Against the Gods - Chapter 812 - Whetstone

Chapter 812 - Whetstone

Chapter 812 - Whetstone

The entire Supreme Ocean Palace was thrown into a panic… She had not killed Xuanyuan Wentian nor had she killed Ye Meixie but from the words she had just said, it was clear that she wanted to kill Qu Fengyi!

Qu Fengyi was even more shocked and terrified than the rest of them but she was unable to utter even a single word. If anyone in the Profound Sky Continent wanted to kill her, it would be harder than reaching the heavens. But if Jasmine wanted to kill her, even if all of the Four Sacred Grounds pooled their efforts to stop her, they would not even be able to delay her for a fraction of a second.

At this time, Zi Ji hurriedly rushed out as he begged and pleaded on Qu Fengyi’s behalf, “Se… Senior, the Sovereign of the Seas did indeed act with greed and selfishness and the mistake was all hers but… but this is not something that calls for her death. If this senior truly wants to kill her, I beg that you allow this junior to say some words on her behalf?”

“Her sins are not worthy of death?” Jasmine’s eyes fiercely swiveled to land on Zi Ji. Under her gaze, Zi Ji’s legs grew limp and he sank to his knees. At this moment, extreme fear and shock had seized his heart as she began to speak, “Qu Fengyi intended to kill Yun Che and take the Mirror of Samsara for herself, her heart and mind were filled avarice and wickedness but you say that her crime is not worthy of death. Then how come you did not even fart when Yun Che was being forced to his death for no reason at all? Could it be that the life of this princess’ disciple is cheaper than the life of this woman!?”

“No, no, no!” Zi Ji said as he shook his head in panic, “This junior does not dare… even if this junior was infinitely more courageous, he still would definitely not dare to mean such a thing…”

As he was pressed down by a might that brought him to the edge of collapse, Zi Ji did not even dare to raise his head to look at Jasmine’s eyes. His heart heaved and he hurriedly crawled towards Yun Che’s side as he shoved a blue colored profound jade into his hands, “Asgar… Asgard Master Yun, please take a look at this…”

This was an extremely rare and precious Profound Imagery Stone. As the images that were contained within were released, Yun Che could tell with a glance that some of those images showed the eastern part of Blue Wind Imperial City and also showed a Divine Phoenix Army slowly marching in from the west as they launched a grand a.s.sault against the Blue Wind Imperial City. Furthermore, these images also showed a person blocking the path of this Divine Phoenix Army… it was astonis.h.i.+ngly Number One Under Heaven.

Within these images, Number One Under Heaven was shown dealing with the Phoenix fire that had been shot out by one of the conducting elders of this Divine Phoenix Army. He released a powerful profound energy hurricane, pus.h.i.+ng the flames back towards the Divine Phoenix Army.

Moreover, when Number One Under Heaven had used his full power, his hidden elven wings had also unfurled fully, displaying their full splendour for all to see…

“You…” Yun Che’s brows furrowed. At this moment, he finally realized why Zi Ji had suddenly posed him this question in a strange tone when he was about to leave the Black Moon Merchant Guild during his last visit, “Have you ever heard of the Illusory Demon Realm’s Twelve Guardian Families before?”

“That is right!” Zi Ji gasped anxiously, “Actually, I had already known that he was a denizen of the Illusory Demon Realm since that time and so it was obvious that you had also come from the Illusory Demon Realm… Besides this Profound Imagery Stone, our Supreme Ocean Palace, like Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, had many spies left in Demon Imperial City. The only other person to see the images in this Profound Imagery Stone besides myself was the Sovereign of the Seas and we did not let anyone have access to it. We never exposed you and never told anyone else. If the Sovereign of the Seas truly wanted to harm you, then why would she not have done either of those things. Today, it was only because the situation forced our hand and as the Sovereign of the Seas, she had no choice but to act in this way.”

