Against the Gods - Chapter 662 - Divine Phoenix Coming Again

Chapter 662 - Divine Phoenix Coming Again

Chapter 662 - Divine Phoenix Coming Again

Gong Yuxian’s words and shocking actions were obviously her dying will. Murong Qianxue heavily shook her head. “Asgard Mistress, don’t be like this… you’ll definitely be fine. Our Frozen Cloud Asgard needs you.”

“Asgard Mistress! We’ve already escaped from danger and you’ll be able to recover soon. Now… is not the time to pa.s.s on the position of Asgard Mistress.”

“Asgard Mistress…”

“Don’t try to persuade me…” Gong Yuxian smiled, “My profound strength has completely dispersed. Even if I fully recover, I would still only be a cripple and will only become a burden to Frozen Cloud Asgard… The only reason why I’ve forcefully willed myself to stay alive was because I was not yet satisfied. Now that Frozen Cloud Asgard has escaped danger and the most suitable person to become Asgard Master has appeared, I can finally… be at ease and accompany Senior Master…”

Originally, the next in line for Asgard Mistress was Xia Qingyue. However, over five months ago, under the crisis, Gong Yuxian forcefully ordered Xia Qingyue to flee using the profound escape formation, but due to the panic caused by her fright, she had forgotten to pa.s.s her the “Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul...” Currently, if Yun Che were able to become the Asgard Master of Frozen Cloud Asgard, then that would perhaps be an even better ending. Or perhaps that was also heaven’s will.

“Yun Che… I am well aware that me pa.s.sing the position of Asgard Mistress to you… is quite tough on you… With your current cultivation, even if you entered one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, you would probably still be able to obtain a high position… But… even though the calamity has temporarily pa.s.sed, the mastermind behind these villains is an enormous power that Frozen Cloud Asgard simply cannot contend against… Me… selfishly… handing over Frozen Cloud Asgard to you… is my command as Asgard Mistress… and also… my request… Please… you must… promise… promise me…”

Gong Yuxian focused all her energy into her hand to grab onto the front of Yun Che’s clothes. Her eyes were tearful and were completely filled with deep beseechment… Right, beseechment.

Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Mistress… was the “supreme” n.o.ble ident.i.ty in Blue Wind Nation. The prestigious name was so prosperous that it even exceeded the name of the Blue Wind Emperor, and only the t.i.tle of Heavenly Sword Villa Master could be compared with it. But now, she was begging a person deeply to succeed the position of Asgard Mistress… and that person was a man; it was unprecedented in the history of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

This was because Gong Yuxian knew clearly that the disaster of Frozen Cloud Asgard was not over yet, it was only the beginning. Those people that were demolished by Yun Che were only a few underlings, and there were only so many forces in Profound Sky Continent that could have Overlords as their underlings. She had even already vaguely surmised that the person behind all of this was possibly those who could undermine the entire Profound Sky Continent… one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds…

To save Frozen Cloud Asgard, she could only grab onto the last resort, which was the first, and also the only, male disciple in the history of Frozen Cloud Asgard… Yun Che, who was only at the mere age of twenty-two, yet with enough strength to have already stepped into the Sovereign Profound Realm.

The Frozen Cloud Asgard that was all female had a male as their Asgard Master; this would definitely attract the criticism of everyone under heaven. Yun Che knew, if they weren’t pushed into such a desperate situation, they would definitely not have made such a decision. Gong Yuxian didn’t want to see Frozen Cloud Asgard destroyed, and Yun Che was the same. How would he be willing to see that… Xia Qingyue belonged here, Chu Yuechan also belonged here, the Frozen Cloud Arts and Frozen End Divine Arts also came from this place… Frozen Cloud Asgard and himself were already linked in countless ways.

“...Alright!” Under Gong Yuxian’s imploring gaze , Yun Che took a deep breath, nodded slowly, reached out his right hand, and touched the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul with the back of his hand.

The Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul released a gentle blue light, automatically flew towards Yun Che, and then disappeared little by little above the back of his hand.

Yun Che held his own right hand, felt the existence of the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul, and said slowly with determination, “Asgard Mistress, don’t worry. Unless I die, I will absolutely not let anyone bully my Frozen Cloud Asgard!”

Watching silently as the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul disappeared into Yun Che’s right hand, Gong Yuxian’s saddened expression was immediately replaced with endless satisfaction. She calmly closed her eyes, and said in a soft voice, “Good… good… Thank you… With your words, even if I die… I… can… rest… in… peace…”

Gong Yuxian’s voice became softer with every word, and when the last word of hers had fallen, the last breath of her life faded away the same moment her voice… completely disappeared… After she pa.s.sed on the Asgard Mistress’ position to Yun Che, she left in peace.


“Asgard Mistress!!”

The grief-imbued yell of the Frozen Cloud disciples sounded in this ice-cold s.p.a.ce. they kneeled by Gong Yuxian’s body as their tears of pain fell… The record from thousands of years ‘till now of the Frozen Cloud Asgard, the past Asgard Mistresses all died of old age, but this generation suffered from such calamity. Gong Yuxian’s expression when she pa.s.sed away was peaceful and calm, but her fingers were still clenched together, showing that she still had much hatred and unwillingness… she died with her hatred.

Yun Che stood up and gave a deep sigh. This calamity wasn’t solved because of his return. Even though Frozen Cloud Asgard was somewhat saved, its foundation and support… Grand Asgard Mistress Feng Qianhui and Asgard Mistress Gong Yuxian had died one after another. In addition, those who allowed the Frozen Cloud Asgard to suffer from this calamity was Sun Moon Divine Hall…

Under Gong Yuxian’s imploring, he did not expect to accept the position of the Asgard Master of Frozen Cloud Asgard… The Frozen Cloud Asgard now was under the incredibly terrifying shadow of Sun Moon Divine Hall, so the position of Asgard Master also became incredibly heavy.

But since he dared to accept it, he had the awareness that maybe, one day, he would have to face the Sun Moon Divine Hall head on… Even more so, him and that Ye Xinghan already shared a bitter hatred of the other.

“Let Asgard Mistress… rest in the ice coffin,” heavily said Yun Che as he looked at the Frozen Cloud disciples crying overwhelmingly in front of him.

Southeast of Blue Wind Imperial City, thirty-five kilometers away.

As one of the commanders of the Divine Phoenix Army, Han Xingzhao had already completed the mission of taking over of the west area of the Blue Wind Nation. Besides being told to ignore Heavenly Sword Villa, all of the west area of the Blue Wind Nation was already under his control. These days they were all paying attention to the progress of the main army… Taking over the Imperial City was something just around the corner, and soon enough, there would no longer be a Blue Wind Nation. Instead, there would be a “Divine Phoenix Empire’s Blue Wind Realm,” and they could return to their nation with honor very soon.

Yesterday, he had already known that the Divine Phoenix Army had arrived at Blue Wind Imperial City.

Today, he was originally prepared to send a sound transmission to ask about the results of the battle… however, whether it was the main army’s commander-in-chief, Qi Zhencang, or the vice commander, Duan Qinghang, none of them responded. Moreover, he and his subordinate then tried to send a sound transmission to almost everyone in the main army who had a sound transmission imprint… but none of them responded.

In shock, he immediately sent a ten thousand mile sound transmission to Feng Hengkong, and under the order of Feng Hengkong, he transferred all of the mounts and aerial pets, accompanied with fifty thousand soldiers of Divine Phoenix Army, and rushed to Blue Wind Imperial City with the troops moving faster than ever. On the whole way there, he was extremely anxious.

The supervisor who accompanied him… Feng Hengjiang, the fifty-second elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, his expression was also darkened the whole way there. If it was just one or two people that didn’t respond to the sound transmission, then maybe they were focused on the battle and didn’t have time to respond, but none of them responded… this was absolutely abnormal.

