Against the Gods - Chapter 782 - Devil Transformation

Chapter 782 - Devil Transformation

Chapter 782 - Devil Transformation

Boom boom boom…

It was as if countless bolts of heavenly lightning were exploding in the air as more and more of the black stone that had been tempered by the darkness energy for ten thousand years began to crumble apart. Then, the stone fragments were fiercely sucked into the powerful currents of profound energy flowing through the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Fire light shot out in all directions as darkness saturated the air. The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest’s quaking did not abate in the slightest.

Both man and devil had been bogged down in furious combat for an unknown period of time. The wounds on both their bodies were too numerous to count but the power that exploded out from the both of them were still sufficient to shake the heavens and move the earth. In both of his lives, Yun Che had gone through countless life-and-death battles but none of those battles had lasted as long nor been as vicious as this one.

Even though Yun Che had entered the highest tier of profound strength that existed within the Profound Sky Continent, there were still many people from the Four Great Sacred Grounds who could defeat him.

However in terms of endurance and recovery ability, he was undoubtedly number one in the entire Profound Sky Continent.

When he had dueled with Fen Juechen several months ago, he had not known that Hong’er was able to restrict his powers. So he had to rely on his absurdly strong recovery ability to outlast Fen Juechen and defeat him. But today, he had met an opponent whose endurance and recovery ability was no less than his own.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign who possessed a devil body!!

Their fight had lasted for several hours but every blow that they sent at each other was still deadly and incisive. However, their power, speed, and the sharpness of their attacks had clearly declined. Both of them had been similarly weakened, so neither party could gain a clear edge.


The Heaven Smiting Sword clashed with the devil claws of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign in midair as another thunderous explosion resounded. A large amount of black stone was pounded into dust by the aftershock of that attack, causing the air in the entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest to grow gray and hazy.

Darkness energy and Golden Crow flames crazily circulated around the two as the respective energies attempted to tear away and devour one another. It was literally like seeing two vicious beasts which hated each other engage in combat.


The ground that had already begun to sink beneath their feet started to fracture even more. The stone ceiling above their heads had also begun to resemble a giant dome. At this point, the devil claws that clashed with Yun Che’s heavy sword suddenly drew back. With a howl of fury, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign thrust out both his hands. Ten ebon beams of profound light shot out from each of histen emaciated, claw-like fingers as they stabbed towards Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Che’s body unconsciously started to move backwards. Through sheer force of will, he stubbornly stopped his first reaction, forcing his body to stay put. He neither tried to dodge, nor counter strike, instead pouring all of the profound energy protecting his body into his arms. As the pupils of eyes contacted, he sent his sword sweeping towards the chest of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

The boundless pressure generated by this sword stroke threatened to collapse the s.p.a.ce in a thirty meter radius around them.


The sword beam generated by the Heaven Smiting Sword fiercely swept across the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s chest. There was a sickening snap as the largest bone in his chest was smashed into several pieces and his body was flung hundreds of meters away.. However, all ten beams of the dark devil energy that were shot out by the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign also stabbed into Yun Che’s body, causing his vision to go dark as his body stumbled back furiously. However, both his hands still remained tightly locked around the vermillion greatsword and he refused to allow it to leave his hands.

A miserable howl of pain rang out as the longest vermillion sword wound to date had been inflicted on the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s chest. The wound also brought along pain and trauma that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had never experienced before. The heavy sword energy that surged out from the vermillion sword wound on his chest, poured into his devil body as it wreaked wanton destruction on his body and already weakened life force.

Even though a long time had pa.s.sed, Yun Che remained sitting slumped on the ground and still had not gotten up yet. The ten beams of dark devil energy that bored into his body were like ten devilish needles that came from the depths of the underworld themselves. They ate away at his flesh, meridians and internal organs, wracking his body with so much pain that even his soul could barely stand it.

He pressed his lips together tightly, refusing to let even a hiss of pain escape his lips.

“Stop inhaling right now. Use the cleansing power of the Phoenix flames and the destructive power of the Evil G.o.d’s profound energy!” Jasmine exclaimed in a low voice, “You are really far too reckless! That energy originated from a true devil! If it enters your body, no ordinary profound energy will be able to cleanse it away! If not for you possessing the profound energy of the Evil G.o.d and the cleansing power of the Phoenix flames, you would have basically thrown away half your life there and then!”

Yun Che fiercely gritted his teeth while quickly regaining his composure. Phoenix flames began to swiftly circulate throughout his body as he also used the Evil G.o.d’s profound energy to wrap up those ten beams of dark devil energy. In a short amount of time, all ten beams of devilish energy were sealed tightly before they were purified by both the Phoenix flames and Evil G.o.d’s profound energy working in tandem.


Yun Che lurched forward as a large amount of black blood sprayed from his mouth. All of the energy in his body, as well as his five senses, became clear. Unfortunately, his aura had weakened by yet another degree.

But it was clear that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was in a far worse situation.

Yun Che had taken those ten beams of devilish energy in order to land an extremely heavy blow on the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s miserable cries of incredible pain sent a loud and clear message to Yun Che; that he had gotten the better of that exchange! Even though the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had already gotten to his feet, the vermillion light clearly showed a hole the size of a human head carved into his chest. Black blood poured out from that hole and Yun Che could even see the broken pitch-black bones jutting out from inside.

Even though the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign tried his best not to cry out, the uncontrollable spasming of his body clearly showed how much pain he was enduring. However, his alarm was far greater than his pain!

Even though his vitality had been sapped, he still had a devil body! No matter how weak a devil body was, it was still something that a mortal’s body could not hope to compete with! Furthermore, due to the lingering devil energy within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, his wounds and his energy were recovering far faster than they normally did.