“I beg Asgard Master Yun to take into account these things and to ask… ask your master to show mercy to the Sovereign of the Seas. Our Supreme Ocean Palace will definitely remember the grace that you have shown us and we will remember it for all time. From today onwards, if Asgard Master Yun or your master makes any request of us, our Supreme Ocean Palace will risk life and limb to…”

The Zi Ji in Yun Che’s cognition was like an ancient well that was ten thousand years old, his temperament was extraordinary and his inner strength ran as deep as the ocean. But at this moment, he was looking at Yun Che with pleading eyes as he knelt before him in complete obeisance… Because in the face of that complete and absolute strength and those terrible and merciless methods, the only thing Zi JI could do was beg.


The Profound Imagery Stone crumbled in Yun Che’s hand as he let out a low sigh, “Senior Zi, please rise and you can rest easy as well. If my master truly wanted to kill the Sovereign of the Seas, she would already be dead.”

“...” Jasmine’s lips twitched as she dramatically rolled her eyes at Yun Che. After that, she suddenly flung out her small hand.

An ear-splitting slap that would be remembered by everyone present for their entire lives rang out across the Sea G.o.d Arena.

Qu Fengyi, who was thirty meters away, cried out miserably as she suffered from a slap that appeared out of the empty air. Her body that was wrapped in those sea-blue skirts flew out like a revolving top. After she landed on the ground, she still spun tens of times before finally coming to a stop at the edge of the Sea G.o.d Arena.

Qu Fengyi crawled on the ground as she spat more than ten mouthfuls of blood. Every mouthful blood brought along with it two teeth… Furthermore, all of her teeth had already been fractured, not a single one remained intact.

“So… Sovereign of the Seas!” The gathered Venerable Ones and elders had been scared witless as they cried out in alarm and rushed over to help her.

“Who dares to a.s.sist her!?”

Jasmine gave a cold shout and those five short words struck the gathered members of Supreme Ocean Palace like a divine lightning bolt. All of them froze in place and they did not even dare to s.h.i.+ft their feet an inch.

“Hmph!” Jasmine said with a cold sniff of disdain before she spoke in a mocking voice, “You are a cheap person with a vile heart and a worthless life but you actually dare to call yourself the Sovereign of the Seas. This is truly a joke.”

Jasmine’s words were not purely loathing and ridicule. Because from the perspective of the plane that she originated from, the Profound Sky Continent was indeed a base and lowly plane. Besides Yun Che, there was no one from the entire Profound Sky Continent that was worthy enough to be graced by her eyes. She wanted to vent anger on Yun Che's behalf. That was the only reason why she stooped to ridiculing and killing these people. In doing so, she had sullied her hands and tarnished her exalted status.

As her cold voice fell, her gaze also fell on Huangji Wuyu.

He had fully witnessed the miserable states of Xuanyuan Wentian, Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi. Even though they had not died, every single one of them lost every shred of dignity and fame they had garnered in their lifetimes. So when Jasmine’s gaze finally settled upon him, Huangji Wuyu’s entire body shuddered fiercely as the color of his face alternated between gray and white.

Jasmine stared at Huangji Wuyu and even the faintest curve of her lips sent a chill running through his body. Her cold smile caused his very soul to convulse and spasm before she finally averted her gaze before blandly speaking, “Do you know why this princess has not killed you?”

“On this continent, the four of you are the so-called Sacred Masters but to this princess, there are millions of people just like you! So even if there were a few million less of you, it wouldn’t make a single difference! Not to mention your so-called Four Sacred Grounds, even if there were millions of Sacred Grounds, this princess could destroy all of them with a twitch of my finger.”

To all of the people who were present, each and every one of Jasmine’s words were extremely shocking and they shook their hearts and souls to the core… But they had just personally witnessed her ripping apart tens of kilometers of s.p.a.ce and destroying Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Northern Region despite the thirty five thousand kilometer distance. Given her strength that resembled an ancient demon G.o.d’s, those dreadful words were definitely not the least bit exaggerated when it came to her.