When the sky begun to get dark, they were finally thirty-five kilometers away from Blue Wind Imperial City, but the scene before them stunned them all for a very long time.

“What… what is going on!?”

There was no sound of battle or yelling at all. This place was so quiet that it was frightening. Not only that, but the land in front was actually sunken to an extreme degree, and it sunk in an incredibly smooth manner… Not mentioning the things that a battlefield should have, like traces of fighting, bodies, or blood… there wasn’t even a trace of it being stepped on.

This view extended as far as the eye could see.

Facing this extremely strange scene, everyone stopped moving forward. Feng Hengjiang flew down and landed. He stood on the land that had been sunk to a large degree and his expression changed… He felt an aura of a flame, and he had a feeling… that this strange, boundless area… was a area of destruction that seemed to be created by strong, unparalleled strength!

Still,, even with all of the supervisors from the Divine Phoenix Sect that came here together this time, they couldn’t have created such enormous area of destruction… and the Blue Wind Nation, it was even more impossible for a strength like this to appear from them.

The most crucial point was… where did the army of seven hundred thousand, Nineteenth Elder, and Forty-third Elder go? They were near Blue Wind Imperial City that they were invading just this morning, but not even a shadow was to be seen!

Could it be…

An extremely horrifying thought appeared in Feng Hengjiang’s head, but he immediately denied it in panic… Impossible, how could something like this be possible!

“Fifty-second Elder, can you tell what happened to this area? What should we do now?” Han Xingzhao tried to ask calmly.

Feng Hengjiang’s expression changed. He gnashed his teeth and ordered, “We will, of course, see what is going on ourselves at Blue Wind Imperial City… there are only a few kilometers left. Immediately report the situation to the Sect Master and move forward at full speed!!”


Blue Wind Imperial City.

The sky started the dim, and the whole city was tense because they were still in the process of preparing for war since the Divine Phoenix Army could show up anytime.

Yun Che hadn’t returned from the Frozen Cloud Asgard for a long time. Cang Yue and the others couldn’t help but start to worry. At this moment, a panicked voice came from outside the hall.

“Your majesty… bad news!!”

Cang Yue hastily stood up from her throne and, with her eyebrows lowered, said, “Did the Divine Phoenix Army arrive!?”

A soldier of the Blue Wind in silver armor rushed in and kneeled on the ground. Then he rapidly said, “A wave of the Divine Phoenix Army is flowing in from the northwest … They are currently less than fifteen kilometers from the Imperial City.”

“What?” Cang Yue’s eyebrows jumped, and the expression of the generals in the main hall all changed suddenly. Feng Yunlie stood up and roared, “Why did we only notice when the Divine Phoenix Army is this close… Are the sentries at the frontlines all dead!?”

“Your majesty, general, calm yourselves… This wave of Divine Phoenix Army soldiers is probably around fifty thousand. But the speed of their troops was extremely fast. Among them, around twenty thousand of them are riding the Fire War Horse of the Divine Phoenix Nation, and the rest of the thirty thousand soldiers were all riding different types of aerial profound beasts… Their speed is really too fast… May your majesty immediately order us to fight.”

Twenty thousand Fire War Horses… and thirty thousand aerial profound beasts that were carrying the Divine Phoenix Army… Everyone in the main hall gasped a breath of cold air.

Aside from the fifty thousand soldiers of the Divine Phoenix Army, just this frightening number of Fire War Horses and aerial profound beasts wasn’t something that the Blue Wind Imperial City could defend against right now.

But none of them showed panic on their faces because their Blue Wind Imperial City had a guardian that was as strong as G.o.d… more than hundred thousand soldiers of the Divine Phoenix’s Main Army were demolished by him in an instant. There was no need to mention fifty thousand!!

“Looks like after the main army was demolished, the Divine Phoenix Army on the west noticed that something was not right, so they came over in a hurry to see what is going on,” Cang Yue said peacefully.

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