Against the Gods - Chapter 693 - The Culprit Who Was Discovered Too Late

Chapter 693 - The Culprit Who Was Discovered Too Late

Chapter 693 - The Culprit Who Was Discovered Too Late

Yun Che stopped talking and slowly walked back, returning to his seat in front of Zi Ji.

“The matter involving Chu Yuechan, this old man really feels that…”

“Let’s drop the matter.” Yun Che raised his hand to stop him. Although his face remained calm, his eyebrows were still tightly knit together. “Regarding my request for the Black Moon Merchant Guild to search for Chu Yuechan, just cancel it now! As for payment, there is no need for me to pay you. You also don’t have to tell me about the so-called ‘result’ that you’ve obtained!”

“As for the fact that I badmouthed your guild previously, I retract whatever I said… but there’s one thing that I must say again…” In a determined manner, Yun Che said, “The fact that your guild cannot find her can only mean that that is the limit of your guild’s ability! She isn’t dead… definitely not!!”

Little Fairy, you’re definitely okay. Our child… is already four now… You all must be living peacefully at a very secure and secretive location… If our child is a boy, he must have already started learning how to protect you… If our child is a girl, she is definitely as beautiful as you...

Before I find you… even if the Sky Emperor himself were to say that you all are no longer in the human world, I would not believe him either!

“Hoho, this old man can only wish that everything is as you hoped for.” Zi Ji laughed slightly, “For things to turn out this way, this old man is ashamed as well. In order to make up for it, let this old man offer you some free information that we obtained while searching for news of Chu Yuechan… and this matter concerns Chu Yuechan herself. I’m sure you’re interested.”

“Concerns her?” Expectedly, Yun Che immediately looked at him. “Senior Zi, please tell me.”

Zi Ji drank some tea and then replied softly, “Back then, after you had escaped from under Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace and found out what happened to Chu Yuechan, did you ever wonder how matters spread to the entire world?”

Zi Ji’s words immediately caused Yun Che’s expression to change slightly as he replied in a deep voice, “Of course I wondered! With Senior Zi’s knowledge, you should know the prestige and respect Frozen Cloud Asgard commands within Blue Wind Empire. Females of Frozen Cloud Asgard are known to be eternally pure and untainted. As Chu Yuechan was the head of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, news of her pregnancy spreading would definitely tarnish Frozen Cloud Asgard’s reputation to a great extent. Therefore, Frozen Cloud Asgard would definitely try to cover up the matter as much as possible and not allow it to spread. Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master, Ling Yuefeng, used to love Chu Yuechan deeply… Even if he didn’t, he would definitely understand the underlying impact of this and would immediately cover up matters, preventing more people from finding out such a thing. However, when I had awoken, everyone had already learnt the truth regarding this.”

“Although I had always wondered about this back then, I did not go out of my way to look into this matter. Even if the news had been immediately covered up, there were no guarantees… Senior Zi, about what you want to tell me…” Yun Che’s face gradually darkened, “could it be that someone had spread the news deliberately?”

From how Yun Che had reacted when Zi Ji told him the news regarding “Chu Yuechan’s death,” he had already guessed the consequences of telling him this piece of information. Zi Ji nodded slightly, “That’s right. This information being spread was not due to a lapse in the cover up. Instead, it had been spread deliberately… and the one who leaked it and fanned the flames was the wife of the Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master, Ling Yuefeng, that you just mentioned… Xuanyuan Yufeng.”

Yun Che stood up vigorously, his narrowed eyes immediately emanated ice cold anger and killing intent.

Back then, it was basically due to the fact that everyone had heard the news of Chu Yuechan’s pregnancy that Gong Yuxian was forced to kick Chu Yuechan out of Frozen Cloud Asgard to protect its reputation… she could even have been put to death. However, if the news had not been spread so widely, when Chu Yuechan had returned to Frozen Cloud Asgard, she would have been chided and punished, but at the very least, she would not have been chased out of Frozen Cloud Asgard… Furthermore, if Chu Yuechan had insisted, she would have been able to keep her child and would not have had to wander outside alone with a child in her womb… with no news of her even now...

