Against the Gods - Chapter 728 - Cang Yues Decision

Chapter 728 - Cang Yues Decision

Chapter 728 - Cang Yue’s Decision

Cang Yue had never expected that this kind of situation would actually arise. She hated Feng Hengkong to the bones, but upon facing such an unexpected situation that no one would dare believe even if they saw it with their own eyes, she felt completely lost. She could only stare at Yun Che who was beside her with pleading eyes, “Husband… what exactly is this…?”

“Let them get up first,” said Yun Che, “I will explain everything to you once we’re inside.”

Cang Yue slightly nodded her head and gradually regained her frame of mind as she took a few steps forward. Facing Feng Xue’er, she held out her hand and said, “Little Sister Xue'er please get up. Little Sister Xue'er has a very n.o.ble, unparalleled status. Such a huge courtesy is quite terrifying to even me.”

Feng Xue'er drooped her head down and said softly, “The Blue Wind Empress’ words are too kind… As the one who bears sins, Xue'er is supposed to be begging for forgiveness on the knees. I can only hope that this will quell Empress Cang Yue’s anger.”

Cang Yue shook her head as she reached out and helped Feng Xue'er up. Upon personally seeing Feng Xue'er, she couldn’t help but marvel that there was actually such a dreamlike, perfect existence in the world. If there was a single woman who could be considered favored by the heavens, then it could only be the young girl before her eyes.

“Although I have never stepped out of Blue Wind Nation, I have still heard the name of Divine Phoenix Empire’s Princess Snow many times. Now that I’ve seen you with my own eyes, I have realized that you are many times better than the rumors.” Cang Yue exclaimed.

Extreme anger and hatred towards a person could easily be spread to their love ones; however, when she faced Feng Xue’er, Cang Yue, who hated Feng Hengkong to the bones, could not feel even the slightest resentment. Or perhaps it was because there was no one in the world who could possibly hate her.

“Feng Hengkong, you get up too.” Cang Yue once again turned around as her voice became calm and cold, “This is not the place for us to talk. Follow me to the Blue Wind Hall!”

Looking at the signal that Yun Che was giving with his eyes, Cang Yue said to Dongfang Xiu, “Palace Chief Dongfang, stand guard outside and prevent anyone from coming in. Also, do not mention to anyone what you have seen just now.”

“Yes.” Dongfang Xiu bowed slightly, then glanced at Feng Hengkong. Just as he wanted to remind Cang Yue to be cautious... he suddenly thought back to when Feng Xue’er and Feng Hengkong kneeled down to show penance. He immediately swallowed back his words.

After watching Cang Yue, Yun Che, Feng Hengkong and Feng Xue’er head into the Blue Wind Hall, Dongfang Xiu and the others looked at each other; some of them were still dumbstruck, unable to regain their composure.

“What exactly is happening? Is that really the… Divine Phoenix Emperor?” Feng Yunlie stared with wide opened eyes. Even after thinking so much till his head had almost exploded, he still couldn’t understand what had just transpired before him… That was the Divine Phoenix Emperor who looked down upon the world, the Phoenix Ruler!!

Although they were both rulers of a nation, Feng Yunlie, as the general of the Blue Wind Nation, couldn’t help but admit that the words “Phoenix Ruler” could completely outweigh the words “Blue Wind Ruler” a thousand times! Feng Hengkong personally coming here had already shocked everyone. However, what people could have never dreamt of was that he was kneeling down in front of the Blue Wind Empress... he was even shouting with a voice that was full of regret and remorse.

“That guy really is Divine Phoenix Nation’s Emperor Feng Hengkong. I’ve seen him three years ago.” Xia Yuanba was very sure as he spoke.

“...That young woman, could she be the legendary Princess Snow of Divine Phoenix?”

“Mn, she is Princess Snow. But I didn’t expect that she would also come… Well three years ago, her and Brother-in-law’s relations.h.i.+p was very good.” Xia Yuanba rubbed his head in uncertainty.

“After all, Yun Che has met an accident in the Primordial Profound Ark after saving her three years ago... Princess Snow, the heaven-sent treasure of the Divine Phoenix Empire, the most beautiful woman in the Profound Sky Continent. Her reputation is indeed well-deserved!” Dongfang Xiu heavily praised.

