Against the Gods - Chapter 758 - Xuanyuan Jiuding

Chapter 758 - Xuanyuan Jiuding

Chapter 758 - Xuanyuan Jiuding

When Yun Che shouted out the four words “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region”, it surprised Xuanyuan Yufeng, Ling Yuefeng and the rest. What shocked them even more was that the expression and tone Yun Che used when he shouted “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region”, were actually overbearing and carried an evident disrespect. The phrase “full of cowards” even brought along a certain degree of shame.

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was a force of the highest level in Profound Sky Continent. In the eyes of Heavenly Sword Villa, they were even more so like a divine city floating in the clouds, an extraordinary existence which they desperately wanted to depend on, and definitely did not dare to disrespect or offend in the slightest. Furthermore, they had never seen or even heard of there being someone who would dare be this overbearing when facing people from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

These two elderly men were even Elder-cla.s.s figures who carried extremely high standings in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. They possessed incredible profound strength that could be said to pierce the skies!

“Yun Che, you sure have huge guts!!” Xuanyuan Yufeng’s face was filled with anger. With two Mighty Heavenly Sword Region Elders by her side, how could she possibly possess the slightest bit of hesitation in front of Yun Che? She furiously said, “Even though you know that the two esteemed guests of our villa hail from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, you still actually dare to be this disrespectful with your words! Do you think that after lording all over Divine Phoenix Nation, you have the qualifications to behave this arrogantly in front of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!?”

“Milady!” Ling Yuefeng immediately uttered, wanting to stop Xuanyuan Yufeng from continuing. Enraging two Elder-cla.s.s figures of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region who possessed monstrous profound strength… It was definitely impossible for Yun Che to leave this place alive.

With his knowledge, even if Yun Che’s profound strength has grown by a heaven-bending degree in these few years he was “dead,” and was now sufficient to deter the Divine Phoenix Sect, how could he possibly contend against Mighty Heavenly Sword Region as well…? The latter was after all a supreme sacred ground which had looked down on Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years!

Xuanyuan Yufeng, however, directly ignored Ling Yuefeng’s discouragement, and said while facing the green and gray elderly men. “Uncles, I can put aside this little junior bullying my Heavenly Sword Villa, yet now he actually dares to not place even Mighty Heavenly Sword Region in his eyes. In my whole life, Yufeng has never seen someone who dares to be this audacious towards Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… This is something that cannot be tolerated! Uncles, please take him down!”

“Elders!” Ling Yuefeng’s heart skipped a beat, as he hurriedly stepped forward and anxiously said, “Yun Che is young and hot-blooded, not to mention he is here to settle debts, so he was unable to control the weight in his words. I hope that Elders do not lower your esteemed selves to his level… Yun Che, my Heavenly Sword Villa will give the Blue Wind Imperial Family an explanation. These two great figures are after all still the Elders of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. They are the most distinguished guests in the history of my Heavenly Sword Villa, so I am unable to accommodate you. Please leave with haste.”

Yun Che did not move, but his eyes lightly glanced at Ling Yuefeng for a moment… Although he was selfish and ungrateful, he could still be considered as an upright person. At the very least, he deserved Cang Yue’s forgiveness!

“Husband, he has already come to bully and shame our villa, why do you still intend to protect him? And today, he actually dared to treat my Heavenly Sword Villa this way. If we let him leave like this, it will only grow even more severe in the future!” Xuanyuan Yufeng said loudly, “Fine! His life can be spared. Let’s have two fellow uncles cripple his entire profound strength. Let’s see if he can still act this arrogantly in the future.”

“Haah.” The green robed elder had instead raised his right arm, and shook his hand. His face still carried that chuckling expression, and did not have the slightest sign of being enraged by Yun Che’s words. “Yufeng, no need to be furious. We have long heard of Yun Che’s temper as well, no matter. Furthermore, Yun Che is one of the people whom the Venerable Sword Master wishes to see at the Devil Sword Conference the most. If things really go as you say, wouldn’t we have to be blamed by the Venerable Sword Master?”

Yun Che, “...?”

“The Venerable Sword Master… wishes to see him?” Xuanyuan Yufeng frowned, puzzled. Both Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni were similarly dumbfounded as well. Sword Master Xuanyuan Wentian… the master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. They had gone several times to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region in these recent years, yet never have they dared wish that they could meet him. However, he actually wanted to meet Yun Che himself!?