He had been forced to use his profound energy from the very start, after such a long and vicious battle, only half his profound energy remained. Given that his opponent had the body of a mortal, his energy should have long been exhausted. But the young human in front of him was weakening at the same rate as he was!

Even the wounds on his body, carved out by the corrosive dark devil energy, were recovering at a rate that completely defied logic.

As for his own wounds… The burns left behind by the Golden Crow flames were still manageable, but the wounds left behind by that vermillion greatsword were another thing altogether! Not only did every one of them caused him immense and unbearable pain, they were recovering at a rate that was more than ten times slower than usual!

“You… who exactly are you!?” As he saw Yun Che, who had taken all ten beams of his devil energy, get up so quickly and calmly, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s pupils widened. He pressed both hands against the hole in his chest and every single finger was trembling as he continued, “You’re not human… what exactly are you!?”

His voice now quivered with fear.

Even the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was surprised to hear the fear in his own voice.

He had originally thought that he had encountered a human with a death wish.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that he would meet a monster among human beings!!

Given that inferior human body, how could he possess this kind of vitality and recovery ability… Furthermore, all of this was occurring while he was stuck in an environment where darkness energy was sapping away at his life at every second!

The sword Yun Che held in his hand was also far more dreadful than any other sword the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had seen during the Primordial Era!!

Even when he had faced off against a true devil slayer sword all those years ago, he had not been seized by this unconscious trembling that he was feeling right now.

“My name is Yun Che and you will find no man more ordinary than I!” Yun Che said as he strode slowly towards the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, “Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign! The era of G.o.ds and devils has long since come to a close! A million years ago, you should have stopped existing in this world! Today, regardless of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, I would still have to consign you to the grave!!”

“Consign this king to the grave? With just you!?” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign growled through gritted teeth. No matter how bad his situation became, he had never imagined he would ever be reduced to such a pathetic state! And at the hands of a human at that! Boundless fury and humiliation ate away at his already fading rationality and he suddenly let out a furious roar as his entire body was engulfed in a gloomy black fog. At the same time, the crimson black devil tattoos on his chest and back began radiating a deep b.l.o.o.d.y light.

“You arrogant, ignorant and pathetic human being… this king will let you know just how strong the devil clan is! If you think you alone are capable of defeating this king… you need to stop dreaming!!”

The blood red devil tattoos began to twist and warp as they gradually formed into row upon row of strange runes. The hair on the Moon Devil Sovereign’s head grew even longer as all the bones in his body cracked so loudly that it sounded like a boulder had fractured. The muscles on his body swelled explosively as all four of his limbs instantly doubled in thickness. The blood red meridians present throughout his entire body twisted like earthworms.

A low, pain-filled, roar tore from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s throat as his body distorted and twisted like a thras.h.i.+ng snake. Jet-black scales quickly appeared on his skin, covering his entire body., A layer of dense, white bone armor grew on his arms and legs. It was as if his bones had been spat out from his flesh so they could wrap around his muscles instead.

This dreadful and bizarre transformation sent a jolt of shock through Yun Che’s heart and he immediately stopped moving forward. At the same time, he could clearly feel the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s aura spike tremendously… Furthermore, it had also become even more sinister and tyrannical than before.

“It’s a transformation!” Jasmine’s exclaimed in a similarly shocked voice but Yun Che heard more caution than alarm.

“All of the ancient devils were able to transform themselves! This type of transformation is different from the shapechange that you are familiar with. It is a method that transforms the body to allow for greater control and release of power. After the transformation is complete, that person will be able to use all of his power. However, the burden on his body and the amount of energy being consumed will greatly increase as well. They would normally only transform into their full-powered state when they were drawn into life-and-death battles! There are some devils that can even undergo multiple transformations as well.”


A pair of teeth, which glowed with a dense cold light, extended out of his mouth. They looked like the fangs of a wolf as they flashed with a glaring cold light. Sinister bone spikes had also grown out of his elbows and knees… Finally, the imprint of a blood moon had shockingly appeared on his chest!!

This was the imprint that belong solely to him, the king of the Eternal Night Devil Clan!

During the Primordial Era, this imprint would cause ten thousand devils to bend their knee in submission! But today, a mere human had forced it out!

His fury and power began to spike crazily as the whirling darkness energy coalesced into howling gales. This completely stopped Yun Che’s breath as an incomparably heavy pressure a.s.saulted him from all sides, nearly crus.h.i.+ng his chest and bending his back.

“His power… has actually risen by a ma.s.sive amount in just an instant!!” Yun Che, who had originally intended to a.s.sault the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign while he was in the midst of his transformation, was slowly being forced backwards by the sharply increasing devil energy. He used both hands to brace himself as a deep expression of shock appeared on his face.

Jasmine let out a emotionless and cold laugh instead, “The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign definitely never imagined that you would be able to force him to transform! The current Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign is a far cry from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign from the Primordial Era! Given his extremely depleted life force, not only will he have to pay an extremely high price for his transformation but it won’t last long either! Otherwise, he would not have waited until now to transform!”

“In his current state, it won’t be easy to go toe-to-toe with him. You’ll need to use Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning to engage him! However, in these tight and narrow confines, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to do so!” Jasmine’s brows twitched before she made a decision, “Activate your Profound Handle! Even though it will increase the amount of energy you’re consuming and might not help you span the power gap of transformed Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, at least… the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign won’t have such an easy time of defeating you while he is transformed!”

“Alright!” Yun Che nodded his head as he changed his grip on his sword, putting his left arm forward instead of his right.

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