“As expected of Brother Yun. Within just a few short days, he had actually reversed such an extreme situation to such a degree.” Number One Under Heaven spoke in an extremely hushed tone that only he himself could hear, “But what’s even more unexpected is that, in this world, there exists a woman whose appearance is comparable to the Little Demon Empress…”

Blue Wind Hall was a field of silence. Feng Hengkong stood at the center of the hall and took a glance at everything around there. He had once imagined that he would personally step inside the Blue Wind Imperial Palace; however, he had never thought that it would happen under such circ.u.mstances. Similarly, even Cang Yue had never thought that she would be in such a situation with the person she hated the most.

Yun Che had already explained the situation with Divine Phoenix to Cang Yue just now. Even though the one that contributed the most was him, the ruler of Blue Wind Nation was still Cang Yue; Yun Che’s each and every action was also because of her. Because of that, the decision as to how Feng Hengkong would atone for his sins would ultimately fall in her hands.

“Little Sister Xue’er, please be seated.” Cang Yue’s treatment towards Feng Xue’er and Feng Hengkong was vastly different. She spoke gently and softly towards Feng Xue’er, because she had already understood why this heaven-favored girl would come here and even kneel in front of her... Even if she had removed all those reasons, there was no one who could harbor resentment nor any ill feelings towards her.

“Thank you, Empress Sis.” Feng Xue’er did not take a step back, instead she just sat down beside Yun Che.

“Feng Hengkong, have you willingly come to atone for your sins?!” Cang Yue turned around. Facing Feng Hengkong, her expression instantly turned cold.

After getting down from the Divine Phoenix Ark and setting foot on Blue Wind territory, if Feng Hengkong was still unwilling to let go of his pride, then Feng Xue’er’s kneel, which had washed away all the anguish and pain in Cang Yue’s heart, would all go down the drain. Although Feng Hengkong could sacrifice himself for all the numerous blood debts that he had committed, he could only plead that Feng Xue’er should not bear them. For that, he would make every effort to atone for his sins… even if he lost his dignity as the Divine Phoenix Emperor, or even his life.

“We have come here today in order to atone for our sins! We know that we have brought a huge disaster upon Blue Wind, with crimes so many that even us dying a thousand times would not suffice… As long as we can pacify Blue Wind and Empress Cang Yue’s resentment, then we are willing to accept anything with no regrets.”

“Yue’er, during my time in Phoenix City, I have already given them some conditions, and they have also agreed to it.” Yun Che said. After which, he began narrating what had transpired above Phoenix City, him facing against Feng Hengkong and Feng Tianwei, and also the five conditions he had given them in detail.

Whenever Yun Che had spoken out his conditions, especially the last five conditions he had yesterday, Feng Hengkong’s expression would always turn livid, and he would always roar in anger, almost blowing his lungs out in the process. But now, while listening to Yun Che stating all of the conditions, regardless the compensations, annexations, crippling his profound arts, making him kneel for a hundred years, or even towards the fifth condition which stated that he had to pay tribute for several hundred years... his face remained calm and did not show any changes.

Instead it was Cang Yue, while listening to Yun Che listing down the conditions, who gradually revealed a shocked expression... She did hate Feng Hengkong and Divine Phoenix Empire very much, however, when Yun Che was done listing out all the five conditions, she realized that they were all overbearing and extremely brutal. If all of those conditions were implemented on Divine Phoenix Nation then the five thousand years of prestige it had would be ruthlessly trampled by Blue Wind, the smallest, weakest nation that had only existed for no more than a thousand years. They would always have to hide in an abyss of shame...

Not to mention in Blue Wind’s thousand years of history, even in the history of Profound Sky, these harsh conditions that were placed just to atone for their sins had never once happened before.

“All these conditions, your Divine Phoenix… especially you, Feng Hengkong, you are willing to agree to them?” Cang Yue wrinkled her brows and looked into the eyes of the Divine Phoenix Emperor without fear; she wanted to hear his affirmation from his own mouth.

“Yes.” Feng Hengkong shut his eyes and answered without any hesitation.

“Good…” As Cang Yue’s lofty chest heaved up and down, her gaze had also become sharper and deeper.

“Empress Sis!” Feng Xue’er quickly stood up and faced Cang Yue as she requested, ”Xue’er knows that Royal Father has committed a grave mistake and all the compensation that Big Brother Yun Che had mention should be done. But... about crippling Royal Father’s profound arts and the matter of him staying in Blue Wind for a hundred years, I beg Sister Cang Yue to please have mercy. Royal Father has a special ident.i.ty; not only is he the emperor of Divine Phoenix Nation, he is also the sect master of Divine Phoenix Sect. If he stayed in Blue Wind for a hundred years, then Divine Phoenix will be in turmoil, and the Divine Phoenix Sect will also face difficulties in maintaining its stability.