“But sparing your lives may be of some use to me.” Jasmine said as her eyes swept across the audience. She did not punish Huangji Wuyu, walking to Yun Che’s side instead, “Even though killing you would only be a matter of flipping my hand, this princess’ disciple Yun Che is still not able to face you on his own. In any case, all of you can still be considered the strongest people on this continent. If you were to all die and leave Yun Che with no opponents, then it would only harm his future growth. So the four of you should just wash your necks and wait! Live life while you still can! Because once his strength has grown sufficiently, if he wants any of you to die, you will have no choice but to die!”

The gazes of Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, Ye Meixie and Xuanyuan Wentian all squarely fell on Yun Che… It was indeed true, that given Jasmine’s strength, she could kill them as easily as she would squash an ant. However, even though she had done harm to them, she had not taken their lives. But to think it was so that Yun Che could do it himself!

She was allowing the Four Sacred Masters to be whetstones for Yun Che!

That was also to say that from this moment onward, their lives would be firmly grasped in Yun Che’s hand. Once Yun Che’s power surpa.s.sed them, he would be able to kill them any time he wanted to avenge the grudge that had been formed this day. Furthermore, with a demon G.o.d like Jasmine instructing him, that day would definitely not be too far off. At the same time, as long as Jasmine was around, even if they wanted to escape this fate, it would be impossible.

“What’s more.” Jasmine said as her gaze grew cold and her voice turned cold and bleak, causing the temperature in the area suddenly drop, “There are quite a few people among you who Yun Che has no small amount of hate and resentment for. But when it comes to something like vengeance, it is natural that one has to do it by himself!”

A deep and sinister cold shot up their spines and jabbed into their brains, before it spread out and seeped into every corner of their bodies and souls… This was especially true for Xuanyuan Wentian and Ye Meixie. Because they had previous altercations with Yun Che before what had happened today.

So if they wanted to live, what they needed to do was to desperately appease and curry favor with Yun Che—They needed to do so with all their might!

If not, it was not only their lives that were forfeit, it might even bring about a disaster that wiped out their Sacred Grounds.

Jasmine extended a hand and grabbed on to the sleeve of Yun Che’s clothes before speaking in a solemn voice, “Qu Fengyi, the environment of your Supreme Ocean Palace isn’t bad. Yun Che is still wounded, so this princess is prepared to let him rest here for one day longer. During this period, it would be best if you do not let this princess see anything that she does not want to see! Hmph!”

“Yun Che, let us be off. We shall return to the place where we stayed last night.” Jasmine said in a haughty and arrogant voice.

“Alright!” Yun Che nodded his head as he carried Xiao Yun, “Xue’er, Yuanba, let’s go.”

“Wai… Wait a minute, Yun Che, hold on for a moment.”

The dreadful demon G.o.d girl was about to leave and all of the people present… especially Huangji Wuyu, had breathed a heavy sigh of relief. But at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out asking them to stay. The shocked crowd hurriedly looked towards the origin of that voice. They wanted to see who had the guts to actually call for that dreadful demon G.o.d to stay—Even though the person who was actually being called was Yun Che himself.

Astonis.h.i.+ngly, the person who had actually called out to them was Feng Hengkong. Yun Che turned around and replied, “Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect, is there anything else I can help you with?”

Feng Hengkong hurried over to stood beside Feng Xue’er but he did not dare look at Jasmine and his voice was anxious as he spoke, “Yun Che, we… Cough, I handed Xue’er over to you five months ago and I said to you that once Xue’er reaches the age of twenty, as long as she has an inclination towards you, we would set a wedding date for the two of you… At the same time, we will also fulfill the condition that the Blue Wind Empress had laid down. During these five months, Xue’er has always been by your side, and nineteen days from now, Xue’er will reach twenty. Xue’er still has deep and unwavering feelings for you. When she found out you were trapped in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, she tearfully kept watch over it every day and she was not willing to leave even for a moment. If you still feel the same way about Xue’er, then when nineteen days have pa.s.sed and Xue’er has reached twenty years of age, what do you say to me setting your wedding date right there and then?”