It turns out that there was actually a culprit behind all of this!

After a while, Yun Che finally sat down, and a near pitch black haze shrouded his half opened eyes.

After his malicious aura had been gradually suppressed, Zi Ji calmly asked, “From the looks of it, you don’t seem to be that surprised.”

“...Ling Yuefeng loved Chu Yuechan deeply, and this lasted for ten entire years. In order to see her face, he had even abandoned his pride, although his wish did not come true.” Yun Che seemed to have calmed down. “This was a fact that nearly everyone within the Blue Wind profound world knew. As his wife, there was no reason why Xuanyuan Yufeng wouldn’t know of it. Women are jealous creatures. The more powerful a woman’s strength and background was, the more accurate this statement would be. Towards Chu Yuechan, she held deep jealousy. It’s also likely that, back then, when Chu Yuechan came to Heavenly Sword Villa because of the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, Ling Yuefeng did things that he should not have done which alerted Xuanyuan Yufeng that his heart had not given up yet, resulting in hatred borne from this matter. Therefore, after she found out that Chu Yuechan was pregnant…” Yun Che’s voice became filled with killing intent yet again, “she carried out such a backhanded move!”

“Hoho, the reason that I have discovered is no different from what you have guessed.” Zi Ji laughed plainly as he continued, “Judging by your past experience, I can see that you’re a man that repays kindness with kindness and seeks revenge for grievances. As for how you’re going to handle this, it is not right for me to ask… However, do you understand anything about Xuanyuan Yufeng?”

Yun Che calmly replied, “I’ve heard that she was originally from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… Especially from her surname! ‘Xuanyuan’ is a surname that only exists within Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.”

“The surname ‘Xuanyuan’ indeed only currently exists within Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, but not everyone there has the surname ‘Xuanyuan,’” Zi Ji calmly corrected. Yun Che already knew what Zi Ji had said was true as he knew that Ling Kun did not have the surname ‘Xuanyuan.’ “Instead, the surname ‘Xuanyuan’ is very rare within Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Including Xuanyuan Yufeng, there are only thirty people that held this surname.

“And Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Sword Master, Xuanyuan Wentian… as well as all the previous Sword Masters, all possess the surname of Xuanyuan!

“The founding ancestor of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… also had the surname Xuanyuan!”

“Do you mean that, those with the surname Xuanyuan… belong to the bloodline of the founding ancestor of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region?” Yun Che frowned as he asked.

“That’s right,” Zi Ji nodded, his expression becoming more serious as he warned Yun Che, “Xuanyuan Yufeng’s father is the ninth elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region—Xuanyuan Jue. Within Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, the sword reigns supreme. If one has enough attainments with the sword, he would gain the right to enter Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. However, if one’s descendants lacked affinity with the sword, he would be chased out… this was what happened to the founding ancestor of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. However, the bloodline of ‘Xuanyuan’ is completely different. As the bloodline of the founding ancestor, they are held with the highest regard within Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and are the most supreme existence there. Even if one were born as a cripple, he would never be chased out of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and would instead receive this best form of treatment and all its resources.”

Initially, when Yun Che had heard Qin Wushang mention that Xuanyuan Yufeng and the Sword Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, Xuanyuan Wentian, possessed the same surname, he already knew that she was not so simple, but he never thought that her background would be that extraordinary. Zi Ji’s words were undoubtedly telling him that if he touched Xuanyuan Yufeng… he would be offending the most core bloodline of the founding ancestor within Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!

“Because the founding ancestor of Heavenly Sword Villa also came from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, Heavenly Sword Villa has been trying to reestablish their relations.h.i.+p with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region for the past thousand years… No matter how small the connection may be, it would be like obtaining a huge backer. Although Heavenly Sword Villa is unrivalled within Blue Wind Nation, they were not even worth consideration for Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. However, in the end, in order to obtain a source of information about Blue Wind Nation, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region stopped rejecting the offerings that Heavenly Sword Villa had sent and even gave back occasionally. This naturally made Heavenly Sword Villa ecstatic, and from then onwards, they prepared gifts wholeheartedly each year without fail.

“Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s actions initially were only so that they could make use of Heavenly Sword Villa as their ‘informant’ in Blue Wind Nation. However, no one could have imagined that… thirty years back, when Ling Tianni brought along Ling Yuefeng to hand the offerings over, Xuanyuan Jue’s sole daughter, Xuanyuan Yufeng, would fall in love with Ling Yuefeng at first sight.

“Although Xuanyuan Jue was already a thousand and seven hundred years old, his daughter was not even in her twenties yet. At an age where her love was blooming and given the fact that the young Ling Yuefeng was handsome, gentlemanly, and charismatic, it was no surprise that Xuanyuan Yufeng would fall in love with him. However, as she was someone from the bloodline of the founding ancestor of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, she was of extremely high status, whereas Ling Yuefeng was the descendant of an expelled disciple. This meant that their status were far apart, and Xuanyuan Jue naturally would not agree to their relations.h.i.+p… However, Xuanyuan Yufeng’s personality was headstrong and steadfast. She first threatened him with her death and eventually crippled her profound arts and left Mighty Heavenly Sword Region forever.”

“Hah, she is indeed a pa.s.sionate person.” Yun Che laughed coldly, “To catch the attention of a descendant of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s founding ancestor, Heavenly Sword Villa naturally would tightly grab onto this huge backing. Even if that Xuanyuan Yufeng were ugly like a sow, Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng would never reject it… But for Xuanyuan Yufeng to make such a headstrong decision, Ling Yufeng must have sweet-talked her to the moon and back!”

“Hohohoho,” Zi Ji laughed plainly, his expression obviously showed his agreement with what Yun Che said. “After that, Xuanyuan Jue announced that he would sever his father-daughter relations.h.i.+p with Xuanyuan Yuefeng out of rage and chased them out of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, swearing to never meet them again.”

“Heh, even though he is called Xuanyuan Jue, he was not completely cruel to his daughter. Otherwise, he would have already killed Ling Yuefeng,” Yun Che continued laughing coldly.

“After all, Xuanyuan Yufeng was his only daughter.” Zi Ji continued, “After some time pa.s.sed, his rage faded. Furthermore, Xuanyuan Yufeng and Ling Yuefeng had brought two grandsons to him. Xuanyuan Jue had no choice but to accept Ling Yuefeng as his son-in-law. A few years ago, Xuanyuan Yufeng brought her two sons and Ling Yuefeng back to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to visit… I heard that Xuanyuan Jue was very fond of Xuanyuan Yuefeng’s two children, particularly her younger son, Ling Jie, and even offered to teach him personally. Heavenly Sword Villa naturally became more a.s.sured of its backing because of this.”

“If you’re unable to let go of matters and still want to punish Xuanyuan Yufeng… please think carefully before you act.” Zi Ji’s gaze was distant and deep, and he possessed an elder’s bearing. He was obviously trying to peacefully persuade Yun Che, who was exceptionally concerned with this matter.

“...Yun Che’s palm that was on the stone table retracted slightly. Compared to Xuanyuan Yufeng’s ident.i.ty, he was more concerned with… the fact that she was Ling Jie’s birth mother!

“Senior Zi, I already know most of what you wanted to let me know.” Yun Che said as he looked up at Zi Ji, so calm that he sounded indifferent, “Indeed, I’m a man who seeks revenge for grievances. This matter regarding Xuanyuan Yufeng, even though I only figured it out many years later, I definitely will not let it go so easily. The debts that need to be repaid must be repaid in full. As for the free information Senior Zi provided, I’m absolutely grateful. However, I would like to let Senior Zi know one thing…

“As a person, the thing I hate the most is being plotted against and being used… No matter who it is by!”

Yun Che’s gaze concentrated as though it had become two sharps arrows, and this caused Zi Ji’s breathing to stop for an instant.

SummerRain: When Zi Ji says “even though he is called Xuanyuan Jue”, he is referring to the fact that Jue means cruel/heartless (絕情 = jue qing).

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