Against the Gods - Chapter 785 - Desperate Gamble

Chapter 785 - Desperate Gamble

Chapter 785 - Desperate Gamble


As he saw the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign swallow the petals of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, Yun Che felt an intense chill wash over his entire body.

In the end, the worst case scenario had still presented itself in front of his very eyes.

Not only had he missed the chance to get the desired Netherworld Udumbara Flower, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s wounds and powers would be recovering soon as well! Furthermore, this place was a region that was sealed shut, so even the Primordial Profound Ark would not be able to teleport out of here. It also happened that Jasmine was not able to materialize in this place!

So right now, this could be said to be the most cruel and desperate situation Yun Che had ever been in before.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign who had swallowed the petals of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower threw his arms wide open in ecstasy as he shut his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower’s power spreading through his body. An extremely soothing and comfortable feeling spread through his entire body, even down to depths of his soul, causing all the aches and pains that afflicted him to practically disappear.

The dark energy in his body also seemed to be recovering quickly… Yun Che and the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign could both sense it clearly. At this moment, all the wounds on his body started to glow with a faint purple light. After that, the wounds began recovering at such an alarming speed that Yun Che was able to witness the flesh mending and knitting right before his very eyes.

“Hahahaha!” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign laughed wildly. The moment he consumed the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was the moment of the greatest ecstasy for him. But this time, the feeling of ecstasy was far greater than it had ever been before. Once he thought of how Yun Che’s desperate struggles would only lead to despair in the end, his heart was seized by an intense joy, “Pathetic human! Let’s see how long you can struggle against this king this time around!"

“You will soon know the fate of those who have provoked and enraged this king! This king will let you experience the most dreadful purgatory in this world!”

“...” Yun Che’s whole body went cold as he sensed the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s aura begin to rise dramatically. His guts sank as he saw those wounds close before his very eyes but his mind still remained incredibly clear and focused despite the emotions was.h.i.+ng over him…

The more desperate a situation got, the more clear-headed he would become!

Jasmine had said that given the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s current state, he would be able to recover most of his profound energy and be healed of most of his wounds within a mere hundred breaths! However, he had only consumed five flower petals rather than the entire flower, so it should take longer than that.

Even though being able to recover most of his energy and vitality just like that was truly astounding, in the end he still had one hundred breaths… So he would not be thrown into the pits of despair just yet!!

Furthermore, even though five petals of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower had been consumed… four petals still remained!

The power of the remaining four petals of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower… may just be enough to grant Jasmine a new life!! Even if they could not, it would definitely still be of great help.

Yun Che’s brows sank as his thoughts began to race… Right now, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was still seriously injured and he had used up most of his power as well. If he was able to kill him before he could recover with the Netherworld Udumbara Flower’s help, then…

No! There was no if! This was the only option left to him, the only hope he had left… Otherwise, he would definitely be dead meat once the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign recovered!!

However, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s aggregate power and current state was not far off from his own, given the fact that he also had a devil body… He had not even managed to critically injure him during their vicious battle that had lasted for hours! So trying to deliver a killing blow within the span of a few short breaths would be harder than reaching the heavens!

But the situation he was currently facing did not give Yun Che time to hesitate or consider. Because the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s strength continued to grow with each pa.s.sing breath and his wounds continued to heal at a rapid pace!! This basically meant that each pa.s.sing breath would cause the already miniscule spark of hope he had to constantly shrink! Perhaps after the next ten or twenty breaths, that already faint hope might disappear completely.

On the other hand, even if Yun Che had to think with his toes, he would be able to realize that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s following move would not be to engage him in combat. Rather, he would pour all his effort into shaking Yun Che off and rus.h.i.+ng towards the Netherworld Udumbara Flower! At that point, not only would the remaining four petals of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower fall into his devil hands… He was not even able to approach the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, so he could forget about struggling or hoping for victory!

Yun Che’s eyes widened as a resolute and vicious light radiated from within. Both his hands tightened fiercely around the hilt of the Heaven Smiting Sword. It was almost as if he wanted to embed it in his flesh… Now that he only had one option left to him, Yun Che tossed aside all thoughts of prices or aftermaths!

“Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign!!”

Yun Che roared in such a loud voice that it sounded like his throat would be torn apart. After a short pause, his speed explosively increased as he rushed towards the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

“Yun Che, you…”

Jasmine instantly realized what Yun Che was planning and she swallowed her words of warning before they even left her mouth… Because she knew that this was indeed the only option left to him.

He had not choice but to stake his very life on this gamble!

Even though it was extremely likely that he would explode on the spot, at least he could still grasp at that tiny sliver of hope!

“Evil G.o.d’s fourth realm, Rumbling Heaven!!”


An incredibly heavy rumbling sound resounded within Yun Che’s profound veins. All of his profound entrances were fully opened as the Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins instantly swelled to twice their usual size… and they were coming close to rupturing!!

At the same time, a wild and frenzied energy wave exploded from his body as they shoved aside all the surrounding darkness energy! The dreadfulness of this energy wave caused the wildly laughing Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign to fly away as if he had been hit by a giant mallet. He flew through the air before smas.h.i.+ng against one of the stone walls located in the very depths of the cave.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s laughter immediately grew strangled as he jerked his head upwards to look at Yun Che. The eyes that were filled with complacency and joy were now filled with an enormous dread…

The Yun Che who had been rus.h.i.+ng at him had disappeared and what had taken his place was a man who was completely covered in blood, a blood person who was radiating a terrifying aura! Every single strand of his hair stood on end as flames burned around his body! And the profound energy that he was releasing was astonis.h.i.+ngly dyed an eye-catching and alarming scarlet color! Both of his eyes seemed to have been dyed with blood as even the whites of his eyes had turned a b.l.o.o.d.y red!