The moment he heard the last sentence, Feng Ximing, who was in the back, swayed violently and his eyes nearly burst out of their sockets. But the terrifying red figure besides Yun Che scared him into complete silence and the only thing he could do was clench his fists so hard that he nearly fractured his own bones.

Yun Che instantly understood what was going on… This sly old fox had seen with his own two eyes just how powerful Jasmine was, so he decided to shamelessly become a hanger-on!

If Feng Xue’er was married to Yun Che, then even if the truth of the Phoenix G.o.d’s death was publicly announced to the world, no one on this earth would dare to even touch the Divine Phoenix Sect.

Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui’s eyes were both sparkling with antic.i.p.ation, they wavered between apprehension and hope, their only fear was that Yun Che would not agree.

Feng Xue’er naturally deciphered Feng Hengkong’s intentions very quickly and she anxiously and nervously cried out, “Royal Father, this matter…”

“Xue’er.” Just as Feng Xue’er had opened her mouth, she felt her small hand being grabbed by Yun Che. He replied to Feng Hengkong in a most solemn voice, “I, Yun Che, will never in my lifetime betray the feelings that Xue’er has for me. If the Divine Phoenix Sect Master is willing to betroth Xue’er to me, I will gladly welcome it with open arms.”

“Big Brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er mumbled in a soft voice as she lowered her dainty head and hid her misty eyes.

“Hahahahaha.” Feng Hengkong’s bundled and taut heartstrings relaxed once he heard those words and he could not help but give a great laugh, “Good! This is very good indeed! I, Feng Hengkong, have indeed not misjudged you.” After that he turned around and announced in a great voice, “My honored friends from the Sacred Grounds and the Seven Nations, my little girl Feng Xue’er and Yun Che have had mutual affection for each other for several years and a few months ago, we also made an agreement to betroth her to him. Today, my little girl will be twenty in nineteen days. So in nineteen days, my sect will be holding a grand engagement celebration banquet in Phoenix City, I hope all my n.o.ble and honored friends here will do me the honor of attending this event!”

“~!#¥%… f.u.c.k me, this cunning old fox!” Yun Che silently cursed in his heart. He was indeed befitting of the t.i.tle of the biggest emperor among the Seven Nations, his skin was so thick that even the walls of the Divine Phoenix City paled in comparison.

“Royal Father!” Feng Xue’er yelled in shame and anxiety but Feng Hengkong was already impatiently yelling out invitations, so she was helpless to do anything.

If it were before today, the big powers of the Seven Nations would have responded to Feng Hengkong’s invitation, even if it was for a grand wedding, by sending a few important individuals to attend. But if even one elder from each of the Four Sacred Grounds attended, they would have been showing enough face—At most, the ones attending would be on the level of Ling Kun or Ji Qianrou.

And that was for a grand wedding, not a mere engagement banquet.

But this time, the circ.u.mstances were completely different.

Because the person whom Princess Snow was getting engaged to was Yun Che!

So without even mentioning the Seven Nations, even if it were the Four Great Sacred Grounds… They needed to do everything they could to curry favor with him before he grew strong enough, just for the sake of survival. Furthermore, this engagement banquet would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Even if that person was a fool, he would realize it even if he was thinking with his b.u.t.tocks. So the Four Sacred Masters would definitely not miss out on a chance to personally attend and they would even bring many precious gifts while trembling in fear and trepidation.

Unless they did not want to live anymore.

It was just like when a small power came face to face with one of the Four Sacred Grounds.

