Against the Gods - Chapter 750 - History of the Past

Chapter 750 - History of the Past

Chapter 750 - History of the Past

That beam of red light was even faster than lightning. Fen Juechen only saw that red gleam, he did not even have time to think about reacting before that red light struck him in the head, instantly burrowing its way into his body.

Immediately, the feeling of being pierced by countless steel needles surged crazily out of his soul, causing him to let out a miserable wail before he lost consciousness and fainted dead away.

The red-robed girl’s eyes faintly drooped, her gaze was cold and clear and she maintained a certain posture as she swiftly read through Fen Juechen’s memories… After a short ten seconds, that beam of red light left Fen Juechen’s body and disappeared into the sky. His memories had also been completely read by the red-robed girl; she had not overlooked anything.

At the same time, she conveniently wiped away all the memories he had after meeting her.

The red-robed girl slowly withdrew her palm as a strange light briefly flashed in her eyes. She turned around, not looking at the unconscious Fen Juechen again. But she did not make a move against him either. A small, snowy-white hand made a small gesture and an extremely long spatial tear appeared in front of the girl immediately; it twisted and keened in the air, neither dissipating nor disappearing.

“You are similarly a person with two lives. Yet the fate of both your lives are so unspeakably tragic. It is pitiful to the point where even I don’t want to kill you anymore.”

With a cold and detached sigh, the girl stepped into the spatial tear and disappeared completely as the s.p.a.ce sealed itself around her.

Once he returned to Floating Cloud City, Yun Che swiftly retreated to his own courtyard, then began to focus on recovering his profound energy and healing his injuries. The fight with Fen Juechen was far less bitter and desperate than he had originally envisioned. To think that he was actually able to completely dominate a Fen Juechen who still had forty percent of his strength left…. Even when he thought about it now, he still felt that it was rather implausible.

“Jasmine, I just can’t shake the feeling that there was something off with Fen Juechen’s condition. Could it be that a characteristic of devil profound energy is that the once you have used up most of it, the remaining portion becomes extremely weak?”

Yun Che waited for a good long while, but he did not hear Jasmine’s reply.

Was she asleep? No, that can’t be the case. The devilish poison in her body has already been purged, so she shouldn’t need to descend into a deep sleep where she sealed off all of her senses.

After hesitating for a while, Yun Che decided to enter his subconscious mind and entered the Sky Poison Pearl.

Within the world of the Sky Poison Pearl, he could only see Hong’er sound asleep; she had not reacted to his arrival… Yet he did not see Jasmine’s figure nor did he sense her presence.

“...” Yun Che stood there silently, sunk in thought. He did not leave the Sky Poison Pearl, he merely stood there, waiting for Jasmine to return. Even though Jasmine did not need to rely on the Sky Poison Pearl any longer, she still shared a life with him, her spirit body could not leave Yun Che’s side for too long, so she would be back before long.

And just as expected, after Yun Che waited for a little while longer, a red light flashed in front of him and Jasmine’s charming features appeared before him, her small, milk-white face completely expressionless.

“...You were waiting for me?”

“Could you actually have gone… to look for Fen Juechen?” Yun Che said with a doubt-filled expression.

“Hmph, you guessed right.” Jasmine’s face turned to the side as the petals of her lips involuntarily puckered into a pout, as if she was very upset that he had actually been able to guess what she just did, “However, you don’t need to worry. I didn’t kill him, I only obtained some knowledge that I desired from him, that’s all.”

“Which means that you have already gleaned all of his secrets?” Yun Che asked in astonishment.

“Hmph, you could say so.”

Yun Che’s mind jolted and he immediately asked, “Then where exactly did his power come from? What exactly happened to him over the last few years? Why does he want to obtain the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword?”

Jasmine’s “you could say so” definitely meant that she basically understood the crux of the entire matter and all the necessary details as well. The various mysteries surrounding Fen Juechen had always been in the back of his mind, so since Jasmine already knew the answers to these questions, he definitely had to get to the bottom of the whole affair.

“It looks like the whole matter regarding Fen Juechen has really gotten to you.” Jasmine said sedately.

