Against the Gods - Chapter 779 - Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (5)

Chapter 779 - Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (5)

Chapter 779 - Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (5)

“Be forever consigned to dust in the darkness!!”

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign took a step forward. Immediately, the entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest began to quake. The dark mist around his body billowed crazily as it transformed into a giant wave of darkness energy and surged toward him.

Absolute darkness and extreme cold engulfed Yun Che like a boundless, inescapable, abyss. In front of this wave of darkness energy, Yun Che felt his body becoming rigid and he felt like dust in front of a tidal wave that reached the heavens. He was not able to attack with the Golden Crow flames he had gathered up as every cell in his body screamed for him to “escape”! If he dared to face it head on, it would only end in his complete and total destruction.

This was the first time that an attack caused his very soul to tremble in fear before it even neared his body.

Yun Che abruptly bit the tip of his tongue as he activated both Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning at the same time as he darted backwards, quick as lightning. As he was making his swift escape, he felt his back smash heavily against a wall that he had no way of seeing.


The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest shook again as the wave of darkness exploded at the place where Yun Che had been stonewalled. The exploding darkness energy seemed to spread out like a horde of evil spirits.

The interior of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest had been saturated by darkness energy of an extremely high level for an entire ten thousand years. Every inch of its walls and every grain of sand within had become incomparably durable and it also had an immeasurably strong resistance against darkness energy itself. Even though it was being impacted by this peerlessly terrifying darkness, no dust flew in the wake of the attack and the wall itself merely shook but did not collapse.

Even though Yun Che had not been caught by the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s exploding darkness profound energy, the icy cold aftershocks caused his whole body to be wracked by unbearable pain. His brows knitted together tightly as he took big gasps of breath. After facing the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s first attack, his heart instantly sank to the bottom of his stomach… Both individuals were at the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm and both of them also wielded the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night but just based on the darkness profound energy that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had used in his attack, he was at least several times stronger than Fen Juechen!

Furthermore the icy cold might and pressure that were emanating from his body were at least one hundred times more stronger than Fen Juechen’s!!

Even when he faced the Sovereign of the Seas, Qu Fengyi, the might and pressure that he had felt was vastly inferior to the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s.

Because, it… was a devil from ancient times after all!!

“Yun Che, you better listen up and listen good!” Jasmine yelled in an extremely serious tone, “This Moon Devil Sovereign! No matter what tactics or trump cards you have to use, you must use all your strength to kill him, even if you have to put your life on the line! Only your strength is not restricted by the dark devil energy in this place! So you are the only person who can kill him on this Blue Pole Star! Otherwise, the day he fully revives is the day the entire Profound Sky Continent and all the living creatures on this world experience a catastrophe beyond imagination!”

“Heh, right now, I have no time to care about a catastrophe.” Yun Che’s hands tightened into fists as he barked out a miserable laugh filled with self-mockery, “If I’m unable to kill him, then I’m dead meat. So I have no choice but to put everything on the line anyways… It’s only that this time, there really isn’t any chance of victory.”

Because the monster he was facing was a devil from ancient times!

In the million years since the fall of the G.o.ds and devils, Yun Che was astonis.h.i.+ngly the very first person who had crossed arms with a devil in the entire Primal Chaos Realm!

“If it was just you alone, then you’d indeed be as good as dead, as you wouldn’t have a s...o...b..ll’s chance in h.e.l.l of beating him.” Jasmine said in a deep voice, “But if we add in Hong’er… then we might just have a chance!”

“Hmph, what a pitiful struggle!” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign stretched out a pitch-black arm as a cl.u.s.ter of dark mist coalesced in front of him. After that, it started to pulsate like an enormous living organ. After the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign stretched out his finger, the dark mist fiercely tore itself apart as it shot out a thousand bolts of black lightning that stormed in Yun Che’s location. Every single bolt of dark lightning was as slender as a needle but the might contained within each bolt of lightning caused all the hairs on Yun Che’s body to stand on end as he instantly went pale.

“Don’t even think of trying to break that attack, dodge all of them! If you are hit by any one of them, the darkness energy contained within will directly harm your soul!” Jasmine yelled out an urgent warning.

Yun Che did not even stop to think about it. He clung to the side of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest’s walls as he once again activated Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning to escape from this attack at the fastest speed possible.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

The dark lightning tore a thousand holes in the air before it collided against the stone wall with an ear-splitting wail. At the same time, vicious currents of dark energy spilled from the dark lightning uncontrollably. Many stone walls were scattered within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, so as Yun Che fled backwards with all his might, all of the dark lightning was soaked up by the stone walls… Despite the dreadful power that was contained by each bolt of dark lightning, power sufficient to easily pierce through Heavenly Firm Jade, none of these lightning bolts were able to penetrate a single stone wall in this place.