“Although everything that Royal Father had done was brought onto himself, as his daughter, Xue’er should also carry some of the burden. Therefore, I ask Empress Sis to show some sympathy to Xue’er’s selfishness and Divine Phoenix’s situation. Please let Xue’er stay in Blue Wind as Royal Father’s replacement. For the other compensation, when Royal Father goes back, he will implement it in the shortest amount of time. Empress Sis, please…”

“Xue’er, this matter does not concern you!!” Feng Hengkong said, “Empress Cang Yue, you should know that other parties should not be responsible in taking in another’s debt! Your royal father’s death and the situation in Blue Wind were all caused by us! Everything that happened has nothing to do with our daughter! During these three years, she had always been in a coma. She isn’t involved in the slightest!

“Right now, we just want to atone for our sins! No matter what you want us to do today, we will absolutely not twitch at all! But Xue’er is the reverse scale that we will never let any of you touch!!”

Feng Hengkong’s expression became serious and filled with determination. At this time, Feng Xue’er’s heart became anxious, ”Royal Father, you have already agreed to let Xue’er come! Do you not care about the Divine Phoenix and the sect?”

Feng Hengkong shook his head slowly, ”Xue’er, to Royal Father, your safety is even more precious than Royal Father’s life, the sect, and even everything in the whole world. If we had to choose, then we would rather destroy Divine Phoenix and the sect than let you suffer the slightest bit of injury.”

Cang Yue, “...”

Yun Che, “...”

“No, it won’t happen. I will stay here. With Big Brother Yun here to protect me, I definitely won’t be harmed in any way. I will pay respects to Empress Sis’ royal father and pray for the Blue Wind, Divine Phoenix and Royal Father everyday. After a hundred years of atonement, I will go back to Phoenix City… If Royal Father misses me, then he can come here and visit me anytime.” Feng Xue’er smiled as though she had no worries about the future, “Divine Phoenix can do without Xue’er, but it is not able to do without Royal Father. This matter concerns the entire nation and sect, Royal Father cannot afford to be impulsive.”

“Xue’er, we…”

“Royal Father,” Feng Xue’er softly interrupted Feng Hengkong’s next words, “Xue’er has always been spoiled and protected by Royal Father while growing up, and has even received Lord Phoenix G.o.d’s favor. However, I have never done anything for Royal Father nor for the Divine Phoenix Sect. Now that I can finally share some of my Royal Father’s burden, Xue’er can only feel happiness and satisfaction in her heart. I do not feel wronged or afraid… Besides, there is still Xue’er’s most favorite Big Brother Yun here. If I can see Big Brother Yun a lot, Xue’er would be happier here than in Phoenix City. Don’t forget, three years ago, Big Brother Yun risked his life in order to protect Xue’er. With Big Brother Yun by my side, Xue’er will be completely safe, and Royal Father would not have to worry about anything… right?”

“Xue’er, you…” Feng Hengkong stretched out his hand, wanting to touch Feng Xue’er’s shoulder; at this moment, he couldn’t prevent his eyes from turning hazy.

“Empress Sis, in my heart, Big Brother Yun will always be the nicest person in the world. Since you are Big Brother Yun’s wife, you must also be the gentlest and most kind-hearted empress in the world, so please pardon my Royal Father’s life and freedom and let Xue’er replace her Royal Father by staying here. In the future, Xue’er and her Royal Father will give our all to repent and redeem all the crimes that we have done during these three years… I beg Empress Sis to fulfill my wish. Xue’er will always remember Empress Sis’ kindness.”

Each and every word Feng Xue’er spoke dealt a heavy blow to Feng Hengkong’s mind and also shook Cang Yue’s mind at the same time. Gazing at her snow-like face and her eyes that were a million times more beautiful than the stars, Cang Yue’s heart strongly throbbed… She was very clear of Feng Xue’er’s status. Feng Xue’er had the most precious bloodline in the entire Profound Sy Continent, and in the future, she would eventually become the Divine Phoenix Sect’s G.o.d; both her ident.i.ty and status would excel Feng Hengkong in the future.

It would even surpa.s.s every living being in the Profound Sky Continent!!

Beneath Feng Xue’er’s gaze, Cang Yue did not speak for a long time. After a while, she turned her head and looked towards Yun Che, seeking his help.

“Yue’er this matter can only be decided by you. No matter what decision you make, I will always support you” Yun Che said with a smile. He believed that, in the end, Cang Yue would make the best decision.