“I’m just intensely curious, that’s all.” Yun Che said as he furrowed his eyebrows, “In just four short years, his strength shot up to such a degree that it’s basically inconceivable. The profound energy he uses is something I have never seen before and the fact that he mentioned the ‘Heavenly Sin Divine Sword’ today raises up even more questions. I just have a feeling that there is a huge mystery hidden behind Fen Juechen and I can’t help but think about it.”

“It is far from being just some great riddle.” Jasmine said as her long and delicate eyebrows faintly sank, “The things recorded in his memories are for more interesting than I had initially expected them to be!”

Even though Jasmine labelled it as “interesting”, her expression had clearly become rather solemn.

This undoubtedly caused Yun Che’s already great curiosity to grow even more as his suspicions became even heavier. Before, when Jasmine had yelled out the words “Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night”, her tone had been rather irregular. And right now, it seemed like the complexity of the situation far exceeded the boundaries of what he had initially imagined.

“Could it be something that I am once again not allowed to know about?” Yun Che asked cautiously. Jasmine had hidden many things from him and if she did not feel like telling him, there was no way that he could even finagle a single word from her.

Jasmine gave him a glance before haughtily turning her head aside once more, “Even though this matter is rather troublesome to talk about, since you’re so anxious to know about it… Hmph, today I finally got rid of the devilish poison and I’m feeling pretty good, so I’ll just tell you anyways. Whatever I’m about to say to you right now, you must never leak a single word of it to anyone in the future, no matter who you meet.”

d.a.m.n me, it was this serious… Yun Che thought as he solemnly replied, “There is probably n.o.body in this world who knows me better than you, and whether or not I am a person who has no sense of what is important or not is something that you should know better than anyone.”

“Hmph! When it comes to women, you have never once ever showed that you had your priorities set straight!” Jasmine coldly snorted.

Yun Che was left utterly speechless.

Jasmine extended an arm and with a flourish of her small hand, she set up a small sound obstruction barrier around Hong’er… This sound obstruction barrier was definitely not to prevent her from eavesdropping, on the contrary, it was to prevent their conversation from waking her up.

This casual gesture merely ill.u.s.trated the practically involuntary care and love that Jasmine had for Hong’er.

Jasmine had always been protective and caring towards Hong’er, but she is forever so fierce towards me… Yun Che thought rather sourly.

“During the Primordial Era, the Era of the G.o.ds specifically, the other races were all deemed to be inferior and lowly existences. The north of the Primal Chaos Dimension was composed of yin energy while the south was composed of yang energy. The southern region of the Primal Chaos Dimension was the realm where the ancient G.o.d clan existed, whereas the northern region of the Primal Chaos Dimension was where the ancient devil clan lived. The G.o.d clan and the devil clan each controlled half of the Primal Chaos Dimension. The yin and yang energies of both clans repelled each other and both clans viewed the other with animosity, but actual conflict rarely occurred. It could even be said that they rarely came into contact with each other and a tenuous peace existed between the two clans. It was just like two conflicting elements which existed mutually as they balanced each other out.”

Jasmine began to recite her tale, but the contents of her story caused Yun Che to become completely dazed as a question involuntarily escaped his lips, “All of this… what does it have to do with Fen Juechen?”

“Do not interrupt!” Jasmine said with a loud scoff, “All of these naturally have something to do with Fen Juechen.”

Yun Che, “...”

“The reason that the G.o.ds and the devils were so strong was because they were birthed from the power produced at the very beginning of the primal chaos. Furthermore, they were also nurtured by the energy that was produced at the beginning of the primal chaos…. And the purest, strongest and most perfect energy of heaven and earth that was produced at the beginning of the primal chaos is the ‘primordial energy’ that I mentioned when I was teaching you the Great Way of the Buddha. Even though the energy that you absorb into your body using the Great Way of the Buddha is also the energy of heaven and earth, when you compare its quality to that of the quality of the ‘primordial energy’, it is inferior by heaven knows how many levels, it is akin to the difference between heaven and earth.”