So just as expected, once Feng Hengkong had finished speaking, the Sea G.o.d Arena only lay silent for an instant before shouts of affirmation and flattery rang out from all sides:

“I congratulate the Divine Phoenix Sect Master. When the time comes I will definitely come, definitely come…”

“This old one will definitely attend with his entire family. Congratulations, congratulations…”

“Princess Snow and Asgard Master Yun are simply a match made in heaven, so it should be an occasion that is celebrated by all. If we were to miss a grand event that would be the envy of the world, we would regret it our entire lives.”

“The Divine Phoenix Sect Master has such an excellent daughter and now he has gotten such an excellent son-in-law, it is truly… truly something to be envied by all.”

“I am unaware of what would suit the taste of your honored daughter and Asgard Master Yun so I hope that the Divine Phoenix Sect Master can advise me, so this little brother will be able to prepare…”

In the blink of an eye, the gathered hegemons of the Profound Sky Continent had surrounded Feng Hengkong like stars surround the moon. Jasmine turned her head to glance at the commotion before giving a cold sniff and leaving in a huff.

“Xue’er, Yuanba, let’s go.” Yun Che carried Xiao Yun as he hurriedly chased after Jasmine. This time Jasmine did not scold him in a fit of rage, so it could be said that she was giving him a lot of face right now.

That was strange, she has already been long aware of my relations.h.i.+p with Xue’er. So why is she so mad all of the sudden?

Could it be… No, it could not be that… she is jealous?

…Theoretically, that should not be possible… right?

Other than that, why did Jasmine want to stay in Supreme Ocean Palace for another day? If it was to nurse his wounds, would it not be better to return to Floating Cloud City or Frozen Cloud Asgard?


Yun Che was lost in thought so he did not control his own speed and he ended up smacking headfirst into the back of Xia Yuanba who was in front of him.

Xia Yuanba turned around and asked him with wide eyes, “Brother-in-law, what’s wrong?”

“Oh… there is nothing wrong, nothing at all. I was just a little distracted. Xiao Yun should be waking up soon, so let's hurry back to Venerable Cloud Palace.” Yun Che said as he waved a hand.

At the same time, the heavy, cold and b.l.o.o.d.y aura that pervaded the Sea G.o.d Arena had finally faded away following Jasmine’s departure.

Huangji Wuyu had been the only Sacred Master that had escaped Jasmine’s punishment. At this moment, every corner of his robe had been soaked in cold sweat. The fact that he had come out of this entire affair unscathed still made him feel like he had survived a great calamity. The shock and terror in his heart lingered for a long time but when his mind and heart had finally regained their calm. He realized that the main reason why he was safe and sound was because of Xia Yuanba.

Other than that, Ancient Blue had also stepped forward to plead Yun Che’s case… and he was the only one among the Four Sacred Grounds besides Xia Yuanba who had spoken up for Yun Che at all.

On the other side, Xuanyuan Wentian had already been supported by the members of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Xuanyuan Wendao’s face was still a ghastly white as he said in a pain-filled and teary voice, “Father, what are we going to do right now… What are we going to do…?”

Only Xuanyuan Wentian’s left arm had been injured and even though it was b.l.o.o.d.y and mangled, the bones had not been broken. To someone on his level, this was not a serious wound at all and it would heal within half a month at most. But what was millions of times more dreadful than this wound was the feeling of humiliation and terror that settled over his heart like a devilish curse. His chest rose and fell violently before he rasped out in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Go… Let’s leave!”

The Devil Sword Conference had been orchestrated by him and everything had been going perfectly according to his plan… But in the end, all of his plans had been completely wrecked because of Jasmine’s appearance.

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall left the Sea G.o.d Arena and they left with gloomy and disconsolate faces, not bothering to bid farewell to anyone. Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had not left yet… because Jasmine was staying at the Venerable Cloud Palace that they were also staying at. So they did not have the guts to immediately leave either. As for Supreme Ocean Palace, they remained frozen place as they trembled in fear.

Because Jasmine was going to stay for one more day.

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