“Hoho. Not a single word spoken by your Thirteenth Uncle contains falsehood.” The gray robed elder spoke up. With a calm expression, he faced Yun Che. However, in the depths of his eyes, were a deep heaviness and fear which he was suppressing with all his might… Because, after all, he clearly knew that behind Yun Che was a teacher who possessed seemingly incomprehensible strength!

The reason why Yun Che dared to act this overbearing even in front of them, was because of that master named “Duotian.”

He believed that killing Yun Che was a simple feat, but when he recalled that Yun Che’s master had used a mere flicker of starfire to turn a Sun Moon Elder, who possessed strength comparable to his, into nothingness, how could he dare to truly make a move?

“Little friend Yun.” The gray robed elder said with a chuckle.” This old man is surnamed Mu, with the given name Yuanzhi, ranked among the Elders of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Though Yufeng had married into Heavenly Sword Villa, she was born in our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and is still the sole daughter of Xuanyuan Jue, the Ninth Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. I wonder just what kind of grudge little friend Yun has against Yufeng, that you actually have to target her so?”

Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni looked towards Yun Che as well… They similarly had no idea just what kind of conflict there was between Yun Che and Yufeng.

“Grudge?” Yun Che laughed solemnly. Ever since he saw Xuanyuan Yufeng, an air of hostility was madly tumbling within his chest. Earlier, when his move towards Xuanyuan Yufeng was obstructed by the two green and gray elders, it had also intensified this hostility. It seemingly wanted to burst apart within his chest. At this moment, he was already at the brink of losing control.

“Since you people want to know it that much, then I shall have her… answer herself!!”

When his last word fell, Yun Che’s body slightly blurred, as he suddenly charged towards Xuanyuan Yufeng who was guarded behind the two Sword Region Elders.

Rather than his speed, what was more terrifying was Yun Che’s explosive acceleration. From being stationary, he turned into a bolt of lightning in a mere instant.

The faces of the green and gray robed elders instantly changed. Though they were shocked, they were not fl.u.s.tered, as they speedily made their moves at the very first moment, grabbing towards Yun Che at the same time… Not only were those instantaneous reactions, the speeds of their movements were not the slightest bit slower than Yun Che’s speed.

After all, they were two powerful and peerless mid-stage Monarchs!


The two Sword Region Elders’ hands caught onto Yun Che’s arm at the same time, but their five gripping fingers did not feel the slightest sense of physical contact. Instead, they caught onto empty air, causing a small spatial ripple from their grips. Along with the stirring of the spatial ripples, Yun Che’s figure disappeared.

What they grabbed hold of, were surprisingly, only afterimages!


A hoa.r.s.e scream sounded from behind, and the two people immediately turned around. Within their intensely contracted pupils, Yun Che’s figure resurfaced. He was already standing next to Xuanyuan Yufeng, and the palm of his right hand was unhesitantly locked onto her neck. His five fingers were held firmly tight, causing Xuanyuan Yufeng’s complexion to turn deathly pale in that short instant.




Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng turned pale from shock, as everything happened in an instant. The sound of Yun Che’s words had still yet to completely disperse from their ears. Forget about reacting, they did not even have the faintest clue how Yun Che got behind them. Furthermore, the faces of the two Sword Region Elders had turned as red as pig liver. They had once heard that Yun Che’s personality and actions could not be determined by logic, and he had never played by the rules. However, they never expected that his personality would be arrogant to such an extent. In front of the two of them, two Sword Region Elders, he unhesitantly made his move all of a sudden, without any warning whatsoever…

And when the two of them made their moves at the same time, they were actually unable to stop him… nor had they even touched the corner of his sleeves.

Just what kind of shocking speed and profound movement skill was this…? These thoughts rang in the hearts of the two Sword Region Elders at the same time.

“Yun Che… Let her go immediately!!” The green robed elder’s complexion sank.

“Yun Che, she’s the daughter of our Sword Region’s Ninth Elder, are you planning on becoming enemies with with our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!?” Gray robed elder Mu Yuanzhi roared out. “Release her this instant! And you will still have the room to negotiate!”

“Like I care whose daughter she is! This is a feud between me and this vile woman, there’s no place for you two undead farts that came out of nowhere to point fingers!” The stance of these two Sword Region Elders was incomparably firm, while his stance was even firmer than theirs. “If you don’t wish to get into trouble, then get out of my sight immediately… The further the better!”