“...” Cang Yue slowly turned around, and step-by-step, she walked towards the emperor’s throne with small strides. At the same time, the hall quieted down, and only the sound of her phoenix gown dragging across hall could be heard.

At the end of the great hall, Cang Yue stopped, raised her head and looked forward… there, the portrait of her late father, Cang Wanhe, who died three years ago was posted.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped. As Cang Yue silently stared at Cang Wanhe’s unmoving portrait, her pupils trembled and turned hazy… no one could ever know the complicated feelings in her heart nor the difficulty of the choices she was about to make.

After a long fifteen minutes had pa.s.sed, Cang Yue’s voice finally sounded at the great hall.

“Feng Hengkong…” She gently said, ”If I was an ordinary woman, the hatred I have towards you for killing my father will definitely disable us from living under the same sky. I will not even hesitate to personally chop your body into a million pieces...”

“But even if I can borrow my husband’s power and kill you right now, I can’t do it.” Cang Yue turned around and took a slow and heavy step, “Because I am the monarch of Blue Wind Nation… If you lose your life in Blue Wind, then Divine Phoenix will be in chaos. The disaster my Blue Wind is facing will continue, and it might even intensify. Not even your commands before your death could prevent anything.”

“Crippling your profound arts and letting you stay in Blue Wind for a hundred years is of the same principle; once the seed of vengeance is planted, it will definitely erupt in a few decades, few centuries, or perhaps even several centuries. My Blue Wind still a weak nation after all, so once it erupts, I am sure that the only one who will suffer is my Blue Wind.”

“Therefore… I will never forgive you, but I will not kill you.”

Feng Hengkong: “...”

“I will not kill you, and I will not force you to cripple your profound arts. I will also not force you to kneel in front of my Royal Father’s tomb for a hundred years… because even if you kneel for a million years, Royal Father will never come back from the dead. Ceding Red Jade City, two hundred years of tribute in profound crystals, profound iron, Phoenix armor... I don’t want any of that!”

“...” Feng Hengkong’s brows abruptly shot up as an expression of disbelief emerged on his face.

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er covered her lips with her hand, “Empress Sis, are...are you serious?”

“...” Yun Che also had a shocked expression.

“Although I am a woman, since I am the empress of Blue Wind, whatever I say will naturally be as good as gold!” Cang Yue calmly replied, “Among the five conditions that were mentioned, I will only keep one. As for the rest, I will not insist on them.”

“The compensation of fifty billion!” Cang Yue spoke with determination, “I will only keep this one! Because right now, Blue Wind Nation is in a disastrous state and many of the citizens are left with no homes, we need all this wealth to rebuild their homes.”

“R-really?” The mere fact that Feng Hengkong did not need to self-expunge his profound arts and remain in this place had already fulfilled Feng Xue'er's greatest wish. Her heart was filled with boundless joy, surprise, and grat.i.tude.

Feng Hengkong mouth was wide open and he could not believe his own ears. No need to annex his land, no need to offer tributes and even the apology edicts were not needed… their Divine Phoenix could just preserve their dignity just like that…

However, I have two additional conditions!” Cang Yue’s pupils contracted as she stared at Feng Hengkong.

“Empress Sis please state it, if it can be done, Royal Father and Xue’er will definitely try our hardest to accomplish it.” Feng Xue’er joyfully said.

“First,“ Cang Yue’s voice became calm and solemn as she continued, “Countless homes in my Blue Wind’s cities have been destroyed, and currently, the entire nation is in chaos. By solely relying on the power of my Blue Wind, it is very difficult to stabilize it in a short time. Therefore, in the next five years, you will send more than sixty percent of your army to aid in rebuilding my Blue Wind!”

Of the five conditions, only the monetary condition remained. This was a blessing that he didn’t even dare believe even in a dream. Initially, Feng Hengkong thought that each of the two additional conditions would be difficult to accomplish, however, he never expected that the first condition that Cang Yue had mentioned would actually be so simple. He slightly nodded his head, “Alright, we promise... We will bring seventy percent of the Divine Phoenix Army to stay in Blue Wind and allow Empress Cang Yue and various regional lords to command them. Furthermore, we will also establish strict orders stating that they are not to offend the citizens of Blue Wind.”

“Good.“ Cang Yue nodded her head as a sign that she trusted his words. Afterwards, her gaze s.h.i.+fted away from Feng Hengkong towards Feng Xue’er, “The second condition is even simpler, Princess Snow, Feng Xue’er, I want you to…”

“Marry my husband and become his concubine!!”

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