Against the Gods - Chapter 656 - Frozen Clouds Bad News (1)

Chapter 656 - Frozen Clouds Bad News (1)

Chapter 656 - Frozen Cloud’s Bad News (1)

“Sect Master… Sect Master, something huge has happened.”

Outside the Phoenix Main Hall, a person anxiously rushed over, and before he even appeared, his panicked voice preceded him. Feng Hengkong put down the map in his hand and said with sunken brows, “What matter could have caused such great alarm?”

That person quickly arrived before Feng Hengkong. He gasped for breath before proceeding in a frightened voice, “The Scarlet Life Crystals of Nineteenth Elder and Forty-third Elder… just shattered… They are already…”

“What?” Feng Hengkong’s expression abruptly changed, and his voice became dangerously low, “When did this happen?!”

“It just occurred. It has not been even thirty breaths since the crystals shattered. I hurriedly tried to use the Sound Transmission Jade to contact them, but I was unable to send out any transmission. It seems as if their Sound Transmission Jades have also been destroyed.”

Feng Hengkong’s brows knit tightly together. “Nineteenth Elder and Forty-third Elder were appointed the observers over the expedition that invaded Blue Wind. Yesterday, they even personally transmitted to me that their troops were already overlooking Blue Wind Imperial City and that they would break into it within a few days’ time… Blue Wind Imperial City, could there still be an expert living there that was strong enough to kill them?!”

“That is definitely impossible!” Feng Hengkong swiftly rejected this possibility; the Emperor Profound Realm was the highest level of cultivation in Blue Wind’s profound cultivating world, and even if all the Thrones in Blue Wind cooperated together, they would definitely not be able to defeat either Nineteenth or Forty-third Elder, so for them to be killed was even more nonsensical. “Swiftly send a sound transmission to commander Qi Zhencang and get him to report the exact situation right now!”

But before the Sound Transmission Talisman could be retrieved, an intense profound formation aura rose up from Feng Hengkong’s Sound Transmission Jade. This aura was astonis.h.i.+ngly one that was emitted from a ten thousand mile transmission! Ten thousand mile transmissions required the consumption of an incomparably valuable Ten Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Talisman, so even if it was his Divine Phoenix Sect, unless the matter was truly urgent, they would not carelessly use a ten thousand mile transmission. Feng Hengkong promptly s.n.a.t.c.hed up his Sound Transmission Jade, and a voice that radiated shock and terror immediately rang out from it, “Sect Master… It’s not good… not good at all… The main army … we can’t contact any of them right now…”

“Can’t contact any of them… what does that mean?!” Feng Hengkong’s expression turned dark and his voice carried undertones of violence.

“Commander Qi, Vice Commander Duan… all the commanders of ten thousand, thousand, hundred troop subdivisions, and even any person who had a Sound Transmission Imprint on them, we can’t contact even a single one of them… It isn’t that there is no reply… It’s that we are not even able to transmit anything in the first place… It seems like their Sound Transmission Jades have all been destroyed. And even their very existence seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.”

“Wha.... at?!!” Feng Hengkong’s hand fiercely trembled, and the person at his side was so shocked that his face had turned completely white.

Feng Hengkong sent a transmission with sunken brows, “How many more troops do you still have under your command? And how far are you from Blue Wind Imperial City?”

“This general currently has two hundred and seventy thousand troops under his command, and I am three hundred kilometers away from Blue Wind Imperial City… there is also Fifty-second Elder overseeing us as well.”

“Immediately activate all our flying profound beasts and bring with you a minimum of fifty thousand men and Fifty-second Elder as well. With the greatest possible speed, advance to Blue Wind Imperial City to verify what exactly happened! We do not care what method you use… but before the sky grows dark today, you must definitely arrive at your destination! No matter what you see, you must immediately report to us once you arrive!

“...This general obeys!”

Feng Hengkong silently kept his Profound Transmission Jade in his hand, and his expression was incomparably grim. Conquer the Blue Wind within three years; that was the time limit he had set for himself three years ago. Now, three years had already pa.s.sed by, and yesterday, was when his troops had finally arrived at Blue Wind Imperial City and prepared to pierce the very heart of Blue Wind Nation… Yet somehow, at the final hurdle, a huge, unfathomably-bizarre change had occurred.

This caused an extremely ominous premonition to be birthed in his heart.

The smoke in front of Blue Wind Imperial City had completely subsided, and there was not even a need to tidy up the battlefield.