“...” The green robed elder’s chest rose, evidently, he was already br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger. He had lived for nearly a millennium, but had never encountered such a situation. His gaze turned cold, and his voice grew even more solemn as well. “This old man is surnamed Xuanyuan, with the given name Jiuding, and is ranked thirteenth among the Sword Region Elders! Yufeng is this old man’s niece! This old man was been sufficiently courteous to you earlier. It would be wise to not step over my face! You can’t really possibly believe that… Our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is a place you can offend!?”

Xuanyuan Jiuding… Xuanyuan?

Yun Che had heard from Zi Ji that the surname Xuanyuan was the bloodline of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Sword Master; the most respected and revered bloodline in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. And from the tone and actions of these two people earlier, it could also be seen that between the two of them, Xuanyuan Jiuding was evidently taking the lead.

His words had slightly stirred Yun Che’s heart… When that Mu Yuanzhi was facing him, he clearly carried very deep fear, evidently afraid of that imaginary teacher “Duotian” of his. However, this Xuanyuan Jiuding in particular did not carry these thoughts at all. Furthermore, the words he spoke seemed to carry a hint of ridicule?

“Yun Che, this old man must remind you!” Mu Yuanzhi spoke up with a solemn voice as well. “Our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region has reigned for ten thousand years, and there has never been a single person who dared to touch someone of the Xuanyuan bloodline! Though Yufeng has broken off from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, the Xuanyuan bloodline still flows in her body! If you dare to touch her, the very first person who won’t forgive you, will be the Venerable Sword Master of our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Yun Che’s face did not reveal the least bit of fear, and still carried that icy and dangerous smile.

“Uncles, don’t mind me… Just cripple him now!” Xuanyuan Yufeng, whose throat was locked onto by Yun Che, distorted her face, and let out a hoa.r.s.e, frail voice. “Yun Che, if you have the guts… then kill me! By killing me… You will die with your corpse completely shredded into pieces… Everyone related to you won’t even have to think about continuing living in this world… Ha… Haha…”

“Heh, you’re actually still able to talk. Looks like my actions have really been too gentle, as expected.” Yun Che let out an icy laugh, and his five fingers fiercely tightened.

With a cracking sound, one of Xuanyuan Yufeng’s neck bones resoundingly broke. Her eyes instantly bulged, and her face was as white as paper, yet, she was not able to even let out a single scream.

“Stop… stop! Stop!” Ling Yuefeng roared out with an expression filled with pain. “Yun Che, just why must you act so vilely!? If you have anything that you aren’t happy with… Then lash it out all on me, Ling Yuefeng!”

“It seems, you really are completely unaware of this.” Yun Che coldly said. “This sure shows the bond of husband and wife of more than twenty years!”

“Very well… Yun Che. It seems like you refuse to yield, and want to play with force!!” Xuanyuan Jiuding’s robe rose upwards as his profound energy intensely stirred. Dozens of domineering sword waves began to dance around his body.

“Thirteenth Elder…” Seeing that Xuanyuan Jiuding actually had signs of making a forceful move, Mu Yuanzhi hurriedly stepped forward, wanting to persuade him with a low voice. After all, they could offend Yun Che, but that teacher behind his back was someone they definitely could not offend… Sun Moon Divine Hall had already paid a price of blood, and even now, they did not dare to seek the slightest bit of trouble with Yun Che.


With a low explosive burst of air, Xuanyuan Jiuding’s body fiercely pounced forward… However, the direction he pounced towards was not where Yun Che was, but behind him!

The direction he leapt, was towards the girl that came along with Yun Che, who had not uttered a single word. Her white robe fluttered, and her aura was similar to that of a fairy.

He did not dare to rashly make a move against Yun Che, because from the rumors of Yun Che’s extreme personality, even if he knew that Xuanyuan Yufeng belonged to the Xuanyuan bloodline, he would still not be hesitant of doing matters such as directly striking her to death.

He did not know this girl’s status or facial features, and from her attire, she could possibly be a certain disciple or Frozen Fairy from Frozen Cloud Asgard. However, since she accompanied him here, her relations.h.i.+p with him must definitely be beyond ordinary as well. By bringing her down, he should be able to force Yun Che into submission!

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