Blood was spraying from his arms as countless alarming cracks started running through his skin, causing blood to spout from his body like a fountain. His entire body looked as if it had been stabbed thousands of times before it was dragged out of its own blood and one could scarcely see any part of his body that was left unharmed!

His appearance was so frightening that it would cause a normal person to pale in shock and fear but it definitely would not be able to faze the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. What frightened the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was the wild and berserk aura that was radiating from his body!!

If Yun Che’s aura could previously be described as a cl.u.s.ter of flames… then the blood man in front of him was releasing an aura that was akin to a violently erupting volcano from the depths of h.e.l.l itself! It was so terrifying that all the nerves in the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s body convulsed as the soul that was being nourished by the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was instantly a.s.saulted by an extreme sense of danger.

Furthermore, the blood man was holding a vermillion greatsword in his hand, that further proved that… this blood man was actually Yun Che!!

“You…” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign gasped as he pressed his back against the wall. He was not able to even croak out a chuckle anymore.

From the moment Yun Che had opened the “Rumbling Heaven” gate, his senses had been completely engulfed by unending pain. But at the same time, he could also feel an incomparably dreadful power exploding out of his body… Furthermore, this power far exceeded the limits of what his body could endure. He could clearly feel every part of his body rupturing the moment profound energy exploded from within his body… Even the world in front of him had turned blood red.

Besides that blood red color, he could not see anything else…

Only the spark of an unextinguishable will was still firmly locked onto the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s aura.

Raising arms that had nearly lost all feeling, he exhausted all of his will to barrel towards the area where the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s aura was located.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s pupils narrowed to pinp.r.i.c.ks… One million years ago, this kind of power would’ve been so insignificant that he would not even deign to notice it. But for the current Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, it was a calamitous power that caused him to shake uncontrollably in fear.

He glanced at the purple light s.h.i.+ning in the periphery of his vision. He wanted to rush to where the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was but every time he tried to move his devil body forward, he was forcefully pushed back by the terrifying aura that was rus.h.i.+ng towards him. It was as if his back had been nailed to the wall behind him. Right now, he could barely even raise his leg, much less try to rush forward. It was as if every part of his body was being pressed down by an enormous mountain.

The vermillion sword beam grew nearer and nearer and the fear in the Moon Devil Sovereign’s eyes grew commensurately. He gave a great roar as all the power in his body surged forth desperately. He formed a jet-black vortex of energy that was ten thousand times darker than the deepest abyss and sent it flying towards Yun Che with a yell.

The moment that jet-black vortex exploded outwards, the Heaven Smiting Sword which carried the power of the “Rumbling Heaven” gate whistled downwards. Instantly, the jet-black vortex that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had formed with all his remaining energy came to a sudden stop. After that, it began to be suppressed, devoured and swallowed up by that vermillion sword beam… until it completely disappeared.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s vision was covered by boundless vermillion light, a copious amount of blood spraying into air as he bore the brunt of that catastrophic explosion. An earth-shaking rumble shook the entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest as a howl laced with despair and pain rang throughout every corner...



Jet-black stone walls crumbled away rapidly as countless stone fragments fell to the ground. The entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was shaking and it seemed as if the heavens and the earth themselves were shaking along with it. Destructive winds blew throughout the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest as they collided and slammed into everything around them, destroying whatever they could destroy. Furthermore, the deepest part of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest had been completely filled by fiercely burning dull golden flames as a catastrophic storm raged about wantonly for ages…

This was the first time Yun Che had ever opened the “Rumbling Heaven” gate, so this was also the first sword slash that he had ever performed while the “Rumbling Heaven” gate was open. Jasmine was still unaware of the result of this sword slash. But what she could definitively confirm was that the current Yun Che was completely incapable of enduring the power unleashed by the “Rumbling Heaven” gate! Yun Che forcefully opened the “Rumbling Heaven” gate and his profound energy instantly went berserk, Jasmine could clearly see all of his internal organs rupturing as his veins snapped and blood flowed freely from his body. The only things that remained unbroken were his bones that were reinforced by the Dragon G.o.d Marrow.

It was only for that one instant… But every single second after that would cause the situation to worsen by many times!!

Perhaps it would only need two breaths for Yun Che’s body to explode and he definitely would not leave a whole body behind.

Given the dire straits that they were in, Jasmine could not afford to hesitate anymore. The moment Yun Che used all of his willpower to launch that blow with his sword, Jasmine’s soul body left the Sky Poison Pearl and entered Yun Che’s body. Four scarlet profound energy beams shot out at extreme speed as they pierced all of Yun Che’s internal organs and entered his profound veins. The four beams of light unerringly pressed on the four open Evil G.o.d Gates.

Jasmine’s power was so tyrannical that the instant those scarlet lights disappeared, the four open Evil G.o.d Gates had closed as well. The berserking profound energy immediately began to fade away. Jasmine breathed a small sigh of relief before she hurriedly entered the Sky Poison Pearl.

Her soul form was deathly afraid of the devil energy within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Since Yun Che had been within the very depths of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest itself, it was natural that a small portion of that devil energy had seeped into his body. Even though Jasmine had only dwelt inside Yun Che’s body for a brief moment, she felt an exceedingly unbearable feeling spread through her body the moment she re-entered the Sky Poison Pearl.

Jasmine swiftly went into meditation and a long time pa.s.sed before that unbearable feeling finally disappeared.

She opened her eyes once more as she took a look at the world outside.

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