The remnants of the Blue Wind Army were dealing with their own injuries and dazed expressions would appear on their faces from time to time, as if they still whether they were awake or in some sort of dream…

They, who had already resolved to die, had ended up living, and not a single Divine Phoenix soldier stepped into Blue Wind Imperial City that they had fought desperately to protect… all of the soldiers of the Divine Phoenix Army, hundreds of thousands of them had died!

At the hands of one man… in the blink of an eye, they had been reduced to miniscule ashes.

None of them would ever forget this scene for the rest of their lives. Not only that, but when that person slowly descended from the sky… their eyes, nerves, and blood all trembled fiercely… It was as if they were looking at a demon G.o.d of destruction who had come from the depths of h.e.l.l.

It was the only prince consort of the Blue Wind Royal Family, the current Empress Cang Yue’s husband. Three years ago, he had shaken the Profound Sky with his might. Now, this person who had nearly become a myth had returned… No, the present him was no longer a “myth”... The power that he had shown was something only the G.o.ds of legend possessed!

Blue Wind Imperial City, which used to constantly bustle with noise and liveliness, had become exceptionally lonely and desolate today, and a bleak atmosphere had penetrated the place. Following the arrival of the Divine Phoenix Army, a large majority of its residents had already fled far away, and only a small remainder of the people who had stayed here for generations refused to follow suit, deciding to live or perish together with their capital. But in the end, the outcome was completely unexpected. The Divine Phoenix Army did not break into the city. Instead, all seven hundred thousand of them were completely obliterated, and the prince consort, who had fallen in the Divine Phoenix Empire three years ago, had come back alive… In a moment, countless cheers and tears filled the place which was the last bastion of the Blue Wind Nation’s honor and dignity.

The legend of obliterating hundreds of thousands of Divine Phoenix Soldiers in a single breath… this caused them to be able to see a fantastical hope emerge within their boundless shock.

The person who kept producing miracles for the Blue Wind Royal Family and Blue Wind Nation… he was not dead! And this time, would he once again bring about a miracle for the Blue Wind Nation which was on the verge of collapse…

Moon Embracing Palace.

This place was the residence of Empress Cang Yue when she was still a princess, but even though she ascended to the throne, this was still her resting place… because this was also where she and Yun Che became man and woman. For the past three years, it was the only place where she could find any rest and peace.

On her phoenix couch, Cang Yue had descended into a deep and undisturbed sleep. Perhaps it was because she was simply too exhausted, or perhaps it was because she was not willing to wake up from her dreams. Yun Che sat beside her, holding her small hand… From the moment he had carried her here, he had maintained a constant vigil by her bedside, not leaving even for a moment. His eyes also never left her once as his conscience was filled with boundless self-recrimination and grief… After they had married, he had only spent one month with her before leaving for Frozen Cloud Asgard, and he only returned to bid farewell to her as he once again had to leave for the Divine Phoenix Empire… and after that, the only thing that had come back was the cold and heartless news of his demise. Then came the pain of her father’s pa.s.sing… and the calamity of impending doom and a heavy burden which would overturn the heavens…

These three years, when Cang Yue needed him the most, he was not by her side. He was not even here to face the calamity and pressures together with her, much less protect her.

Her figure had become much frailer and thinner than it was before, and her breathing had become exceptionally weak. She had never collapsed, solely relying on her willpower to doggedly hold on. If she did not recuperate, it would not be long before she fell very ill… it would be an illness that would in all likelihood endanger her life.

Yun Che took out a very small, jade-green medicinal pellet, put it into her mouth, and used his profound energy get her to swallow it. This emerald green pill was refined using the Overlord Pellet as a reference, and he carried a lot of them on his person. But given Cang Yue’s body, if she were to directly consume it, the only result would be death via ruptured profound veins. But with Yun Che around, this would definitely not occur. Yun Che used his own profound energy and slowly and painstakingly refined that pellet… Once this medicinal pellet was fully refined, it would renew Cang Yue’s body.

Her pale face gradually grew rosy while her crescent brows faintly quivered… Then, she slowly opened her eyes.

Her hazy and blurred vision slowly cleared up, and in it, appeared Yun Che’s face. Her entire body instantly froze up when she saw him.

She had been unconscious for the last four hours, and even though it had not been a long span of time, she had many dreams… which confused reality and fantasy, causing her to be unable to differentiate clearly between the two. She was most afraid that the Yun Che that had once again appeared in her world… was only an illusion created by her dreams.