Yun Che naturally remembered the term “primordial energy”. At that time Jasmine had said this: If one could cultivate the Great Way of the Buddha until one reached the tenth stage, that person could use the ultimate energy of heaven and earth—primordial energy! But she had also said that for the body of a human, even being able to cultivate the sixth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha was already the extreme limit.

“It was basically impossible for any more true G.o.ds to appear after the Era of the G.o.ds, and the most fundamental reason behind that was that the primordial energy within the Primal Chaos Dimension had become so thin that it was no longer possible to nurture any more people with the bodies and strength of a true G.o.d. Furthermore, as the Primal Chaos Realm grew more and more turbid, this caused the primordial energy to become thinner as each year goes by. Thus, we are destined to never have a true G.o.d appear from among us ever again. And right now, it is possible that the initial ultimate and purest primordial energy that existed in the beginning might not even exist in the Primal Chaos Dimension anymore.

“During that Ancient Era, the G.o.ds were at the pinnacle of all existence. And among the small worlds that exist across countless stars and worlds, a portion of them were naturally created by the primal chaos but the majority of them were created or transformed by the G.o.ds. More than ninety percent of the races in existence today were all created by the power of the G.o.ds. And that includes the human race, the demon race, the elven race, the dark nether race, the wood spirit race…”

“Dark nether race, wood spirit… race? What sort of races are these?” Yun Che blurted out involuntarily. He had never ever heard of the name of these two races before, whether it was in the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, and there were no written records regarding them either.

Jasmine rolled her eyes at him, seeming angry that she was interrupted once more, but this time she only gave a soft snort as she held her temper and continued to speak, “The wood spirit race is the same as the elven race, they are a clan which possesses an extreme intimacy with nature energy. They can communicate with plants and they have a certain degree of control over plants. The innate talent this clan has for cultivating profound energy is extremely low, therefore they are always weak and downtrodden. Furthermore, given their unique powers and physique, if they fall into the hands of those from outside their race, their fates will always be exceptionally miserable… they will be enslaved and treated as tools that could look for and nurture medicine, or even worse, their bodies might even be used to refine spirit medicines or medicine spirits! In the auction houses of my world, it was very common to see wood spirits being sold, and because there were less and less of this race of people and they began to teeter on the edge of extinction, their prices began to get higher and higher.

Yun Che, “...”

“The dark nether race is a race that subsists on darkness and has the ability to change their form at will. Their race doesn’t have any distinction between the genders and they can reproduce as.e.xually. This size of this race isn’t small, but they can only exist in places where yin energy abounds; the profound strength they can cultivate by themselves is extremely low. However, they have the ability to harvest the souls of living creatures and they can devour these souls to greatly increase their strength.”

“They… subsist… on darkness?” Yun Che’s eyes widened. He could understand if one subsisted on vegetation, morning dew or even wind, but to subsist on darkness… what the h.e.l.l was this race??

Could something like “darkness” even be eaten?

“Hmph! Ignorant fool!” Jasmine said in a very disdainful manner, “Given your experiences, you may perhaps only know of the existence of humans, demons and beasts. But in this gigantic Primal Chaos Dimension, there exists hundreds of small and large races, and the knowledge that you possess is not even equivalent to a single drop in the ocean! There not only exist races which subsist on darkness, there are even races that subsist on dreams and even s.p.a.ce. It is rumored that during the Primordial Era, there was even a race that subsisted on time itself…”

“~!@#¥%...” Yun Che’s brain was about to crash but he still could not imagine what it would be like to be able to eat dreams, s.p.a.ce or even time…

“Forget it, you have never even left this tiny Blue Pole Star before, so these are things that you will probably never understand in your lifetime and telling you these kind of things is equivalent to wasting my breath.” Jasmine folded her tender arms across her chest as she a.s.sumed a haughty posture which seemed to look down on everything else.

“Moreover, the Era of the G.o.ds ultimately met a most complete and thorough demise. And the reason for this demise was something that I mentioned to you a long time ago… it was because of one sword.”

“Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Ancestral Sword!” Yun Che whispered in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

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