt as if they had gone from the frying pan into the fire.

“Young Sect Master, bring this sword master to the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm,” Xuanyuan Wentian said in a bland voice as his laughter abruptly receded.

“Y-Yes,” Feng Ximing said as he anxiously struggled to rise.

“Wait a moment!” Feng Zukui said with a low yell.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a faint smile, “Now that everything has come to light, could it be that Brother Zukui thinks that anyone from your Divine Phoenix Sect can stop this sword master? Or is it that… you want to continue your old story about how your sect is still under the protection of the Phoenix G.o.d?”

Feng Zukui took in a deep breath before saying, “Our sect is unfortunate as it has raised an evil thing, so our Divine Phoenix Sect has no choice but to admit defeat. But now that things have come to a head, I want to cut a deal with Sword Master Xuanyuan.”

“Oh?” An intrigued expression appeared on Xuanyuan Wentian’s face, “Deal? Could it be that Brother Zukui has anything that can pique the interest of this sword master?”

Feng Zukui responded with an expressionless face, “That thing is the Mirror of Samsara.”

Xuanyuan Wentian was taken aback for a moment before he started to laugh uproariously once more, “Hahahaha, Yun Che is already dead, so the Mirror of Samsara is already one of the possessions of this sword master but Brother Zukui actually wants to use it to bargain with this sword master? This is simply ridiculous.”

“Hmph!” Feng Zukui gave a cold snort before he spoke, “During the Devil Sword Conference nineteen days ago, Yun Che personally said that the Mirror of Samsara was on his person. Furthermore, Sword Master Xuanyuan seems to know the secret behind the Mirror of Samsara and obtaining the Mirror of Samsara also seems to be imperative for Sword Master Xuanyuan. So it was clear that you wanted to monopolize it. So now that Yun Che is already dead and his body is within the premises of our sect, it would indeed be easy to obtain the Mirror of Samsara if you so desired. But if Sword Master Xuanyuan does not find a way to seal our lips, I’m afraid that it won’t be so easy for you to monopolize it! Especially now that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is in a situation where they can’t afford for the boat to be rocked in the slightest!”

“Oh…” Xuanyuan Wentian gave Feng Zukui a deep look before giving a bland laugh, “Brother Zukui lives up to his reputation. This deal is something that this sword master has to make no matter what. But may inquire as to what sort of deal Brother Zukui wishes to strike?”

“It’s very simple!” Feng Zukui said in a cold voice, “Keep the secrets of our Divine Phoenix Sect to yourself. Other than that, we will only be able to lend Mighty Heavenly Sword Region half of the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal that you requested!”

“Ah, so that’s how it is.” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he gave a faint nod of his head. He did not even take time to hesitate or consider as he spoke in a relaxed tone, “This sword master had never once considered telling anyone else about the secrets of your sect. After all, there are no advantages to be gained from that and this sword master has never done anything that is disadvantageous to myself. As for the matter of borrowing those Divine Crystals, heh heh, once I get my hands on the Mirror of Samsara, I’ll be far more open to negotiation.”

“Good! Sword Master Xuanyuan is a straightforward and frank person,” Feng Zukui said as he coldly nodded his head. It was as if he was not questioning the meaning behind Xuanyuan Wentian’s current att.i.tude. “Since the situation has come to this, then let my son and I personally escort you to the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. Even if you are relying on that evil thing, he does not yet have the ability to open the barrier around the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. I just hope that Sword Master Xuanyuan keeps his word after he has obtained Yun Che’s body!”

“Hengkong, keep an eye on this evil creature!”

“Very well. Please,” Xuanyuan Wentian said cheerfully as he wore a smile that filled his face. However, within the depths of those calm eyes shone a sinister light that was enough to scare even the most venomous snake out of its wits.

Feng Zukui glared fiercely at Feng Ximing before he turned around. But he did not take to the skies. Instead, he started to walking in the direction of the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. His steps were slow and heavy, as if to reflect his soul that felt as heavy as a mountain.

Feng Tianwei tensely followed at his side.

The three people left, leaving behind Feng Hengkong and Feng Ximing.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!”

Feng Hengkong took a step forward and he plucked Feng Ximing off of the ground, his face was as malevolent as a hungry wolf that was thirsting for blood.

“Heh…” Feng Ximing laughed instead, “Beat me to your heart’s content, scold me to your heart’s content. After I told Xuanyuan Wentian everything, I had antic.i.p.ated this moment would come… but so what!? I helped Xuanyuan Wentian get what he wanted and he will soon honor the promise that he made with me. I will soon… soon be able to obtain Xue’er…. Ugh!”

Feng Hengkong swung his arm, causing Feng Ximing to hit the ground violently. Both of his eyes were scarlet-red as he gasped roughly, “I, Feng Hengkong, am one of the heroes of an era, so how did I… give birth to an extremely stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d who is even worse than a beast! You have committed a huge mistake but you’re not even the least bit remorseful. Instead, you’re still living in your own fantasy world!! You think… you think that Xuanyuan Wentian is going to the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm to retrieve the Mirror of Samsara from Yun Che’s body!? His main objective is to kill Xue’er!!”

“What?” Feng Ximing’s eyes widened as he panickedly shook his head, “No, it’s not possible! It definitely isn’t possible… Sword Master Xuanyuan promised to reward me with Xue’er, so he definitely won’t do that. He… he doesn’t have a reason to kill Xue’er.”

“Doesn’t have a reason?” Feng Hengkong was ceaselessly a.s.saulted by vertigo as he reeled from the extreme rage and pain he was feeling. He spoke in a trembling voice, “The reason why he did not tell anyone else that the Phoenix G.o.d had died was because he wanted to have sole control over our entire sect! Furthermore, the only person that can escape his grasp in our entire Divine Phoenix Sect is Xue’er!! Once Xue’er’s Phoenix Soul has completely awaken, even Xuanyuan Wentian might not be Xue’er’s opponent!!”

“Do you think that Xuanyuan Wentian will allow that day to come!?” Feng Hengkong roared.

“Profound arts can be crippled but a bloodline can never ever be destroyed. In order to fully nip this hidden danger in the bud… what do you think Xuanyuan Wentian will do!? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!! Even if you die ten thousand times, it won’t be enough to pay for your crimes!! You idiot!!”

“...” Feng Ximing was completely stunned in place. His expression had become a ghastly shade of white. After that, he began to crazily mutter to himself, “No… it’s not possible… things won’t happen this way… it won’t… it won’t… he clearly promised me… he won’t… It’s not possible that he will kill Xue’er…”

“You still have the face to mention Xue’er’s name!?”

Feng Hengkong fiercely kicked Feng Ximing’s chest. Before today, the person he resented the most was Yun Che but he had never ever imagined that the person that he would resent even more than Yun Che was actually his most trusted and highly-regarded eldest son he had nurtured with everything he had!

“Feng Ximing.” Feng Hengkong muttered his name, each and every word filled with a bone-piercing cold, “If anything happens to Xue’er and if our Divine Phoenix Sect ends up being completely annihilated because of this… I won’t forgive you even when we reach the Yellow Spring! The ancestral Phoenix G.o.d, the entire sect and all of our ancestors will never forgive you either!!”

Feng Ximing sank limply to the ground, his eyes devoid of light as he kept muttering to himself. Feng Hengkong did not even know if he had listened to what he had to say.


Feng Hengkong raised his head and looked in the direction of the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm as he softly muttered to himself, “Royal Father, Grandfather, you need to do your best to buy as much time as you can for Xue’er to flee. It’s all up to you two…”

“Xue’er, run far, far away… No matter where you go… you definitely must stay safe… you must definitely not turn back…”