“Yue’er… Xueruo… Senior Sister… princess wife… you have awoken.” Seeing Cang Yue’s glazed eyes which were filled with broken sorrow, Yun Che faintly smiled, and these four gentle greetings told her that all of this was real and not just a dream.

Cang Yue’s beautiful eyes quivered, and with a strangled cry, she dove into Yun Che’s embrace and started crying with broken sobs. This girl who had displayed her indomitable will to the world and had supported the Blue Wind Nation that had been struck by calamity for three whole years was now wholly and unreservedly revealing her weakness in his embrace… Those frail arms hugged him ever so tightly, as if she was afraid that, the moment she relaxed her embrace, he would disappear once again…

Outside, Number One Under Heaven, Number Seven Under Heaven, and Xiao Yun leaned against the wall. All of their expressions were rather troubled. Number One Under Heaven let out a light sigh and said, “No matter what, I never expected that the first thing we would encounter when we came to the Profound Sky Continent would be battle.”

“Yeah.” Number Seven Under Heaven said in a small voice, “It was supposed to be a joyous and happy reunion, but the moment we came here, his own homeland had been smashed into ruins… Big Brother Yun must be feeling awfully unhappy.”

Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushuang came as well. Facing these three people who were clearly very young, their expressions were filled with admiration and respect… because the profound energy aura which they occasionally emitted from their bodies caused them to tremble in fear.

“This is Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Palace Chief Dongfang Xiu, and beside me is the Vice Palace Chief Qin Wushuang. May I inquire as to…” Dongfang Xiu paused for a moment as he did not know whether he should call them “young friends” or “seniors.” Because given their profound strength, even if they were more than one hundred years old, their appearance would still remain youthful, so the only thing he could say was, “May I inquire as to how I may address… these n.o.ble guests?”

From Yun Che’s previous words and actions, they could see that he was very respectful to these two gentlemen, so the three of them did not dare be negligent and promptly replied. Just as Number One Under Heaven was about to open his mouth, Number Seven Under Heaven took the initiative and spoke, “Junior Number Seven Under Heaven greets the two Palace Chiefs. This is my husband Xiao Yun, and he is sworn brothers with Big Brother Yun Che. And this is my eldest brother, Number One Under Heaven… Oh no! You must definitely think that our names are very strange, it is all our stinky dad’s fault, so you are not allowed to laugh, even in your hearts!!!”

Number One Under Heaven’s expression twisted instantly… His little sister was still too inexperienced after all, and she actually directly spilled their names out in public. The surname “Under Heaven” was already extremely rare in the first place, and with names like “Number One Under Heaven” or “Number Seven Under Heaven’” that were hard for people to forget even if they wanted to, if this information was spread and it reached the ears of the Four Sacred Grounds, there was a risk that this news would be linked to the Under Heaven Family of the Illusory Demon Realm!

Moreover, what made him even more depressed was that… his own sister had actually introduced Xiao Yun before introducing him! Looks like it was true that once one has a man, she would forget her elder brother!

Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushuang were both silently shocked… They called them seniors and called Yun Che big brother, so it was clear that they were near Yun Che in age! Additionally, despite being so young, they had this level of profound strength cultivation, and there was no doubt that they were individuals that came from extremely exalted backgrounds.

“Ah, so that is how it is.” Dongfang Xiu calmed his heart and slowly replied, “Since you are good friends with Yun Che, that means you are the revered guests of our Blue Wind Nation… Yun Che, he truly is an extraordinary person that cannot be measured with common sense. Five years ago he was sealed into Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace with a demon, so everyone in the world had a.s.sumed he was dead. Yet, he not only came out alive, but he even emerged with an even stronger profound strength than before. Three years ago, the entire Profound Sky Continent knew of his death in the Primordial Profound Ark, and there was definitely no way he would survive. Yet… he once again pulled through. Now, his profound strength has reached a level that I am no longer able to fathom.”

“Perhaps this time, there is truly… hope that our Blue Wind will be saved,” murmured Qin Wushang in an emotional voice.

“We also don’t know how that Empress... erm, I meant how my sister-in-law is. Her aura… seems to have weakened to the point where things have become very serious,” Xiao Yun said with a worried expression.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Yun’s medical skills are so awesome, so nothing will happen,” Number Seven Under Heaven replied as she comforted him.

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