These stone walls that had been saturated by darkness energy for ten thousand years had clearly become a protective umbrella for Yun Che as he fled pathetically.

“Hah… hah…” Yun Che gasped violently as he leaned heavily against a stone wall, his forehead covered in cold sweat. Once he had managed to compose himself, he realized that the two attacks made by the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had pushed him from the depths of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest to its middle.

If this continued, he would simply flee until he was rendered unable to flee.

“This can’t continue…” Yun Che mumbled through gritted teeth as he stared in the direction of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, “Merely escaping is completely meaningless in this place… I’ll just have to put it all on the line, no matter what!”

“Ah, this has truly shocked this king! To think that a pathetically weak and inferior lifeform such as yourself could escape this king’s punishment twice in a row. But it is such a pity, because you are not qualified to become a plaything for this king. So this time, even if you have ten more lives, even if you are ten times faster, you will disappear forever! Not even a single bone will be left behind!”

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s voice seemed near and far as it rang out from within the boundless darkness, making it hard for Yun Che to get a lock on his position. He gritted his teeth hard as he suppressed the terror that was welling up in his heart…


With a low roar, all of the profound energy in Yun Che’s body explosively swelled up as the pupils of his eyes and the surrounding profound energy instantly turned a dull red.

“Burning Sun Rupture!!”

Yun Che darted out from behind the stone wall as blazing Golden Crow flames frantically ignited and exploded with full force towards the onrus.h.i.+ng Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.


When the onrus.h.i.+ng Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was still sixty meters away, the Golden Crow flames abruptly ruptured, but these rupturing flames of destruction did not release the power of the Golden Crow flames which would reduce everything to nothingness. Instead the flames were quickly extinguished within the darkness as they faded away. Within the short span of a single breath, everything was plunged into pitch-black stillness once again.

“!” Yun Che said as he gritted his teeth fiercely.

“This is truly a meaningless struggle.” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign said with icy contempt and mockery, “If it was the flames of the Vermillion Bird, this king may feel the slightest hints of trepidation. But these lowly Golden Crow flames are merely a pitiful joke!”

“...” The fact that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was an ancient devil was confirmed yet again! Not only had he identified the flames as Golden Crow flames with a single glance but he also did not show the slightest bit of amazement at seeing them.

At this moment, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s aura abruptly grew thick and heavy as the expression in his eyes fiercely changed as well… because he had felt the change in Yun Che’s profound energy and he had also noticed the strange profound light which glowed around him.

“Evil G.o.d… Arts!!” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign said in a voice that trembled suddenly. But after that, it morphed into a roar of pure fury and rage, “You actually inherited the powers of the Evil G.o.d… AHHH!!!! THEN YOU DESERVE TO DIE EVEN MORE!! EVEN MORE!!”

“This king has sworn countless of times that the first thing I had to do when I saw the light of day again was to destroy every single trace of the Evil G.o.d left in this universe!!”

“So you, the human who who has inherited the power of the Evil G.o.d! This king will consign both your body and soul to oblivion forever!!”

The seal had lasted for one million years and what was acc.u.mulated had been one million years of resentment and rage against the Evil G.o.d!

The moment he had felt the Evil G.o.d’s power on Yun Che’s body, all the resentment that festered within the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign erupted like a raging volcano. In a single instant, his fury caused the entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest to shake and it was a million times more intense than the fury he had previously directed towards his “unfilial son”.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign roared once again as he suddenly took to the air. He shot a claw out towards Yun Che and a thick and dense darkness that seemed to come from a devil G.o.d that dwelt in the depths of a deep abyss shot out from his body to engulf Yun Che.

He wanted to use that darkness energy to imprison Yun Che before using his bare hands to personally tear Yun Che into bits and pieces. All so that he could give vent to the million years of anger and resentment he held against the Evil G.o.d.

Yun Che steeled himself as he tried to push aside his fear and desire to flee but the dread that welled up in his soul and his body’s instinctual desire to cower in fear was incomparably intense. The pressure from this devil simply wasn’t something a mortal’s body could bear. Yun Che being able to endure up to this point was already difficult beyond belief.

“I have to put it all in the line… The only choice I have is to put it all on the line! If not, the only thing that awaits me is a meaningless death!”

His body was still being wracked by uncontrollable trembling and he gritted his teeth so hard that he had nearly broken a few of them. However, the dread in his heart instantly turned into a violent rage…


A vermillion light shone as the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared. Yun Che’s body shot into the air at the same time as he braced to meet the darkness energy that he could not possibly resist. While he gave vent to his emotions with a great roar, he poured all of his energy into the Heaven Smiting Sword without reservation as he smashed it towards the boundless darkness before him.

It was also at this exact moment that Yun Che suddenly saw the absolute darkness clearing before his very eyes.

The body of the Heaven Smiting Sword released a vermillion light that Yun Che was quite familiar with. In this world of darkness, that the Golden Crow flames could barely illuminate, the vermillion light that emanated from the Heaven Smiting Sword was actually able to pierce through the darkness around Yun Che… it revealed the approaching whirlpool of darkness… and even managed to light up every corner of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest!!

It even clearly revealed the full appearance of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign to Yun Che as well!

At the same time, he felt the all-encompa.s.sing, unconquerable fear that he held towards the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, which had captivated his heart, suddenly disappear. It had disappeared completely, he even felt that the vortex of darkness which sped to engulf him had become far less dreadful. Even the dark might, which radiated from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, had become less heavy.

What’s… this?

All of these changes had occurred the moment Yun Che had put his life on the line and rushed forth with the Heaven Smiting Sword. It was just that Yun Che did not have the time to be amazed by these changes or even think about them. Because in the very next instant, the Heaven Smiting Sword had heavily collided with the vortex of dark energy that had been conjured by the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

The instant the sword blade approached the vortex of darkness, Yun Che clearly saw the originally raging and surging vortex of dark energy become sluggish… or perhaps it would be better to say that it had curled up in fear!


The dreadful vortex of dark energy was sliced cleanly in two by the Heaven Smiting Sword, as if it was simply a pitch-black curtain. The dark devil energy that rushed out did not attempt to rush up and devour Yun Che. Instead, it curled back as if in fear before twisting backwards as it fled desperately… as if it had come face to face with the one thing in the world that it feared the most.

The incomparably dreadful vortex of darkness had been dispersed with a single blow. Yun Che stared at the now empty s.p.a.ce in front of him with with blank eyes as he could barely believe what he had just witnessed. The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was equally stunned. He stopped in place as both of his eyes fell heavily on the sword in Yun Che’s hand. The gray light in his pupils grew incredibly frenzied as he gasped, “That… that is…”

At this time, Yun Che finally came back to his senses. His heart no longer felt any fear or pressure as he used Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow to appear in front of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, smas.h.i.+ng the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword down fiercely on the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s chest.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was in shock as he was struck by Yun Che’s attack.


A hoa.r.s.e and shrill cry blanketed the entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Even though Yun Che’s blow had been hastily struck, it still carried the force of a tremendous amount of weight and sent the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign flying.

Yun Che did not give chase. He only stood there, rooted in place… All he heard was the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s shrill and miserable wails, which did not die out until a long time later.

An ancient devil who could endure a seal that lasted a million years, who had a mighty devil body had actually let out such a shrill and miserable wail after being struck by Yun Che’s sword… It was as if he had suffered the cruelest punishment in this world.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s pitch-black body heavily smashed against a stone wall that was three hundred meters away before it flopped to the ground. But he did not stand up. Instead, he began to roll on the ground as he let out cries that spoke of incomparable agony… As for the place where the Heaven Smiting Sword had struck his chest, it was astonis.h.i.+ngly marked with a vermillion red wound. The vermillion light radiating from the wound was exceptionally glaring and it did not fade for a long time after, as streams of pitch-black blood poured out from within.

“Devil… devil slayer… sword!!”

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s voice had been warped by pain but the three words “devil slayer sword” had clearly been uttered with deep dread.

Yun Che stared blankly at the scene in front of him. The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was no longer a world of absolute darkness. It had now become completely stained in vermillion light. And the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign who was incomparably terrifying was now mewling in pain as he laid curled out up on the ground… Yun Che bent his head to look at the vermillion greatsword which was all too familiar to him with a dazed expression on his face. Yet at this moment, it almost seemed to be a stranger.

“Hahahahaha, that was the case after all!” Jasmine crowed triumphantly, “The moment an ancient devil is wounded by a devil slayer sword, the pain it endures is a thousand times greater and the time the wound takes to recover is also ten times slower than usual! So devils who are more pure than others will fear the devil slayer sword even more!”

“So now, you should know why I said that as long as you have Hong’er around, there is still a chance that you can beat this Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign!”

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